Zaris Dragaron Windhelm


Freedom Fighters

Race Kandoran

Wallace Bryce - Adoptive Brother

Lynthrosoph Windhelm - Sister

Brahirus Windhelm - Father

Porphyria Windhelm - Sister

Dragaron Windhelm - Ancestor




Risu Cadius - Comrade

Wallace Bryce - Comrade/Trainee

Carroon Homas - Comrade

Vzark Ryddias - Comrade

Armadaus Xerox - Comrade

Drake Ryunexo - Comrade

Freedom Fighters


Hardware Quadroceptus - Nemesis

Tambourine Okoros - Nemesis

Orion Quadroceptus - Arch-Nemesis

Dactyl Machrenas - Arch-Rival


Zaris -

Zaris (Byradiir) -

Zaris (Byzantine) -

Zaris (Capricornus) -

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The Raijin -

Raijin vs. Samurai - 

The Greatest Swordsman in the Universe - 

Zaris Windhelm is a Freedom Fighter and a very strong swordsman and wind user, he is the adoptive older brother of Wallace Bryce, whose parents were killed by Phazons on the day of their invasion in North America. Zaris aspires to learn every known sword style, and become the greatest swordsman in the universe.


Early LifeEdit

Zaris' history is mostly unknown due to him keeping it secret. Zaris later travelled to Earth and was captured by Phazons.

Freedom FightersEdit

Zaris later met the Freedom Fighters on a carrier intended to take them to Oregon. He later escaped, with them following him. He was present when the griup found a base in Ohio and created the Freedom Fighters.

Chichen ItzaEdit

Zaris later helped the Freedom Fighters escape the labyrinth beneath Chichen Itza, where he combatted Orion, who knew him from somewhere in the past. zaris also helped stop Matrix's attempt at eradicating all life on Earth.

Prelude to PowerEdit

Zaris later took Wallace in as a trainee. While Ridu took a group to Squirreldonia, Zaris was tasked with guarding Ohio. During his time as guard, Ruselt attacked the base and he, Drake and Wallace were forced to fight, with Zaris saving Drake's life in the process. The three were also helped out by the arrival of Helioptican.

Cyanic and Return to EarthEdit

Later, Zaris teleported to Cyanic to save Drake's life yet again. Here, Zaris fought against Sylrana Romanus, and transformed into his Byradiir form during the battle. Zaris and Drake later returned to Earth to help them combat Verruckt and the Aztec invasion.

Terror of OrionEdit

Sometime later, Orion arrived and attacked the group, but was attacked himself by Drake. Zaris attempted to intervene but the three were teleported to a canyon. Orion began brutally beating the two up, until Drake got enraged and madly attacked Orion. Orion got very infuriated, and made an attack that knocked Drake into a coma. Thinking his close ally was killed before him, Zaris viciously attacked Orion, causing him to retreat.

Other ConflictsEdit

Zaris gave assistance to the Freedom Fighters in many situations, including the botched attack on St. Basil's Cathedral, the quest for the Almanacs, the battle on the Wing Fortress, the fight against Korgan and the quest on Phazon, where he gave great assistance by rescuing the group multiple times using the Jackal. It is also on Phazon where he lostnhis ship, the Kandoran Hornet. Zaris also defeated Hardware in his newly achieved Capricornus form. As thanks, the Arms of Phazon built Zaris a new ship from the wreckage of the Kandoran Hornet and an Arms Fighter the Freedom Fighters used, named the Razor Wing.


  • Wind Sage Slash
    • Wind Sage Slash: Storm Total
  • Cyclone Razor
  • Tachyon Storm
  • Ashnard Tornado
    • Ashnard Tornado: Frozen Wind
    • Ashnard Tornado: Kodoku
  • Asura
    • Asura: Senken
    • Asura: Mireniamu


  • Vari
    • Sen Vari
    • Stormguard Vari
  • Grom Forge
  • Raigo
  • Ark
    • Ark Bolt
    • Ark Downburst
    • Ark Kurasshu
  • Garubanikku
  • Doramu
    • One Drum: Supia
      • One Drum: Supia Vari
    • Two Drum: Bīsuto
      • Two Drum: Bīsuto Vari
    • Three Drum: Hagetaka
      • Three Drum: Hagetaka Vari
    • Four Drum: Sunēkukingu
    • Five Drum: Akuma
    • Six Drum: Uma Rikugan
    • All Drum: Shikkusu Basutā
    • Thousand Drum: Toshiō



  • Flame Asgard
  • Blaze Harikēn
  • Flame Commandment I: Funka Shimasu
  • Flame Commandment II: Honō Ōra
  • Flame Commandment III: Bureizu-Shin
  • Flame Commandment IV: Sutākyanon
  • Flame Commandment V: Sōrāfōsu
  • Flame Commandment VI: Sutōmu
  • Flame Commandment VII: Nettō Shōdoku
  • Flame Commandment VIII: Dai Hachi
  • Flame Commandment IX: Shu Asugādo
  • Flame Commandment X: Honō Enperā
  • Flame Commandment XI: Irebun Kamigami
  • Flame Commandment XII: Jūni no Imashime


  • Doragonzu no Ikari
  • Monsutā no Jigoku no Kiba
  • Sen Tawā O Noborimasu
  • O no Shiro
  • Saishū Kamisori


  • Ierá Spathí
  • O Theós Dolofónos
  • Ierotelestía

Learned StylesEdit

  • Phantom Arm Style
  • Whisper Clone Style

Meta PowersEdit

Dual TechniquesEdit

  • Jade Tornado (With Ursula)
  • Jade Thunderstorm (With Ursula)
  • Kin Sōrāfōsu (With Risu)



Zaris' first transformation, where his muscle mass increases slightly and his wind abilities broaden, able to create small tornadoes which can be ridden. This form was first achieved during Zaris' fight with Orion in Utah.


Zaris' second transformation, his wind abilities increase, and he gains light blue viens running through his body. Zaris gains the ability to create large tornadoes and waterspouts. Zaris first achieved this form when Korgan appeared on Earth.


Zaris' third transformation, his wind abilities and muscle mass increase again, and his skin turns lighter, he also gains a white goatee and sideburns, and grows two ram horns on the sides of his head. Using his powers, Zaris can create devastating hurricanes in this form.


Zaris' fourth form, which he assumes while enraged, he gains a bigger body structure and can create swords and shields merely using wind.


Zaris' fifth form, the Zodiac form gives Zaris angelic wings, as opposed to the demonic wings Orion recieves. Zaris grows to the height of Anarchy Orion in this form.

Primal ZarisEdit

A permanent transformation Zaris gains during the Freedom Fighters' separation. This form reverts Zaris' appearance back to his Byradiir form, while retaining his horns, which have morphed significantly, and having strange new markings running across his body.


Zaris' skin turns a red colour and his hair and eyebrows turn a beige colour. His hair points upright and he gains two upturned fangs. He also gains six mystic drums that are attached to his back. He also gains a goatee of sorts, and his tongue appears to take a green colour. His ears also become pointy and his eyes become black whith gold irises. His new lightning powers are amplified in this form.

Zen RaijinEdit

Yin-Yang RenjiiEdit

Flame Knight of OzaenaEdit

Awakened Form (Ozaena)Edit

Spiritual Form (Ozaena)Edit



(Lit. "Reed Flute")

Zetsu was the first sword Zaris came to obtain, being entrusted with it by his training master. This sword is notably black in colour and has a faint green edge. When swung, the sword's movement in the wind often creates a somewhat melodic sounding. This sword is a katana.



(Lit. "Master")


(Lit. "Dragon Fist")