Demon Empire

Zestronite Empire


Supreme General

The Banished

Red Satyr

Race True Demon


Allies Haler Rivikai - Comrade
Enemies Freedom Fighters

Zander -

Desert Man -

Zeta Man -

"I could turn you to stone and turn you to dust, but licking the blood from your cold, dead body is much more satisfactory!"

Zander is a True Demon associated with Haler Rivikai, the Prince of Demons.


Early History and BanishmentEdit

Arrival on EarthEdit

Zander first appeared on Earth in a desolate wasteland, where he was greeted by Demons and brought before Haler. Zander acknowledged Haler as the Prince of Demons and made agreements that he would serve Haler as the General of Demons as he did with Haler's father. Zander partook in the Zestronite assault on Xanian-occupied Korea, and was later one of the winners of Evirak's second annual New Years tournament.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Zander has the ability to create and utilise Rift Energy, a dangerous red electrical energy, he can use this ability to form Rift Portals, used from getting around, Rift Shields, for defence, and Rift Whips, for offence, as well as other abilities.

Zander has his own collection of weapons formed by himself in the Rift he came from, made of bones and metals found within, including a sword, hidden blade, bow and gun, the latter two fire projectiles made from Rift Energy. He can also turn people with weak minds to stone with a special gaze.