Warren Xerox


Lost Heroes (Formerly)

Freedom Fighters

Race Klaveran

Armadaus Xerox - Brother

Naro Xerox - Father

Jenna Xerox - Mother

Age 18

Drake Ryunexo - Comrade

Typhoon Huyabusa - Comrade

Vera Stone - Friend


Evirak Romanus - Arch Nemesis


Warren -

Vengence -

Fighting -

The Final Battle -

Warren Xerox is a member of the Freedom Fighters whose true goal is to destroy Zestronite infleuence on other planets.
Warren Xerox

Warren Xerox


Early LifeEdit

Warren was born to Naro and Jenna Xerox. He had one older brother, Armadaus. His brother spent alot of time studying Chemistry whileWarren himself spent time studying medicine. Warren also studied Klaveran neurology. Warren also tinkered with devices and often made devices of his own. He made his own scanners and even on some occasians, assisted Armadaus in making chemicals.

The Destruction of KlaveraEdit

Warren was only 16 when Evirak placed his Nefronium Fusion Bomb at the core of Klavera. Evirak told the people of Klavera (via hacking into everyone's communication devices) who he was and what their situation was. Naro and Jenna decided that they should send Warren and Armadaus off into in escape pods to a place they will be safe. They scanned the Galaxy and discovered Kinaro. The Zestronites saw there pods escaping and shot at them. Armadaus' pod flew out of control and landed on Earth but Warren's remained unscathed and flew to his destination. As his pod flew off, he saw Klavera explode and discovers Evirak had detonated the bomb. Warren then landed on Kinaro. Here, he met Typhoon. He joined Typhoon who later met Drake Ryunexo.

Evirak RomanusEdit

Warren saw Zestronite ships in the sky and warned Drake and Typhoon about them. Warren told them his story and then noticed that the Zestronites were invading both Cyanic and Kinaro. Drake then went to end Evirak's tyranny at which Warren and Typhoon followed. They entered the Zestronite ship. They killed every Zestronite in sight out of anger. When they confronted Evirak, Evirak had the leaders of Cyniac and Kinaro hostage. This included Drake's parents. Evirak immediatly paralysed Drake and Typhoon. Warren however ran up to Evirak in an attempt to hit him, but he was easily overpowered. He was then paralysed and forced to watch the Zestronites begin the enslavement of all Kinaro's and Cyanic's inhabitants. Evirak then threw Drake, Typhoon and Warren into the escape pod. Evirak had rigged the escape pod to fly into a distant star.

Arrival On EarthEdit

The pod began flying to Earth's sun. However, Evirak had miscalculated the orbit of the Earth and this ment that the Earth got in the way of the pods. The pods crashed in Scotland at by which time Warren , Typhoon and Drake were unparalysed. Upon arrival, Evirak discovered planet Earth at which he ordered invasion almost immediatly. At the start of Evirak's invasion, Warren, Typhoon and Drake spent time thinking about a HQ, and weapons supply. Warren was caught in Evirak's New Year's Tournament barrier. He was then forced to fight inside the arena. Warren managed to absorb the energy of lightning. This was enough to make a small hole in the barrier for Warren to get through. The barrier then closed behind him. Warren went to find Drake and Typhoon, discovering them fighting Kyrax. Warren, Drake and Typhoon beat Kyrax and he retreated.

Alpha StationEdit

Drake discovered Hellrath in the woods. Hellrath was willing to help Lost Heroes get to Evirak, who was in London giving a speech. Hellrath teleported Lost Heroes into a London ally way. They immediatly saw Evirak giving a speech in Trafalgar square. They quickly attacked Evirak and Warren was paralyed by Evirak's abilities in the first few minutes of the fight. Warren was dragged to one of Evirak's camps. Warren's wrists and ankles were restrained and he was kicked to near death. He was then dragged around and was used as a hostage. Evirak threatened to kill Warren if Drake didn't have a civilised conversation. Warren was teleported up to Alpha Station where he was strapped to a chair. He too was forced to watch South Korea's destruction at which he had to be sedated due to his anger. Warren was paraded through Glasgow along with Typhoon and Drake to his execution. Gero and his Gherikans however interfered and stopped the execution. Warren tried to fend off Haler but was knocked into a wall. When Warren, Drake and Gero were surrounded by Zestronites, Gero teleported them out of the area and to the Gherikan revolutionary HQ in the Grampians.

Delta Station and CadeEdit

Gero discovered his men had been taken to a Zestronite vessel called Delta station. Gero teleported up there along with Warren and Drake. He freed his men but then faced Raxus. Raxus shot both Warren and Gero in the stomach. Raxus smashed the station window and everything began to get sucked out into space. Warren, Drake and Gero got into an escape pod and then the power core disconnected. Because of this, it exploded and Delta Station was no more. The pod was then shot at and it split in 2. Drake landed in Brazil where as Warren and Gero landed in London. They were later surrounded by Zestronites but the Zestronites were soon cut down by a mysterious figure. The figure introduced himself as Cade and Cade soon took Warren and Gero to the western territory of the Phazons. They were soon captured and locked up in a cell. Carroon was soon thrown in their cell and Carroon mistook Warren for Armadaus. Warren then realised that Armadaus was on Earth and was alive.

Reunion and SquirreldoniaEdit

Warren was taken by Gero to the other side of the Ocean to the west where he could find other rebels. It turned out his brother, Armadaus was one of those rebels. Warren then met the Phazons and whitnessed Hardware's supposed death. It was later revealed that he survived. Warren then went to squirreldonia with a few others to get various objects for Ketri. He encountered Phazons, hostile locals and Catalyst. They soon crashed on Eris and encountered the House of Cards. When the Freedom Fighters returned to Earth, they came back to discover the old base in ruins. They were soon attacked in their new HQ by Haler and Hellrath. Both of which were defeated.

Project Power-Over-MatterEdit

Gero had discoverd one of Evirak's plans to use the Exon Corruptor as a means of controlling matter on Earth. Gero teleported over to Ohio and soon discovered the new HQ. He informed everyone of Evirak's plan and that they needed to try and obtain the crystal from the coast of Greenland before the zestronites. The Freedom Fighters managed to sneak into the nearby Phazons docks and steal a submarine. When they arrived at the coast, Warren saw the Zestronites mining a large crystal. One Zestronite Submarine had grabbed it and was driving off. Freedom Fighters hijacked this submarine and the ship's automated defence systems attacked them. Gero however used his data wipe key to make it lose control with the entity controlling it. The Submarine made its way to Scotland and when it docked, Everyone got out only to be surrounded by Zestronites and Ruselt. Ruselt ordered the Zestronites to take the Crystal and it was loaded onto the back of a zestronite carrier. Bzine charged at Ruselt with all his might only to be pushed back into the water by Ruselt. Bzine continued to persist against Ruselt but to no avail, as Ruselt got onto the carrier and drove to Germany. The crystal was loaded onto the X-Aren and Gero teleported the group outside of the loading bay. Everyone boarded the ship before it took off with the exception of Gero who was left behind.. When the X-Aren arrived in space, the Exon crystal was loaded into a separate vessel. In an attempt to get to the separate vessel, they encountered Ruselt in the core of the X-Aren. Bzine once again, attacked Ruselt only to be pushed away, where as Helioptican hit Ruselt into the core itself. Warren then pinned Ruselt to the core with a sharp beam of metal and everyone evacuated the ship onto the Corruptor Vessel. The X-Aren the blew up, killing Ruselt. Warren then tried to destroy the crystal discovering that it was harmful. Realising that one person must sacrifice themself to distroy it, Jake told everyone to leave and walked up to the crystal. When everyone escaped via the pods, The station blew up, assuming Jake did indeed kill himself to destroy the crystal.


The escape pods landed in Antarctica and all but Grey and Ketri fell down a crevice into an underground chamber. Hellrath was found healing from his wounds, sitting on his ice throne. Hellrath ordered that his undead soldiers attack everyone and Warren was bitten as well as bzine. Grey soon discovered his antarctic ship and flew into the crevice to pick everyone up, narrowly escaping.


When everyone returned to Freedom HQ, Verruckt attacked. Warren however, suffering from the Nefronium poisoning was too weak to fight. When Verruckt was defeated, Warren turned completely into a nefron soldier and had to be locked into a cell. A few days later, Armadaus had found a cure (which he aquired from Neuron.) He immediatly gave Warren the cure restoring Warren to his normal self. He still however had to heal from the crystal wounds.


Warren's nefronium recovery was cut short when Verruckt kidnapped Warren and bzine. He took them to a hidden location and they woke up tied to chairs. They were informed that the room was filled with bombs and that if the other Freedom Fighters didn't save them within a certain time, they would detonate. Bzine started insulting Verruckt, promting Cephei to put tape on their mouths. Soon later, Warren saw Armadaus get punched by Cephei until near death. He then saw Drake and Cephei fighting followed by Vzark defeating Verruckt. Armadaus untied Warren and flew with him out the window. Everyon else soon followed and the bomb went off, seemingly killing Verruckt.

Matrix and Azure DragonEdit

Soon after, Warren, Drake, Jackson, Bzine and Armadaus returned to Freedom HQ only to discover it being attacked by beings called Aztecs. The Freedom Fighters then encountered Matrix on Easter Island. The Freedom Fighters defeated Matrix and all the Aztecs. A while later, Freedom HQ was attacked by the Azure Dragon, which was soon defeated by Drake and Zaris (Who had recently returned from Cyanic)


Warren discovered clues left by Verruckt himself stating he might be alive. He soon discovers what is going on in Detroit and they tracked Verruckt to Manhattan in New York. He entered New York and became part of the hostage situation. When Verruckt was captured, Warren had his doubts on how easy it was. When Verruckt escaped, Warren jumped onto Vzark's ship before it took off. When Vzark began fighting Verruck, Warren found Armadaus, Phazaron, Helioptican and Bzine bound in a room containing a fail-safe bomb. He took off their bindings and defused the bomb. Verruckt then escaped. The ship is soon boarded by Xanians after it veered off course into Australian grounds. Ganken confronted Bzine, Warren then threw Bzine a gun which he shot Ganken in the head with.

Vera, Dracorex and HalerEdit

Warren and Armadaus noticed something explode in the distance and went to investigate. Warren found a 16 year old girl crawling out of a crashed ship and she fell unconcious, he also discovered Dracorex inside the ship. Armadaus and Warren took them back to Freedom HQ and medically care for them. Vera woke up and introduced herself. Warren and Vera exchange life stories and they appear to be similar. Suddenly, Haler attacked and threw Warren, Dracorex, Vera, Trish, Ketri, Carroon, Armadaus, Mari-Anne and Drake into portals. Everyone found themselves in a dark forest filled with their darkest fears. They were soon attacked by Wraiths. The fight is cut short however when Haler clicks his fingers and everyone found themselves back at Freedom HQ. Dracorex suddenly lashes out and dies when Vzark tries to grab him. Warren studies his corpse and assumes he was poisoned by symbiotes when really, he was a symbiote himself. He then question's vera's emotional reaction and Bzine states it was very robotic. Bzine and Warren become extremely suspcious of Vera and decide to conduct various examinations.


The Freedom Fighters witness a ship crashing into a tower having been shot down by Phazons. Warren goes with Risu and the others to investigate. They soon encounter a group of renegades called the Trion Resistance. Their leader, Equilatrium appears to be friendly at first but he soon turns on the Freedom Fighters and orders his men to open fire. The Freedom Fighters fought off the Trions and escaped the ship.


The Freedom Fighters whitness a mysterious figure and a flood on the news in South Dakota. Warren, Vera, Cade, Trish, Bzine and Vzark all get into the car and Warren notes how Vera is suddenly able to drive. When they arrive, They are quickly hit by a tsunami. They then encounter Rhydiac who reveals himself to be the cause of these floods. A fight ensues and Warren flies up to try and talk to Rhydiac. The Phazons then start shooting at the Freedom Fighters. After trying to talk, Warren is then kicked in the gut by Rhydiac, causing him to fall from the sky. Trish however catches him the group are forced to escape back to Freedom HQ.

Nearan's DealEdit

When the Freedom Fighter's arrive, the TV suddenly turns to the Zestronite logo and then to Nearan sitting in Saint Basil's Cathederal in Russia. He says how he has hacked Calitis' computer and has the files on every single Freedom Fighter. Each file containing their weaknesses. Nearan states that he will give a copy of these files to every single Freedom Fighter enemy, ultimately causing the end of the Freedom Fighters. He says he will do this, unless the Freedom Fighters never attempt to attack the Zestronite Empire. Nearan than holds up a small memory stick. He says that this is currently the only copy before putting it in a box next to his chair. Warren makes a mental note of this. Vzark strongly disagrees with Nearan and Nearan just threatens Vzark with his weakness by saying "How is Armadaus? According to our scanners, he is in his room." Nearan also reveals he has knowledge about S.I.A.D.A. Vzark and the others turn down the deal but Nearan just says "Very well. The second you attack Zestronite territory, we will exploit the files." Vzark and Warren go to S.I.A.D.A HQ to tell Cylus about the situation. Warren mentions to two little details about there being only one copy and where it is. They then return to Freedom HQ while Cylus comes up with a plan.


The Freedom Fighters see news reports of more flooding on the island of Fiji. Some of the Freedom Fighters including Warren, Vera and Armadaus go on the jackal and head to the scene. It is revealed to be a Phazon trap as cybernetic dinosaurs called Cretaceous, Saurian, Siege, Utah, Pyre and Permaid. After the are defeated, two twins called Oriax and Berith Orieus. At first the group mock the twins for being so laughable at how cheesy they are. After a brief fight, Oriax and Berith are called off by Lyra. A high ranking member of the Legion of Phazon. The group is then attacked by Rhydiac again but they manage to get on there ship and escape back to HQ.

Drake's ComaEdit

Orion suddenly appeared in Freedom HQ and teleported Zaris and Drake somewhere. Zaris and Drake re-appeared except Drake was in a coma. Warren immediately took Drake to the medical ward and patched his head up after he had been told that his head smashed into a rock.

The XenoviansEdit

The Freedom Fighters discovered an asteroid had crashed in the Indian Ocean and decided to investigate. They encountered insect/spider like creatures that immediately attacked them. The Freedom Fighters killed the Queen and ultimately destroyed the asteroid. Warren however felt guilty about this having just committed genocide. It was later revealed that these were Xenovians causing Warren to come to his senses.

The RansomEdit

Warren, Vzark and Trish were all captured by the Akane Clan's Shadow Triad. They were taken to an abandoned Phazon base now occupied by the Akane clan in Peru. They are put in cells with nullifiers which prevent them from using their powers. The Freedom Fighters then defeat Elbrian with the help of Kythor and free Warren, Trish and Vzark. They then return to Freedom HQ

Armadaus' deathEdit

Cylus returned to Freedom HQ with the plan to get the files from the Zestronites. Warren, Vzark, Armadaus, Bzine, Risu, Zaris and some others went to Australia via Cylus' teleportation panel. They camped for the night and they awoke in the morning to see the Zestronite ambassador ship landing. They managed to steal the ship and get to the Kremlin, where they land. Warren left a teleporter panel underneath the crowd stands in Red Square. Everyone then entered Saint Basil's Cathederal. A hologram of Evirak tells them its a trap and a bomb starts ticking. The Freedom Fighters escape through the roof only to be surrounded by Zestronites. Evirak then kills Drake with his telekinetic abilities and an Exon blast. Warren then throws a grenade into a crowd of Zestronites, causing chaos to ensue. Evirak then prepares to kill Warren with an Exon blast but Armadaus jumps in the way. Warren loses it, and flies at Evirak, only to be hit into the ground. Evirak then grabbed Warren and threatened to cut his throat if they didn't stand down. Everyone stood down and they were taken to a prison camp. Evirak told them they they would be taken to the New Year's Tournament in a few days, but until then, they would remain in the camp. Evirak left the room, leaving Elvira with the prisoners. Elvira revealed to disagree with Evirak's behaviour despite her insane love for him. Elvira then reluctantly released the prisoners at her own risk. Warren then snuck out with the others and went under the stand to the teleporter he left. They show up in SIADA HQ. Cylus was seen incredibly stressed and had started drinking for causing Drake and Armadaus to die. Warren went back to Freedom HQ and Vera cheered him up.

The AlmanacsEdit

Warren accompanied the Freedom Fighters on the trip to find the Sapphire Almanac in an underwater pyramid. The pyramid itself had no water inside it but a mysterious being breached it, causing it to slowly fill up. Not knowing this, the Freedom Fighters took off their waterproof suits and splut into groups, with Warren going with Vzark, Helioptican, Jackson and Bzine. Suddenly Aztecs arrived and attacked the group, Matrix also then appeared, and forced them ro locate the Almanac, although Calitis' group arrived first. Matrix held Warren in order to claim the Almanacs they had. The ceiling suddenly collapsed and a red and black figure snatched the Almanac. The figure fired blasts either side, hitting Calitis and Matrix and sending them reeling back. The figure reveals himself as Orion, but he is attacked by Matrix. Rhydiac than burst through the wall from an attack from Cade, and a fight broke out between Cade, Rhydiac, Matrix and Orion. The Freedom Fighters managed to obtain the Almanac in the struggle, however Rhydiac caused the temple to flood and the Freedom Fighters were forced to retreat, while Matrix is blown up by Jackson. They all got back to the Sub-Tank and head off. Later, something hit the Sub-Tank and pirates suddenly breached the Sub-Tank and took Risu, Vzark, Carroon, Trish, Calitis and Helioptican prisoner on board their ship, with one of them taking the Almanac. Warren however refused to co-operate and shot one of the pirates. He then snuck onto the pirate ship, only to be caught and was taken away with the others. Razorfang, who appeared to be their leader, kept the Almanac for himself. A fight later ensued and Risu took the Almanac off Razorfang. Warren left a bomb on the ship and everyone escaped back into the Sub-Tank, Warren then detonated the bomb, but Razorfang survived and vowed vengence.

The Freedom Fighters then headed to Bermuda to find another Almanac and encountered into Hardware and Chadwell. Risu then attacked Hardware and the ensuing fight causes the roof of the cave to split. Moonlight exposed Vzark, causing him to transform into a werewolf and attack Hardware, managing to be even with the machine. He managed to take the Almanac and fled with the other Freedom Fighters. They figure out that the Almanac they took from Hardware was the Quartz Almanac. They returned to Freedom HQ and decided to go for the 3 Almanacs in Zestronite territory. They used the S.I.A.D.A teleporter to get to Moscow and then they hijacked a Zestronite Hovercraft. They travelled to Egypt and went to Luxor Temple, the location of the Peridot Almanac. They noticed that Egypt has become just as cold as Moscow and that it is now snow covered. They get to the Almanac only to be attacked by Matrix. Matrix then used the Almanac to melt all the snow, and proceeded to vandalise Zestronite property. He soon dropped the Almanac. The Freedom Fighters then came into an Indian man who Calitis was in contact with, Kailash Bahjit, and payed him to take them to India. In India, they head to the Konark Sun Temple, however, Zander knocked out Kailash, and traps the others when they have the Almanac, and they are taken as prisoners to Tiananman Square. Nearan interrogated Risu about the Almanacs and left, but luckily, the others who weren't captured arrived and rescued the prisoners, while Elvira ordered all the soldiers in their sector to go elsewhere. This helped them find a ship and escape.

They then make their way to the Jiaohe Ruins to find the next Almanac. The Confederacy of Bounty Hunters then arrived and attacked the group. The Confederacy were defeated and the group won the Almanac. The group then headed to Camp 601, north of Red Square. They snuck into the facilty, only to set off the alarms. Guards soon surrounded them but Elvira saved them by saying that they were needed alive. They were taken to Evirak, who was in the vault near the Almanac. Evirak realised that no matter what, there is not enough security in the building to keep the Freedom Fighters under control. He went into the vault to get the Almanac and the Freedom Fighters attacked the Zestronites. Warren went on a computer that was recently being used by a technician. He intended to open the vault but he came across "Project Vera." He discovered that she was an android, made from human flesh, hence why it was difficult to compare the DNA due to diversity issues. He then opened the vault revealing an empty Zestronium safe. Warren walked in but Evirak appeared out of the shadows and threw him into a wall. Evirak used telekinesis to throw the vault door at the Calitis and Jack. Evirak began brutalising the others until they gained the upper hand when Warren slashed at Evirak's gasmask, causing it to depressurise. Vzark then kicked Evirak into the wall where he seemingly fell unconcious. Elvira helped the others escape again, but little did she know was that Evirak was still concious and he saw her do it. The Freedom Fighters ran out of the camp and onto a snowy caldera. Nearan descended and stole the Almanac, using its power to attack the Freedom Fighters. Warren stuck his combat pole through Nearan's leg pinning him down. They then took the Almanac and ran. They rested for a day, covering their tracks. They then set off to Red Square to get to the S.I.A.D.A teleporter. They saw something on the stage and joined the crowd, Elvira was tied to a pole. A Zestronite read out that she is a traitor and has been sentenced to death. She gave her last words and then a guard shot her in the heart with a pistol. A riot occured and the Freedom Fighters were forced to fight once again. Sylrana arrived and attacked the group, but with the timly arrival of Zaris, she was beaten. The group then run to the teleporter and escape.

The group then headed to the arctic where they found the last Almanac. They soon encountered Rhydiac who froze Cade and Risu and then trapped Warren underneath an ice plate. Vzark and Rhydiac then entered one on one combat in which Vzark gained the upper hand and took the almanac. Rhydiac then brought the ceiling down prompting the group to escape.

When the group had all the Almanacs, they took them to the pedestal at Altun Ha. Matrix, however, arrived and stole the Almanacs from them while adding Altun Ha to the Floating Island of Babylon.

The MachinistsEdit

The Freedom Fighters went to go and visit their old homes. While there, they encountered the Phazons who had moved into the area. They were then attacked by a robot called Crabclaw who kidnapped Calitis and flew off. The Freedom Fighters temporarily allied with Phazar so they could investigate the robot. They followed Crabclaw to an oil rig in the sea. They encountered odd robots who refered to themselves as the Mechanists. They freed Calits and then Risu defeated their leader, Omega, by slashing at him with his sword. They escaped the rig and returned to HQ.

The Wing FortressEdit

Calitis announced that the Phazon Wing Fortress had been launched. Warren, Vzark and a few others went onto the Jackal where as the rest went on Grey's ship. Warren stayed on the Jackal and the others exited onto the Wing Fortress. The group eventually encountered Phazorus and Warren tried using the ships missiles to kill him. Phazorus however jumped on the Jackal and pulled Warren out via the windscreen. The Jackal then crashed on the Fortress. After a while, the group were suddenly teleported elsewhere by Cade. When the group returned to Freedom HQ, It was surrounded by Zestronites.

The Korgan IncidentEdit

Evirak was inside and had taken a few Freedom Fighters hostage. Evirak explained that an Ancient called Korgan escaped his realm and is going to attack Earth. Evirak requested that the Freedom Fighters help him send Korgan back. Risu eventually accepted when Evirak threatened to kill the hostages. He said he would be in touch and took the hostages with him to make sure Risu would keep his word. Warren assisted the group in defeating Korgan and was arrested with everyone else when Evirak turned on them. Warren was taken prisoner and handed over to Lurenos. A mysterious figure however teleported him and a few others into Freedom HQ.


Warren accompanied Risu and Vzark on Cylus' mission to kill Voran. During the mission, Warren was shot in the shoulder and witnessed Voran fall to his apparent death in a fiery ruin.


Warren opted to join the others on the mission to Phazon. When they arrived, they encountered Phazteagle and Phade, who tasked them with finding 7 keys. They first went to the North Tundra where they encountered Frostorm. They took the key and left to the Khazak Puts, where they faced Scaldera and it's colony of Khazachnids, they stole the key and fled from Scaldera's swarms, they went to the Phazamon Jungles, where Warren had to blow up some trees using the Jackal's missiles in order to make safe landing grounds. After getting the key from the jungle, they went to the Dark Crater, where they were attacked by a shadow-like creature called Mershadow. After Mershadow retreated, they took the key and left. The group then entered the Jackal and headed towards the desert. They see ruins in the middle of the desert and land nearby. They enter the ruin, which turned out to be the former palace of Phazon. The group split up and Warren explored the ruin with Vzark, Kythor, Bzine and Nate. The group travelled up the spiral staircase and discovered a library containing several books, including books about alchemy and dark magic. The group felt a sudden earthquake and they went to investigate. They came across the skeletal Draycan, Zykron, who was attempting to free itself. The Freedom Fighters managed to get it free, netting themselves one of the keys in the process. The group then headed to the Great Archipelago to get one of the remaining keys. The group entered a volcano in which they encountered Raliace, where a battle ensued between them and the legendary Djinn. The group escaped the volcano with the key when a pair of Arms Fighters dropped ladders down to help. Raliace climbed out of the volcano so the fighters fired upon him until he fell back in. Phazal then discovered the volcano was about to erupt and the fighters were forced to fly away. The group then flew to the Northern Tundra. They returned to Phade's Sanctuary, where Phade revealed that the final key is in the Great Palace of Phazon, the location of the Throne of Phazon. The group then joined up with an armada of Arms ships, which were set to start a conflict in the Legion controlled Phazacropolis, location of the Palace. The team managed to cut through Phazon defences and entered Palace grounds, with the help of some Arms Fighters. The ship landed in a hidden sector and the group began to plan how they infiltrate the Great Palace.

They broke into the palace and encountered Phazero and a team of Espio Troopers. The troopers were dispatched while the Freedom Fighters were forced to leave Phazal behind to fight Phazero. They later found Hardware outside of the vault. he engaged Kythor in combat while the others went straight to the vault. They obtained the key from the vault, but were attacked by Hardware Units. Kythor took control of Hardware's body after he ejected his conciousness from it and estroyed the other robots. The team then made a swift escape to their ship, but Hardware attacked a second time, putting their ship out of commision. They were saved by the timely ppearance of the Jackal, piloted by Zaris. They were chased by an enraged Phazorus, who gained on them, but the key had already been given to Phade in the Northern Tundra, allowing access to the Sword of the Source. Phazorus and Phade became locked in a battle of titans, until Phade removed an energy from Phazorus and transfered it into Phazteagle. The group were then forced to flee in their ships and therefore persued by Hardware and Legion drones. After constant fire and destruction, Hardware attacked the Kandoran Hornet, so Jack told everyone to evacuate, giving Phazteagle a high chance of escape. Jack distracted Hardware and pinned him to the floor by melting his foot to the deck. Jack revealed that he had planted a bomb, and it's explosion sent the Hornet, along with Jack and Hardware's body plummeting to the sea, the Freedom Fighters watched in horror as it sank. The group then made their way to Outpost Zeta, their destinaton. Shortly, they were attacked by Hardware, who attempted to destroy the whole island with a gigantic solar sphere. Zaris returned and held back the sphere, turning into Capricornus Zaris in the process. Zaris used his new power to destroy the sphere and laid waste to Hardware. Phazteagle then commanded Phaztal to initiate "Operation Enderbane", and soon a large monolithic weapon rose from the sea, Enderbane. Enderbane travelled to Phazacropolis with thousands of Arms Fighters. The Enderbane soon laid waste to the Underdome, Wall Gate, Prison, Obelisk of Fear and the Palace Barrier. Phazteagle and Risu were then teleported to the Great Palace. Phazteagle then overthrew Phazorus with her newfound power, banishing him from Phazon along with his Legion. Sometime later, the Freedom Fighters made their goodbyes with their new allies and left Phazon.


While on their journey home, the Freedom Fighters were attacked by a fleet of unfamiliar Legion of Phazon ships. After trying to evade them, the mysterious ships caused to Genovian Drone and the Fangoran Spirit to plummet to the nearby ice planet: Thu'un. The Freedom Fighters went out to try and find their lost comrades, and discovered the planet was dominated by wolf-like creatures that had captured Fate, Trish, Bzine and Helioptican, and trashed their ship. The team rushed after them using Vzark's strong sense of smell, and discovereda barracks filled with the hostile Thu'uns.

Warren entered battle with the eerie Cantoski, who arrived to watch the battle. Just as Warren gained the upper hand, Cantoski tricked Warren with a smoke grenade and a doll and attacked him from behind. Cantoski injected Warren with something which blurred his vision and made him sluggish, before escaping back inside. Fangrir said he had beeen injected with two different drugs that he could cure, but it would be painful. He injected the cure into Warren's arm and revealed it was Fangrir's ownblood. The Fangoran blood gave Warren immunity to all drugs, Warren thanked Fangrir for his help. Risu, Vzark and Warren headed to the cell block to free their friends, where they found that Trish was missing. Suddenly, a scream filled the air. Warren, Risu and Vzark head in the direction of the scream and find Trish being experimented on by Cantoski. Risu ran in and slammed the door behind him, purposely locking Warren and Vzark out. Warren instead returned to aide the others while he trusted Risu's decision to save Trish on his own.

Warren and Cade released the captives from their cells when Wulfgang appeared. Warren immediately attacked Wulfgang, who merely caught his fist and threw him away. Cade attacked Wulfgang from behind, but was hit away. Wulfgang then picked Warren up by both of his hands and prepared to finish him, but Vzark punched him in the stomach, forcing Wulfgang to drop him. As Wulfgang challenged Vzark to a one on one duel, Warren stabbed him in the side, only to be slugged in the stomach, where he fell unconcious. Warren awoke to witness Wulfgang's cyberfist explode because Cantoski blew it up with a remote. Warren then fired at Cantoski but he was unphased by the bullet wounds. Cantoski revealed himself to have been masquerading as a Thu'un. As Cantoski is about to kill Wulfgang with a pistol, Trish saves Wulfgang by blocking the bullet with a Plasmat barrier. Thu'un soldiers then arrive to attack the Freedom Fighters but Wulfgang stops them and tells them to shoot Cantoski, deeming him a traitor. Cantoski presses his remote again and part of Warren's arm blows off, while other soldiers blew up. Fangrir healed Warren using a device which pulsed red energy into the wound. Cantoski vanished and Wulfgang declared the Freedom Fighters were neutral with the Thu'uns. They return to their ships and quickly leave.


Calitis gathered a team together to investigate a distress signal and the cause of Phazon disruption. The group went upstate in the Jackal and found Hardware and three Grandmasters, Phazar, Pendleton and Rykkon, trying to gain access to a small building. They attacked them and Warren began shooting at Hardware with the Jackal turrets. Warren then began aiding Vzark in fighting Phazar. Hardware was soon destroyed by a Cross Bomber created by Grey, forcing the Grandmasters to retreat. Warren fainted in shock when he encountered Hector they introduced after he woke up.


The Freedom Fighters heard noises outside and went to investigate. It was revealed to be Elbrian Xandora who was attacking the area. A brief fight ensued and Mershadow appeared. Calitis discovered that Mershadow can be beaten if he is attacked with one's own shadow rather than one's own physical body. Mershadow was then cut in half, but morphed to form a Risu-like figure. Elbrian joined the fight and picked up Risu by the neck. Warren shot at Elbrian but Elbrian paralysed him. Mershadow then entered a fight with Vzark. When Mershadow was defeated by Trish, Elbrian told Rush to finish the Freedom Fighters and teleported away. Rush is soon defeated by Risu and sent to be imprisoned in S.I.A.D.A HQ.

Assault on S.I.A.D.AEdit

The Freedom Fighters recieved a distress signal from Cylus. Warren went directly to S.I.A.D.A HQ via the teleporter where as the rest went to fight the blitzers on the surface. Warren assisted Cylus through the base which was flooding due to damage to the wall that blocked off the river. Warren witness the engine room explosion and the death of Cyrun after during a fight with Hardware. He was suprised to see Cylus willingly destroy a Hardware unit, and even some fleeing soldiers. He reminded Cylus about the teleporter prompting Cylus to go to the safe bunker.


Hellrath went to Freedom HQ and requested an alliance with the Freedom Fighters to overthrow the Zestronites and Phazons. The Freedom Fighters however attacked Hellrath and wounded him in the process. Hellrath escaped to the antarctic through a portal and the group followed. They entered a brief fight with Hellrath once again, but Hellrath caved in the ice and Warren fell into a glacial moulin. Warren discovered an underground cavern. He heard commotion up above and recognised one of the voices as Nearan. He placed an explosive on the surface of the ice and took cover. An explosion occured that destroyed Hellrath's staff and knocked Nearan back. Hellrath dissapeared during the chaos. Nearan had a short fight with the Freedom Fighters before returning to his ship and allowing a now-free Haler to attack the Freedom Fighters. Warren reasoned with Haler and said that they freed him, so he should take them home. Haler took the FF back to base. When the group arrived, they saw a huge space ship looming above.


Warren and some others boarded the ship only to be greeted by Skylord Tarbolt and Skylord Sandus. Sandus seemed very hostile where as Tarbolt seemed friendly. The group were taken to the leader where they were told they would have to pass a few tests if they wish to leave. They were shown a chamber where the Skylords make their airships and Warren and Cade made comments about the shoddy quality. The group were then taken two at a time through a portal where they could learn new skills by touching some energy crystals. Warren gained water powers from these crystals. Tarbolt then took them to train with their new abilities. They were told that they would have to learn to use them in flight training. Grey and Cade were taken away to get their abilities from the crystals. When Grey and Cade returned, they were all trained to fly the airships. When they had finished, an alert ordered all personel to the third floor. Everyone had gathered round the body of Skylord Fandok. Sandus accused the group of murdering him, but Moxx asked him if he had proof, to which Sandus replied, "no." The group were taken to create airships and fly them. They were told to compete by trying to knock down each others' airships. Suddenly, Sandus appeared on Risu's ship and tried to kill him and Skylord Fiorra. He failed and retreated on a jetpack. The group follow him and when they arrive, Sandus has taken off in his own personal airship, which attacked the Skyfort. Head Skypaladin Rand mounted the other Skylords, including Warren, Risu, Grey and Cade, to attack. Warren flew his airship into Sandus', but Sandus had harpoons fired at Warren's cabin. Warren left a bomb on his airship and crawled across the harpoon lines. He detonated the bomb, blowing up the airship, and crawled onto Sandus', where he was attacked inside the cabin by rogue Skypaladins, who he quickly dispatched. Warren was imprisoned in a stone cage by Sandus and questioned Sandus on why he betrayed the Skylords, Sandus then revealed a massive cannon which destroyed various airships. After that, Warren was thrown out of the window, but was caught by Cade, while Sandus began destroying airships with dark magic. Sandus' airship was suddenly torn apart on the inside by a large humanoid mecha, which blew away a large portion of the Skyfort. It then began attacking the people below. Sandus' robot was put under high pressure due to the amount of firepower being exerted upon it, and it chased Cade into Ohio. It came close to S.I.A.D.A HQ, and a turret shot it. The combined power of the S.I.A.D.A turret and the firepower of the airships caused the robot to explode, and Sandus was weakened in the explosion. Grey's airship was landed and Risu called S.I.A.D.A to take him away. They then returned to Freedom HQ, where they were attacked by Phazoldos.

Oppression FighterEdit

After Phazoldos was expelled, the group were soon attacked by Oppression Fighter. Oppression Fighter however was defeated when his arm was cut off by Risu. This ultimately prompted it to retreat and gain repairs.

Zeta PrimeEdit

After the fight, an eclipse suddenly occured and it turned out to be Zeta Prime blocking the sun. The group went there to buy things only to be attacked by the confederacy of bounty hunters. Warren was knocked out by Raxus at the request of the Tauranian Syndicate. Warren was loaded into a cart as Raxus proceded to knock out Vzark aswell. Warren was taken to a surgeon where he would have his organs removed. Vzark however escaped and took an unconcious Warren with him. Vzark ran out into the stand filled streets and entered combat with the bounty hunters. Warren was taken back to the doctor but Vzark remained free. Some DNA was taken from Warren but he was saved by Jackson, of whom killed the doctor with a bow and arrow. Warren saw the building containing the Syndicate collapse and saw the group exiting. He followed the group only to see Risu encounter Avion. Avion fought and was defeated by Risu, prompting the group to leave Zeta Prime and return to base.


Suddenly, alerts went of detailing phazon activity and high energy readings in a phazon base in detroit. The group went there, only to find it was a trap, set by Vera. Vera forced Hector to lock everyone inside the base while Vera hacked Calitis' computer. The group managed to escape the base, and when the arrived at HQ, they saw Vera had discovered she was an android and was currently fighting Ketri. Warren deduced she was under Zestronite control due to her red glow, rather than her traditional blue glow. Vzark shot Vera in the chest and it destroyed the Zestronite control chip. Vera the blasted everyone back as she escaped through a hole in the wall and headed south.


Warren was among the few who went to investigate the disturbance in Australia. In Australia, they were attacked by an unknown ship which caught the Jackal in its cargo hold. Everyone on board the Jackal was arrested and taken to the cells. After escaping, the group briefly encountered Ryloth who forced them to retreat. The group got inside the Jackal and flew back to base. When they returned, the group were attacked by Electina who forced Vzark, Cade, Risu and Ray into an electric arena. The fight was resolved however when Electina theorised that a false Risu had wronged her, not the real Risu. This forged an alliance between Electina and the Freedom Fighters and she left the area.


A mysterious Cyanican arrived at Freedom HQ and started talking to Ray who was on guard. It turned out to be a Ryunexo mercenary who was tasked with finding Drake's remains. Warren informed him that Drake was nothing but ash on the pavement when Calitis suggested that he should give Razeth Drake's HSC instead. Suddenly, Hector told the group that Pyr'oth has picked up phazon activity in Jamaica. The group headed there in the Jackal and discovered familiar old fashioned ships. Warren stayed on the Jackal to guard it while the rest of the group investigated the ships. Hector informed the group that attaackers were approaching. Warren turned on the turret system and cloaked the Jackal. He followed the rest of the group and encountered the Kadrias Pirates. Razeth managed to hold off their squad leader, Metallus. Razeth however was knocked out, and Warren and Risu were overpowered. They took the group to Razorfang who forced several members of the group to play liar's dice. Razorfang lost and ultimately let the group return to HQ.

Oppression Fighter ReturnsEdit

When the group returned, the base was attacked by Oppression Fighter, who kidnapped Trish and made his way to the Newberry volcano. Risu went after her and told Warren to come with him. Warren and Risu made their way there and began climbing up the volcano. They reached Oppression Fighter at the summit and entered a brief fight which resulted in Trish being freed. The trio ran down the mountain side when the volcano erupted. Trish created an energy sheild to prevent the lava from killing them but it wasn't enough. Oppression Fighter suddenly intervened and made his own shield to protect Trish. The group then ran off and Oppresssion Fighter was engulfed in lava. After escaping the volcano blast zone, the trio returned to base.

The New AlmanacsEdit

Calitis' Almanac detector suddenly picked up more almanacs. The Freedom Fighters headed to Russia where they saw Ryloth's forces(FOR FUTURE REFERENE: who were there for illogical reasons) also looking for the almanac. Warren, Razeth and Grey were tasked with guarding the Jackal but Warren managed to persuade Razeth that he should take on Ryloth due to his combat capability. Razeth returned with the almanac and the group took off to find the next almanac. They headed to Ecuador where the group entered another cave. They faced Razorfang who was swiftly defeated. Once the almanac was obtained, the group left and headed to New zealand. Upon arriving at the location of the almanac, they encountered Ryloth. After entering combat with Ryloth, Matrix appeared and took the almanacs off the group.

The group were then teleported to the Island of Babylon by Matrix. When the almanacs were loaded into the slots, they turned a dark colour and Risu was struck by a red and black bolt of lightning. Risu developed black markings on his right cheek. The kemono suddenly appeared, and Yami introduced himself as their leader. Yami attacked everyone and banished the group from the Island of Babylon but the Jackal saved everyone from falling to their deaths. They landed on the west coast to think about what happened, only to encounter Matrix again.

The KemonoEdit

They made a temporary alliance with Matrix who was able to detect where all the Kemono are. Matrix told them there is a Kemono nearby. The group headed to a nearby beach and encountered Cicatrix. When Cicatrix was defeated, a beam of light appeared over him and he dissapeared. The group then headed to Mexico where they encountered Twinglaves. Twinglaves however gave up after being pressured into fleeing. Twinglaves began running away and it turned out Twinglaves was not alone. The group soon encountered Natroid, who had plant powers. Natroid had Twinglaves entangled in vines for running away. Matrix then stabbed Twinglaves, causing the pillar of light to appear which made him dissapear. Natroid had Razeth entangled in vines when he said that the plants were fireproof. Warren cut Razeth free and ran towards Natroid. Natroid formed a coccoon around himself which Warren attempted to cut open. Warren however is restrained by vines which wrapped around his arms, legs and neck. Vines then wrapped around Razeth's hands while Risu cut open the coccoon and freed everyone. Matrix stabed Natroid in the chest, which results in a pillar of light forming around Natroid, causing him to dissapear.

The group then headed to Argentina where the faced Bonemavon, an elephant like Kemono, and Doomer, a bat-like Kemono. Doomer immediately attacked the group by releasing a stream of fire. Razeth quickly dealt with Doomer, causing him to dissapear in the usual fashion. The group then concentrated attacks on Bonemavon. The group managed to hold their own, and the day turned to night. Bonemavon revealed himself to be powered by darkness. Bonemavon knocked Matrix aside and knocked his sword onto the ground. Bonemavon got distracted fighting Razeth and Warren shoved the sword into Bonemavon's back. Bonemavon then dissapeared after letting out a roar.

The next Kemono was detected in Morocco and the group land near the North Tower. The group saw three Kemono (Pneumaeto, Screenclaw and Gyrosect) sitting around a fire. The kemono noticed the group and one of them walked forward and attacked Razeth. Gyrosect and Screenclaw soon joined the fight as Matrix impaled Pneumaeto, causing him to dissapear. Gyrosect was swiftly dealt with when Ursula knocked him down and Matrix stabbed him while he was on the ground, making him vanish. Screenclaw became angered by this and charged at Matrix, only for Matrix to throw his sword at him, causing him to dissapear.

The goup headed to Egypt to find the next Kemono. They spotted a red figure walking on a hill. The kemono introduced himself as Red Lotus. Red Lotus said he meant the group no harm. Another Kemono called Cythe, however showed up nearby. Red Lotus suddenly went against Cythe and uppercut him. Red Lotus entered fierce combat with Cythe and it ended with Cythe being knocked unconcious. Matrix then impaled Cythe and he dissapeared.

The group then headed to Australia where they encountered 5 Kemono. Ventus, Acrosuchus, Gemelos, Invisiche and Helada. Gamelos was quickly defeated by Matrix as Warren entered combat with Acrosuchus. He pinned his tail to the ground and kicked him in the face. Warren however was bear hugged by Acrosuchus but he quickly escaped and recovered. He blasted Acrosuchus into the air and then hit him down into the ground with an energy charged combat pole. Acrosuchus began creating large quantities of water but Warren used his new powers to get rid of it. During this, Matrix defeated Invisiche. Ventus suddenly picked Warren up, but Warren released a wave that caused Ventus to drop Warren. Warren saved himself by hovering before he hit the ground. Warren was then frozen by Helada but he broke free and knocked her onto the ground where she was defeated by Matrix. After this, Acrosuchus is impaled by Matrix and sent back to Arkos. Ventus then charged at Matrix, only to be swiftly defeated, causing him to dissapear.

The group headed to Indonesia where they entered some weapon testing grounds. Warren told the group they needed to hurry up with the Kemono finding, otherwise they would be destroyed by a possible super-weapon. Warren stayed in the Jackal so he could help the group escape when the weapon was launched. Warren encountered Fuchisa, who latched onto the Jackal and Atakzenz who fought the group in the test area. Warren primed the turrets and Fuchisa jumped off the Jackal to fight the group below. Razeth used Matrix's sword to beat Atakzens and the group escaped the area before the missile hit. Matrix however stayed behind to fight Fuchisa. Matrix suddenly latched onto the top of the Jackal and informed the group that Fuchisa had teleported away.

The group headed to the Grampian mountains where detected 3 Kemono. The group encountered Tiempo who could alter time and even reverse time by three minutes. Devosta then appeared while Tiempo was defeated by Cade and Matrix. Reaver began possessing several members of the Freedom Fighters. Devosta was defeated soon after and everyone turned to Reaver. Reaver however was defeated when he was stabbed by 4 copies of Matrix.

Matrix said he could detect 5 more Kemono in Canada. When the group arrived, the Jackal was hit by rocks and some of the group, including Warren ran outside to investigate. Once outside, they encountered Onox. Everyone suddenly suffered from small cuts, caused by Nihil, who observed their reactions from afar. Doubler then apeared and multiplied, making things more difficult for the group. Warren entered direct combat with Nihil, only for Nihil to go and help Onox. Matrix defeated doubler with Red Lotus' help and Razeth entered fierce combat with Onox. Warren tripped Onox up, and Razeth used Matrix' sword send Onox back to Arkos. Nihil dissapeared and everyone returned to the Jackal.

The group headed to America where two kemono were detected. One kemono was immediately identified to be a shapeshifter and stabbed by Matrix. After that, the group felt like they were being pressed down. Warren and Vzark were immune due to their adaptations to Klaveran gravity. Something suddenly wrapped around Warren's neck and began choking him. It turned out to be the Kemono altering the gravity, Venticuratro. Razeth forced Venticuratro to release Warren. When Venticuratro began strangle Risu, Risu bit his tail, and then Matrix impaled him with the sword.

The group followed Matrix to the Island of Babylon. Matrix managed to get through the barrier and the Jackal went through the breach. They landed near Altun Ha where Warren went with the rest of the group to confront the remaining Kemono, Nihil, Diligite, Fuchisa and Prelate, all of which lead by Yami. Yami took the sword off of Matrix and stabbed it into the ground. Yami said that the first person to get the sword would win a prize, and he ordered his kemono to attack the group. Nihil caused cuts on the group again. Warren entered combat with Nihil as Matrix defeated Fuchisia. Warren and Nihil entered a stalemate at which Matrix then impaled Nihil, sending him back to Arkos. Tonitrua then entered the fight by fireing lightning down upon the group which charged up Warren. During this, Matrix defeated Prelate and Diligite leaving only Yami and Tonitrua. Warren managed to gain the upper hand on Tonitrua only for Yami to hold Trish hostage and tell everyone to stop fighting. He then took Trish through a portal to Arkos as well as Tonitrua. Risu and the group followed them into Arkos. Once they entered, they saw all of the 28 Kemono that they had defeated before. Here, Yami revealed that Risu was Kemono number 30. Yami then gave the order for his kemono to kill everyone so long as they left Risu to him.

Warren immediately knocked out Atakzenz and saw Red Lotus on the ground, having been stabbed. He tended to Red Lotus' wounds only to witness Risu get knocked out, and resussitated. Warren was chained down by Reaver, but released by Razeth. After a long fight, Matrix suddenly stabbed Risu in the back revealing it was part of his plan to take essences from every Kemono to improve the sword of aztec. Matrix however was expelled from Arkos by Yami. Yami gave the Freedom Fighters the chance to leave, and Red Lotus joined then. Red Lotus was joined by Helada, who also decided to ditch the Kemono. When the group returned to Earth, they encountered Matrix who attacked the group. Risu used his powers to fend Matrix off and the group got in the Jackal and escaped.

The Death SphereEdit

The group detected the Wing Fortress advancing on Australia. They flew there in the Jackal and got out onto the wing fortress (although Warren stayed behind and offered air support.) When the death sphere appeared and prepared its superweapon, Warren flew near to the fortress and picked up the Freedom Fighters before the fortress was destroyed. The group found an entrance into the death sphere and landed inside. They found Cato inside a large chamber and he released two Drone-Ex Gallants onto the group. Warren attacked a Drone-Ex, only to be thrown down. He placed an explosive on a Drone-Ex and detonated it, ripping part of the superstructure off the drone. He then placed a grenade inside the circuitry and blew the Drone-Ex to pieces. The other Drone-Ex was then taken down by Helioptican and Cade. Cato then engaged the Freedom Fighters. The fight ended when Cato's arm was cut off by Risu, and he was booted off the edge of the platform. Risu then threw one of Grey's bombs off of the platform at him. Cato then resurfaced with burns on his body. Several Drone-Ex then appeared, prompting Risu to order the group to leave, much at the dismay of his comrades who believed that they could finally defeat Cato. The Jackal was then called and the group escaped the Sphere.


On the way back to base, the Jackal was hit by something and it crashed. Eveyrone was knocked unconcious. When they awoke, the Jackal was gone, and everyone was missing apart from Razeth, Risu, Warren and Vzark. They were attacked by a female Squirreldonian who was revealed to be Risu's sister, an adolescent Tiyin, who had named herself "Ty", who claimed she was leader of the Freedom Fighters. Ty called Risu a deserter, but soon came to understand what happened. After hostilities were let down, Ty took the four to Freedom HQ, which was in ruins, before taking them to the new one; a decripit building. Warren asked a seemingly mortally ill Grey questions and Grey informed him that a lot of people died during "Operation Clean Sweep". They group were then taken to a grave of the fallen Freedom Fighters, known as the Altar of the Fallen, where they found the signature weapons of their friends. Suddenly, several high ranking Legion officials such as Lyra, Orion and Phazar confronted the group. Out of no where, Orion was killed by Hardware for failing to kill the group. They then entered direct combat with Hardware, who was defeated when Risu cut his upper body in half. The group then left to new base but a copy of hardware then arrived and killed Xeno. Ty then took the group to an underground area where there was a time machine. Upon activation of the time machine, the group found themself in Nevada. They headed to CaliTech to get a bearing of what time they are in. They met a younger Calitis as they had travelled into the past. For some reason, Fangrir was there. They asked Calitis if he could fix the time machine, only to discover that a power source is needed. Calitis gave the group a Cero Radar, capable of detecting Cero stones. Calitis said they would set out on their expedition tomorrow and that they should releax for now. Chadwell then directed the group towards the lounge room. Warren however grew a suspicion over a botany department and went to investigate. He went in to see livestock and saw several locked and secured rooms. He heard noises coming from a room that had "Subject 7" engraved on the door. He was stopped by a CaliTech employee in a hazmat suit. He was told to leave, but at the last second, he peaked through the door before it closed. He saw someone inside the room before the door closed. He then rejoined the group. The next day, the group headed to the arctic by plane. There, they encountered Vorheim, who also aimed to get the energy source. When the group beat Vorheim to the craters, Vorheim opened fire on the group, but the officials began running away after seeing a mysterious figure. The figure introduced himself as Dairuga and took the cero stones. The group went in persuit of Dairuga to Vancouver where Dairuga eats of the stones. The group managed to defeat him after Vzark used ice powers and Fangrir used prototype Chrono Bacers. The left Dairuga inside a mound of ice and returned to the time machine. After repairing it, the group returned to the present, 30 minutes after the object hit the Jackal. Shortly after this Warren assisted the Freedom Fighters, Legion of Phazon and Rhydiac against the Aztecs and their newly created World Sword.

Dairuga ReturnsEdit

Hector suddenly detected huge energy surges that were heading towards the base. This energy surge turned out to be Dairuga, who soon entered combat with Vzark. Cade and Risu joined the fight, only for Warren to join in after acknowledging the alerts. Calitis then joined in by firing 6 missiles at Dairuga. Cade and Fangrir suddenly turned on the group. Both of which had a green tint in their eye. This green tint was also present in Dairuga. It turned out they had all been possessed by Dreamweaver who revealed himself shortly after the idea of possession came to mind. Dreamweaver suddenly held up a dreamcatcher which once seen, would cause the victim to fall asleep, where they could then be possessed. Bzine became a victim to this and joined the other victims in attack Zaris, who had arrived on the scene with Ray. Zaris tells the group that destroying the dreamcatcher will depossess everyone. Dreamweaver's dreamcatcher was destroyed and his arm was cut off, forcing him to retreat. Dairuga however escaped.

Trion AssaultEdit

Warren was training when suddenly the Trions and an unknown other mechanic force (Axis) attacked the base. During the battle, all of the Axis soldiers suddenly deactivated and Equilatrium arrived. Equilatrium used a device that took control of Ketri and presumebly Kythor (who was revealed to have been pretending). Equilatrium then ordered the group to remain where they were or he would activate Ketri's self destruct. He then forced Ketri to walk to the Trion base. The group headed to the Trion base in order to reverse Equilatrium's control. Upon arrival, Equilatrium ordered Ketri to walk into the incinerator as well as the device. The group descended through the base and saved Ketri. Equilatrium was then defeated by Risu, prompting him to leave an explosive behind and teleport away. The group evacuated the base and returned to Freedom HQ.

Operation Clean SweepEdit

While training with Razeth and Vzark, the base was attacked by the Legion of Phazon. The assault was lead by Hardware, Lyra and Phazar. Warren used his new powers to destroy a few blitzers during the coarse of the assault while Razeth took on Hardware. Several Hardware units arrived during the fight but they were swiftly taken care of, and the battle was won.

Offshore ClashEdit

Py'roth detected a crashed ship near the coast of unknown origins. When the group arrived at this ship, they were attacked by the Machinists. The Trions also arrived aand killed the Machinist leader, Omega, aswell as several underlings. The Trions then left the area and the group returned back to base with a substance found at the scene. The substance however degraded upon examination. They also brought back a corpse which Warren concluded had been killed by a gunshot to the lung. It was also noted that the corpse's arm was missing and it had discolouration around the stub.

Cosmic RiftEdit

The Freedom fighters detected a Phazon ship (which had distorted the radars) flying over Ohio. They followed it into space using the Jackal, and managed to board it. They were quickly attacked by high ranking Phazons such as Pendleton, Phazar and Lyra. After they were defeated, Phazorus arrived and told them he intended to open the cosmic rift. Phazorus then flew off, and the group faced Cato, who's defeat preceded the return of Phazar. Phazar turned into molten lava and everyone fled to the upper levels where they encountered Phazorus again. Phazar then fled as the cosmic rift began to get out of hand. The group had a fight with Phazorus that caused Razeth to be expelled from the ship. Byzantine awoke and Phazorus was forced to quickly use the Cosmic Rift. Once it had finished opening, he flew into the rift and it closed behind him. Warren ran to the Jackal along with Vzark and picked up the others. They then flew back to base.

The LiberatorsEdit

The Freedom Fighters detected disruption and a Phazon prison and went to investigate. They flew there in the Jackal and encountered the Liberators who promptly attacked them. The prison warden, Zolus, then attacked the group. Zolus however was defeated typically by Risu, and the liberator leader, Ronin.


Physical AbilitiesEdit

Super Speed - Warren can run at high speeds for a long time without tiring.

Hover - Warren can hover for a short amount of time although this does take up a lot of energy.

Martial Arts - Warren is confident in several martial arts (and uses his combat pole in each one with great skill)


Energy - He has the ability to absorb energy and use it to fire energy blasts or create powerful force fields.

Gamma Blast - Warren can give his energy blasts the pentrative properties of radiation after being trained by Razeth.


Linguistics - He can speak several languages, including Zestronite and a few Earth languages.

Psychic - He has minor psychic abilities and can read the mind's of less intelligent people. He can however also invade someone's mind if they are about to have an emotional breakdown, regardless of their intelligence. This was discovered when he was able to get a small detail from Voran's mind before Voran became angry at Risu.

Immunity to poison - After being injected with Fangrir's own Fangoran blood, Warren is immune to all forms of drug, chemical and poison.


After the death of his brother, Warren became very serious but very determined. He never gives up and will keep on going until he is physically unable to move.Warren often makes sarcastic remarks and often very critical of other people. Despite this, he is selfless and caring for others.