Legion of Phazon

Aliases Iron Queen
Race Human Cyborg


Allies Legion of Phazon
Enemies Freedom Fighters

Weaponix is a female cyborg warrior reconstructed by Hardware to serve as a master assassin within the Legion.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Weaponix has a silver blade attached to her right arm, and has a hidden blaster in her left wrist. She has two jet boosters located on her back, which allows her to fly, and has enhanced foot attachments which allows her to run extremely fast on ground. Weaponix is also a skilled marksman, and has knowledge on how to use all weapons used by the Legion. She also has a compartment where she has shuriken and kunai stored inside. She has two glowing wrists on her palms that can create an energy shield around her, and has enchancement that enable her to swim, this enhancements take effect when she goes underwater.