Wastelanders are creatures found in an irremovable casing, all Wastelanders are located at the prison island of Cuba, and serve as wardens, surveyors and workers, among other roles. All but one have free will. A Wastelander is usually a human found within the casing, however, Phazon traitors, Wanderers and many other species have been known to be found inside. Rogue Wastelanders are imprisoned.


  • Alpha Class - The standard class of Wastelander, the Alpha class is clad in grey armour has has a white visor dome, these Wastelanders serve as wardens or workers, the workers being depicted with the buzzsaw or drill replacement on their right arm.
  • Sigma Class - A slightly modified class, the Sigma class have dark pink coloured guards on their joints, as well as a large pink plate on their chest. The Sigma class mostly serve as doctors.
  • Theta Class - A class clad in yellow temperature-resistant armour, the Theta class are positioned in the mineshafts beneath Cuba, although they have been seen to do odd jobs arund the industrial prison. The are classified by their replacement flamethrower or blowtorch arms.
  • Delta Class - A class of Wastelanders that serve as wardens, and usually have weapons replacing their arms. The Omega is a larger, upgraded variant.
  • Iota Class - A class clad in deep sea armour, the Iota class are usually sent to work on things in the sea surrounding the prison island, such as building extensions. Their armour ensures they do not drown or die from pressure, they often have drills replacing their arms.
  • Omega 01 - The only "Omega class" Wastelander, Omega 01 is designed to be a ruthless cold-blooded killer. The Omega has changeable weapons on it's right arm, and has a missile launcher hidden in his left arm, which can flip over to reveal it. The Omega also has a jetpack and magnetic boots that can e activated at will, meaning he is capable of flight and can walk on walls and ceilings. The Omega has immunities found in the other classes.
  • Rogues - Rogues are Wastelanders who have slight will and are usually driven insane, Rogues ar considered pests and are kept in solitary confinement if captured, execution will be aggressed if they are found too severe.