Vzark Ryddias


Freedom Fighters

Race Klaveran

Veketta Ryddias - Deceased Wife

Cazir Ryddias - Deceased Father

Nirova Ryddias - Deceased Mother

Lekova Ryddias - Deceased Brother

Armadaus Xerox - Adoptive Son

??? - Ancestor

Hex - Pet


Armadaus Xerox -Friend/Ally

Carroon Homas - Friend/Ally

Wallace Bryce - Friend/Ally

Risu Cadius - Friend/Ally


Evirak Romanus - Nemesis

Hardware Quadroceptus - Nemesis

Phazorus Rezfarda - Nemesis

Ganken Hakar - Nemesis

Phazar Rodimus - Arch Rival


The Cold Knight-

Winter Soldier -

Unleash the Beast -

"It's my job to protect this planet and these people, if I don't, there is no way I can redeem myself for everything I've done wrong. I would just be a coward and and an idiot, blind of what is the right thing to do. I can't let Earth be destroyed or be taken over by the Zestronites, Phazons or Xanians, especially of what happened to my home planet, and if you get in my way of helping Earth, I'll make sure you're dead." - Vzark

Vzark is a Klaveran that survived the destruction of Klavera. He escaped his home planets destruction. When he reached Earth, he later discovered another surviving Klaveran, Armadaus, Whom he adopted.


Vzark Ryddias

Early LifeEdit

Vzark was extremely interested in gadgets and tools that would help himself and others. He took part on the black market, selling tools and weapons, and he also worked as a mercenary he married a beautiful woman named Veketta and lived a happy life. During his time as a mercanary, he was confronted by a man named Verruckt, leader of a rogue and murderous paramilitary group called the Vektors. They demanded that Vzark were to join the Vektors, as well as his brother, or he and his family be killed. He was forced to accept, and later on, he became the top soldier in the Vektors, but to most this was not an accomplishment be proud of. He killed mass amounts of civilians and destoyed towns, becoming a person Vzark never wanted to be.

Destruction of KlaveraEdit

After Vzark had learned of the bomb on Klavera, he realised he would have to leave his home planet before it would explode. Vzark protested for his wife to go and not him, but she insisted she stay and have Vzark go, Vzark said his goodbyes, and left. He took quick action and went into his ship and left Klavera, leaving the planet and his family to die behind him.

Fateful EncounterEdit

During his travel in space, Vzark landed his ship on a lone moon after spotting another ship there. People from the ship boarded Vzark's vessel and greeted themselves as Ketri, Iora, their newborn Risu and one of their courtiers, Nate. After a breif discussion, Nate went back to their ship to recharge the engines with a device Vzark had lended. Another ship showed up and used a blaster to destroy the Squirreldonian vessel, taking the pilot and presumably Nate with it. The figure behind the assault, boarded Vzark's vessel after searching the destroyed wreck. The figure soon introduced himself to Vzark as October, and that he was searching for Iora and Ketri as part of a bounty. Fortunately, Vzark lied to October stating that he has not seen any Squirreldonians. October left, secretly planting a tracking device, and Vzark helped the royal family with finding a new ship. Ketri shared plans of heading to Earth with Vzark and set off for it.

Arrival on EarthEdit

Later, Vzark landed on Earth and went to Rhode Island, knowing other aliens were landing there and he met up with Ketri and his family, who were settling down, and soon met the families of Wallace, Carroon and Trish and became friends with them. he soon took a job as an engineer and lived a slightly normal life of a human being. He met a younger Klaveran named Armadaus Xerox, and took him in as his adoptive son, although he knows Armadaus does not see Vzark as a father.

Phazons EmergeEdit

Vzark was picking up Amadaus and friends Carroon and Wallace to go home, but moments later, after a meeting with their friend Risu, their home was invaded and attacked by a large faction invading earth known as the Legion of Phazon. A fight broke out between Vzark, other alien refugees and the Phazons, ending with Wallace's parents being killed, in a revenge attack, the group gave a long chase to Peru, and wrecked their base, with Vzark killing the Phazon commander Phazald in the process, as well as gaining Phazaron as an ally. Their homes were later destroyed and they were captured by Phazar and his squad, and put inside a carrier to be taken to Oregon, but escaped the carrier and ended up in Nevada.

Freedom FightersEdit

Creating a base in a small cave in Nevada, Vzark and the others decided to take a stand and defeat the Phazons. Meanwhile, Hardware, a Tetrocombian under orders of Phazorus, the leader of the Legion of Phazon himself had landed in Washington DC, and commenced Operation Oregon, which turned the entire state to sand. The Freedom Fighters detected activity in Oregon and investigated with their new allies, Calitis and Py'roth, but fell into a mere trap, but their friend Carroon and rival Jack came with a helicopter to save them. After their return, they learned that Phazons were quickly heading towards them, so they grabbed all the gear they could and fled to Ohio, were they found an alleyway that led to multiple abandoned warehouses and set up a new base there, forming the Freedom Fighters in the process.

Cuba StormEdit

Vzark and the Freedom Fighters learned where Risu's parents, Iora and Ketri, where being held. They travelled to Cuba, which had been transformed into a gigantic industrial prison. They found Risu's parents, and saved Ketri from being turned into a Wastelander, but Ketri had lost his leg in the process. The Freedom Fighters were attacked by Hardware and a Wastelander team. Risu told the others to leave, fought off Hardware by himself, and managed to escape.


Vzark was making weapons and tools for the Freedom Fighters when suddenly, a Cyanican teenager came stumbling in with a gun in hand, to which the Freedom Fighters had aimed their guns at him and asked questions. The Cyanican was "forced" to help the Freedom Fighters next act of rebellion, destroying the Phazon tower in Bermuda.

Bermuda TowerEdit

Risu led the Freedom Fighters as they seiged and destroyed Bermuda tower, seemingly killing Hardware in the process

The MarkEdit

Vzark and the other Freedom Fighters travelled to Chichen Itza via truck but was detected by the Phazons' AI, Kythor, and surrounded by Phazon forces, headed by Orion and Cato. Phazar ripped the truck they in half with his Destruction Armour. Vzark and the Freedom Fighters were surrounded and Orion disarmed all of them of their things. They started fighting back and tried to escape, but were stopped by the arrival of Hardware, who was now largely robotic. The group were then subsequently shot with Numbness Darts by Xaio, and were moved to a labyrinth beneath El Casstello. Vzark woke up and began walking around the labyrinth trying to find a way out, he encountered Who he thought was Phazaron, calling to him and then realizing it was just a Phazon soldier, before the Phazon fired, Cade ran up behind him and killed the Phazon, and then Vzark and Cade explored the Labryinth looking for the others. Much later while Vzark was still trying to find his way out, Orion and Zaris were fighting until Orion accidentally tore off Zaris' gi, which revealed an X on his chest. Looking at the X in terror, Orion and all of the Phazons in the labyrinth escaped and detonated the grounds, destroying the colossal maze. Drake's shirt was torn off during the escape, and Zaris noticed and examined an R on his right rim under his shoulder, the group then traversed down a hole dug by the Phazons, while Calitis took Wallace back to Freedom HQ. Meanwhile, the group caught up with Hardware, Phazar and their Phazon squadron. As soon as they drew close, markings on their bodies began to sting and their eyes glowed. Phazar then suddenly sprang out and stole the disc Hardware was using to steal energy from Earth's core, the others then followed as he left, being persued by Risu, Cade, Vzark, Bzine, Phazaron and Hardware. The "Mark bearers", gathered in a circle were joined by Xiao, Coidono and an unknown Zekreea (Later revealed to be Grey Togruta). The Mark bearers then suddenly built a weapon and activated it, where it took 7 minutes to charge up. Vzark and the other Freedom Fighters quickly discovered the existence of the weapon and how to stop it, and Cade attempted to disable it, managing to do so on the second attempt, also regaining the conciousness of the Mark Bearers in the process. The Freedom Fighters recruited Grey momentarily and he showed his weapon skills by capturing Coidono with an ankle binder, while Hardware, Xiao and Phazar to escape.


Risu was sent to Squirreldonia by Ketri to acquire sacred items, revealing Risu as a prince in the process. After arriving and meeting the Octavian Armstice and Merloo, the group managed to acquire the Sacred Scepter and the Sovereign's Orb, fighting Mecha Hardware and the menacing beast, Gandrayak, in order to get them. Merloo then sent them obtain the next item from the Wind Tower.

While begining their exploration of the Wind Tower, the Freedom Fighters were ambushed by the Scorpachne, the natives of the Megaelo Desert. The Scorpachne believed them to be trespassing Phazon officials attempting to burn them out of their home to kill them. The Scorpachne brought them all to a large, open portion of thekr den, where they were confrontedby King Ratchiir. The Scorpachne were intercepted by Merloo and the other Octavian Armstice members, but they were dismissed due to Merloo's apparent craziness, but Merloo managed King Ratchiir to free them after convincing him Risu was the prince of Squirreldonia, and Ratchiir reformed his clan's alliance with the Squirreldonians, he also sent his son Arrakis to help them locate the Wind Tower.

After arriving at the Wind Tower and begining to climb it, Risu spotted a squadron of Phazons advance towards the tower. After a breif skirmish on the ground and on the tower, Corruption began attacking Warren and then turned to Risu, who was saved by the sudden appearance of Gandrayak, the beast he, Cade and Vzark encountered in the catacombs beneath the Squirreldonian palace. Despite his friends at the base of the tower being outnumbered, the Scorpachne and other Octavian Armstice members arrived to help, while Vzark took the Crown of Kings from the tower. Now outnumbered, the Phazons were forced to flee. The Freedom Fighters thanked the Scorpachne, who returned to their den, the Freedom Fighters then returned to the palace to hand the crown to Merloo, who told them of their final task.

Merloo then sent the group to find the Time Box, which the Freedom Fighters thought was another treasure. After searching Merloo's tower, Risu figured out that the Time Box was hidden within the main chamber of the castle, he also found a powerful sword in the process. After figuring out the puzzle, the group entered a newly opened room, which was completely empty. The room then suddenly projected images of the Phazon-Squirreldonian War. Merloo then revealed that the room itself was the Time Box. The Freedom Fighters then left Squirreldonia with the treasures, two members of the Armstice, Arrakis and a stowaway.

House of CardsEdit

Unfortunately, Hardware was still enraged at his defeat on Squirreldonia, and ordered the Cyan Warphade to shoot down Vzark's ship, The Jackal. The war ship's Pulse Cannon forced The Jackal to crash land on Eris. Phazalis then ordered the planetary shield generator on Eris to be activated to prevent them from leaving. Luckily, Vzark and the Freedom Fighters survived the crash and some of them, including Vzark, was taken to safety by the House of Cards. The Jackal was in need of serious repairs, but the House of Cards offered to repair it in return of helping them loosen the Phazons' power on their planet. After fulfilling Erised's deal, they stormed the Shield Generator and stole it's power source to help The Jackal fly. They also learned that Erised was Trish's father.


Gero had discoverd one of Evirak's plans to use the Exon Corruptor as a means of controlling matter on Earth. Gero teleported over to Ohio and soon discovered the new HQ. He informed everyone of Evirak's plan and that they needed to try and obtain the crystal from the coast of Greenland before the zestronites. The Freedom Fighters managed to sneak into the nearby Phazons docks and steal a submarine. When they arrived at the coast, Warren saw the Zestronites mining a large crystal. One Zestronite Submarine had grabbed it and was driving off. Freedom Fighters hijacked this submarine and the ship's automated defence systems attacked them. Gero however used his data wipe key to make it lose control with the entity controlling it. The Submarine made its way to Scotland and when it docked, Everyone got out only to be surrounded by Zestronites and Ruselt. Ruselt ordered the Zestronites to take the Crystal and it was loaded onto the back of a zestronite carrier. Bzine charged at Ruselt with all his might only to be pushed back into the water by Ruselt. Bzine continued to persist against Ruselt but to no avail, as Ruselt got onto the carrier and drove to Germany. The crystal was loaded onto the X-Aren and Gero teleported the group outside of the loading bay. Everyone boarded the ship before it took off with the exception of Gero who was left behind.. When the X-Aren arrived in space, the Exon crystal was loaded into a separate vessel. In an attempt to get to the separate vessel, they encountered Ruselt in the core of the X-Aren. Bzine once again, attacked Ruselt only to be pushed away, where as Helioptican hit Ruselt into the core itself. Warren then pinned Ruselt to the core with a sharp metal beam and everyone evacuated the ship onto the Corruptor Vessel. The X-Aren the blew up, killing Ruselt. Warren then tried to destroy the crystal discovering that it was harmful. Realising that one person must sacrifice themself to distroy it, Jake told everyone to leave and walked up to the crystal. When everyone escaped via the pods, The station blew up, assuming Jake did indeed kill himself to destroy the crystal.

Skirmish in the Magma DomeEdit

Risu then led the Freedom Fighters to attack the Magma Dome, where they fought the Legion of Phazon once more. Unfortunately, Orion and Hardware were too strong to take down, until Ketri arrived with a new mechanical body, and managed to destroy Hardware.

The Northern ClanEdit

The Freedom Fighters then travelled to the Arctic where they fought the Rogues, who escaped. The Freedom Fighters then returned here a second time after detecting suspicious activity, where they found the Akane Clan. During the skirmish, Vzark transformed into a werewolf-like monster and savagely killed some Akane troops, and nearly killed it's leader Carrion, who had been betrayed by Elbrius. The Legion of Phazon then arrived and captured everyone present.

Brawl in ManhattanEdit

Vzark awoke to find himself and those he was with imprisoned in the Manhattan Dome, where they were confronted by Hardware once again, who had managed to preserve his conciousness and mind. Risu managed to escape after Hardware prepared to kill Trish, freeing Vzark and the others in the process. Vzark fought countless Phazons and escaped the area, meeting up with the others. They were confronted by Hardware, but were interupted.

New Stone AgeEdit

Before everyone could fight Hardware, they were attacked by statue monsters known as Aztecs, which were sent on a global attack on Earth by their master and creator, Matrix. After a large skirmish between the combined forces of the Freedom Fighters and Legion & the Aztecs, the two groups sent the attack directly to Matrix, who managed to defeat Hardware with ease due to his size. Matrix was soon defeated by the combined efforts of the Freedom Fighters.

Time of VerrucktEdit

Vzark found out that Verruckt had captured Warren and Bzine and decided to gather the other Freedom Fighters to take down Verruckt and save Warren and Bzine. Vzark realized that they had one hour to save Warren and Bzine from an explosive death so he confronted Verruckt. Due to the night, Vzark turned into a werewolf and battered Verruckt. Verruckt lay weakened on the floor. When Bzine and Warren were free, everyone evacuated the building. Verruckt began to laugh, then the explosives went off. Verruckt was seemingly killed in the explosion.Vzark found clues and hints that Verruckt had survived the explosion, and seeing that Verruckt was in New York. Vzark and a team of Freedom Fighters went to Manhattan where Verruckt had rigged the city with bombs. Verruckt threatened to blow them up if they left. He then told the Freedom Fighters who were still at base that if they didn't drive him some supplies to the New York border. Despite this, he destroyed many Manhattan buildings. Vzark soon entered combat with Verruckt at which he allowed himself to be defeated and captured.Vzark, not knowing that Verruckt had let himself be captured to steal Vzark's ship had put Verruckt into a cell. Verrukckt had touched the cell door's control pad on the way in. Verruckt had waited until Arcturus changed into Orion attracting the attention of the Freedom Fighters. When Everyone left, Verruckt detonated the control pad he touched, freeing himself. He proceeded to take control of the ship's AI and flew the ship away. A few Freedom Fighters managed to get onboard. Vzark, Armadaus, Phazaron, Helioptican, and Bzine were attacked by the mechanical arms and restrained with paralasis cuffs. Verruckt then locked them in a separate chamber containing a fail-safe bomb. Warren, Drake and a few others confronted Verruckt as he polited the ship into the atmosphere. Verruckt then decided to throw Vzark into the jet engine, only for Vzark to be saved by Drake. Vzark then damaged one of the engines and the ship went off course into Xanian Australia. Xanian troops boarded the ship including Ganken. Verruckt however turned into a cloud of smoke and escaped.

Ganken's DemiseEdit

Vzark and the other Freedom Fighters had confronted Ganken in Xanian controlled Australia. Vzark had watched Bzine fight and kill Ganken. Ganken's body was the taken to Freedom HQ and used as a punching bag.

Trion ConfrontationEdit

A Trion ship was shot down by three Phazon bombers, crashing into a tower, forcing the Freedom Fighters to investigate. They explored the crahsed ship butonly found dead bodies, in which they entered to tower, finding the Trion Resistance and its leader, Equilatrium. Equilatrium ended up ordering his squad to attack the Freedom Fighters, resulting in the squad's death, and Equilatrium running away.

Death TrainEdit

After several events, Kythor, the Phazon AI had changed sides and told Calitis' about a plot against the Freedom Fighters. He was told about a train contianing a bomb that heads straight into Ohio. The freedom Fighters quickly go to the train and Vzark looks to find a bomb. Vzark heads his way around to train, looking for the bomb, but ends up fighting waves of Phazons isntead. He then spots Equilatrium aiming for a certain carrige. Vzark makes his way to the carrige Equilatrium was going for. Vzark meets up with Armadaus, and are dettered from the bomb by Hardware. A fight between Risu, Hardware and Equilatrium then ensues. Vzark then gets on the Jackal which slowly attempts to take the bomb from the train. Hardware is then eliminated when the train approaches a tunnel. He is smashed into two and he then explodes. Equilatrium however jumped off. The Jackal then destroys a bridge infront of the train and flies off with the bomb. The bomb is then dropped into the sea and everyone returns to Freedom HQ.

Enter the WaveEdit

Vzark and the Freedom Fighters saw a broadcast of a reporter being attacked by someone Cade thought was familiar on the TV. They then head to South Dakota and confront Rhydiac. A fight between Rhydiac and the team ensues, eventually leaving the group battered and Rhydiac getting away.

Prehistoric RevengeEdit

The Freedom Fighters see news reports of more flooding on the island of Fiji. Some of the Freedom Fighters including Warren, Vera and Vzark go on the Jackal and head to the scene. It is revealed to be a Phazon trap as cybernetic dinosaurs called Cretaceous, Saurian, Siege, Utah, Pyre and Permaid. After the are defeated, two twins called Oriax and Berith Orieus. At first the group mock the twins for being so laughable at how cheesy they are. After a brief fight, Oriax and Berith are called off by Lyra. A high ranking member of the Legion of Phazon. The group is then attacked by Rhydiac again but they manage to get on there ship and escape back to HQ.


The Freedom Fighters had received a broadcast from Pyr'oth's brother asking for help. The team had made their way to the Exuron, and helped Pyr'oth's bretheren, but were ambushed by Orakov and his force. Orakov didn't want to destroy the village, but the entire planet. A fight ensues between the groups, with the Freedom Fighters and Exurons winning the battle.

Captured by the AkaneEdit

Warren, Vzark and Trish had been taken captive by the Akane Clan. The Akane Clan left a note saying that all Freedom Fighters should surrender to them or the hostages will be killed. The Freedom Fighters then had to confront the Akane Clan in Peru where their base was. Elbrian revealed to have possession of a Vapor Cannon. Kythor however took control of it and deactivated it. The Akane Clan retreated and the Freedom Fighters released the hostages and went home.

Alien DisturbanceEdit

The Freedom Fighters go and investigate an asteroid that is semmingly filled with hostile Aliens known as Xenovians. They found the queen and killed her, going back to Freedom HQ. Calitis had taken an egg from the asteroid and decides to raise it, while the others argue if what they did was just.

Sad TimesEdit

Cylus arrived at the base to inform everyone of the plan to get the files back. He claimed to have already placed a teleporter in Australia so they can simply go there first. Warren, Armadaus, Vzark, Bzine, Risu, Jackson, Zaris and a few others went. They camped in Australia until it was due for the Zestronite Ambassador to arrive. Bzine pretended to be a Xanian soldier so he could pretend to be capturing the others.He walked the others up to the Zestronite ship but Warren became inpatient, killed the guards and walked on anyway. Everyone got on as it took off. The ship got through the barrier and landed in Moscow. Everyone entered saint basil's cathederal to get the files but a hologram of Evirak appeared informing them that it was all a trap. A counter suddenly appeared and it was revealed the room was filled with bombs. Everyone managed to escape through the roof but they were soon surrounded by Zestronites when the building exploded. Evirak then brutally murdered Drake with telekinesis and an Exon blast. Chaos ensued after Warren throw a grenade into a garrison of Zestronites. Evirak then was about to kill Warren with a concentrated Exon blast, but Armadaus pushed him out the way and took the blast instead, killing him in the process. Vzark and the others escaped from Red Square back to FF HQ, leaving Vzark in shame, broken and full of despair. Vzark believed that he had nothing to live for and that he was a massive failiure, until Vera explained to him that he was the exact opposite of that. Vzark then made a vow that he would avenge Armadaus, never back down, and try to help and save anyone he can.

Almanacs of Power Edit

Vzark, accompanied the Freedom Fighters on the trip to find the Sapphire Almanac in an underwater pyramid. The pyramid itself had no water inside it but a mysterious being breached it, causing it to slowly fill up. Not knowing this, the Freedom Fighters took off their waterproof suits and split into groups, with Vzark going with Warren, Helioptican, Jackson and Bzine. Suddenly Aztecs arrived and attacked the group, Matrix also then appeared, and forced them ro locate the Almanac, although Calitis' group arrived first. Matrix held Warren in order to claim the Almanacs they had. The ceiling suddenly collapsed and a red and black figure snatched the Almanac. The figure fired blasts either side, hitting Calitis and Matrix and sending them reeling back. The figure reveals himself as Orion, but he is attacked by Matrix. Rhydiac than burst through the wall from an attack from Cade, and a fight broke out between Cade, Rhydiac, Matrix and Orion. The Freedom Fighters managed to obtain the Almanac in the struggle, however Rhydiac caused the temple to flood and the Freedom Fighters were forced to retreat, while Matrix is blown up by Jackson. They all got back to the Sub-Tank and head off. Later, something hit the Sub-Tank and pirates suddenly breached the Sub-Tank and took Risu, Vzark, Carroon, Trish, Calitis and Helioptican prisoner on board their ship, with one of them taking the Almanac. Warren however refused to co-operate and shot one of the pirates. He then snuck onto the pirate ship, only to be caught and was taken away with the others. Razorfang, who appeared to be their leader, kept the Almanac for himself. A fight later ensued and Risu took the Almanac off Razorfang. Warren left a bomb on the ship and everyone escaped back into the Sub-Tank, Warren then detonated the bomb, but Razorfang survived and vowed vengence.

The Freedom Fighters then headed to Bermuda to find another Almanac and encountered into Hardware and Chadwell. Risu then attacked Hardware and the ensuing fight causes the roof of the cave to split. Moonlight exposed Vzark, causing him to transform into a werewolf and attack Hardware, managing to be even with the machine. He managed to take the Almanac and fled with the other Freedom Fighters. They figure out that the Almanac they took from Hardware was the Quartz Almanac. They returned to Freedom HQ and decided to go for the 3 Almanacs in Zestronite territory. They used the S.I.A.D.A teleporter to get to Moscow and then they hijacked a Zestronite Hovercraft. They travelled to Egypt and went to Luxor Temple, the location of the Peridot Almanac. They noticed that Egypt has become just as cold as Moscow and that it is now snow covered. They get to the Almanac only to be attacked by Matrix. Matrix then used the Almanac to melt all the snow, and proceeded to vandalise Zestronite property. He soon dropped the Almanac. The Freedom Fighters then came into an Indian man aquainted with Calitis, Mr. Bahjit, and payed him to take them to India. In India, they head to the Konark Sun Temple, however, Zander knocked out Mr. Bahjit, and traps the others when they have the Almanac, and they are taken as prisoners to Tiananman Square. Nearan interrogated Risu about the Almanacs and left, but luckily, the others who weren't captured arrived and rescued the prisoners, while Elvira ordered all the soldiers in their sector to go elsewhere. This helped them find a ship and escape.

They then make their way to the Jiaohe Ruins to find the next Almanac. The Confederacy of Bounty Hunters then arrived and attacked the group. The Confederacy were defeated and the group won the Almanac. The group then headed to Camp 601, north of Red Square. They snuck into the facilty, only to set off the alarms. Guards soon surrounded them but Elvira saved them by saying that they were needed alive. They were taken to Evirak, who was in the vault near the Almanac. Evirak realised that no matter what, there is not enough security in the building to keep the Freedom Fighters under control. He went into the vault to get the Almanac and the Freedom Fighters attacked the Zestronites. Warren went on a computer that was recently being used by a technician. He intended to open the vault but he came across "Project Vera." He discovered that she was an android, made from human flesh, hence why it was difficult to compare the DNA due to diversity issues. He then opened the vault revealing an empty Zestronium safe. Warren walked in but Evirak appeared out of the shadows and threw him into a wall. Evirak used telekinesis to throw the vault door at the Calitis and Jack. Evirak began brutalising the others until they gained the upper hand when Warren slashed at Evirak's gasmask, causing it to depressurise. Vzark then kicked Evirak into the wall where he seemingly fell unconcious. Elvira helped the others escape again, but little did she know was that Evirak was still concious and he saw her do it. The Freedom Fighters ran out of the camp and onto a snowy caldera. Nearan descended and stole the Almanac, using its power to attack the Freedom Fighters. Warren stuck his combat pole through Nearan's leg pinning him down. They then took the Almanac and ran. They rested for a day, covering their tracks. They then set off to Red Square to get to the S.I.A.D.A teleporter. They saw something on the stage and joined the crowd, Elvira was tied to a pole. A Zestronite read out that she is a traitor and has been sentenced to death. She gave her last words and then a guard shot her in the heart with a pistol. A riot occured and the Freedom Fighters were forced to fight once again. Sylrana arrived and attacked the group, but with the timly arrival of Zaris, she was beaten. The group then run to the teleporter and escape.

When the group had all the Almanacs, they took them to the pedestal at Altun Ha. Matrix, however, arrived and stole the Almanacs from them while adding Altun Ha to the Floating Island of Babylon.

Machinist Threat Edit

The Freedom Fighters went to go and visit their old homes. While there, they encountered the Phazons who had moved into the area. They were then attacked by a robot called Crabclaw who kidnapped Calitis and flew off. The Freedom Fighters temporarily allied with Phazar so they could investigate the robot. They followed Crabclaw to an oil rig in the sea. They encountered odd robots who refered to themselves as the Mechanists. They freed Calits and then Risu defeated their leader, Omega, by slashing at him with his sword. They escaped the rig and returned to HQ.

Wing Fortress Edit

Calitis announced that the Phazon Wing Fortress had been launched. Warren, Vzark and a few others went onto the Jackal where as the rest went on Grey's ship. Warren stayed on the Jackal and the others exited onto the Wing Fortress. The group eventually encountered Phazorus and Warren tried using the ships missiles to kill him. Phazorus however jumped on the Jackal and pulled Warren out via the windscreen. The Jackal then crashed on the Fortress. Vzark then started to fight Phazorus in his werewolf form, but eventually is saved by a mysterious person who is later revealed as Phade. After a while, the group were suddenly teleported elsewhere by Cade. When the group returned to Freedom HQ, It was surrounded by Zestronites.

Ancient of Chaos Edit

Evirak was inside and had taken a few Freedom Fighters hostage. Evirak explained that an Ancient called Korgan escaped his realm and is going to attack Earth. Evirak requested that the Freedom Fighters help him send Korgan back. Risu eventually accepted when Evirak threatened to kill the hostages. He said he would be in touch and took the hostages with him to make sure Risu would keep his word. Vzark assisted the group in defeating Korgan and was arrested with everyone else when Evirak turned on them. Warren was taken prisoner and handed over to Lurenos. A mysterious figure however teleported him and a few others into Freedom HQ.

Voran Edit

Vzark accompanied Risu and Vzark on Cylus' mission to kill Voran. During the mission, Warren was shot in the shoulder and witnessed Voran fall to his apparent death in a fiery ruin.

Phazon Edit

Vzark decided to join the others on the mission to Phazon. When they arrived, they encountered Phazteagle and Phade, who tasked them with finding 7 keys. They first went to the North Tundra where they encountered Frostorm. They took the key and left to the Khazak Puts, where they faced Scaldera and it's colony of Khazachnids, they stole the key and fled from Scaldera's swarms, they went to the Phazamon Jungles, where Warren had to blow up some trees using the Jackal's missiles in order to make safe landing grounds. After getting the key from the jungle, they went to the Dark Crater, where they were attacked by a shadow-like creature called Mershadow. After Mershadow retreated, they took the key and left. The group then entered the Jackal and headed towards the desert. They see ruins in the middle of the desert and land nearby. They enter the ruin, which turned out to be the former palace of Phazon. The group split up and Vzark explored the ruin with Warren, Kythor, Bzine and Nate. The group travelled up the spiral staircase and discovered a library containing several books, including books about alchemy and dark magic. Vzark decided to take some books on dark magic, and Cryokinesis. The group felt a sudden earthquake and they went to investigate. They came across the skeletal Draycan, Zykron, who was attempting to free itself. The Freedom Fighters managed to get it free, netting themselves one of the keys in the process. The group then headed to the Great Archipelago to get one of the remaining keys. The group entered a volcano in which they encountered Raliace, where a battle ensued between them and the legendary Djinn. The group escaped the volcano with the key when a pair of Arms Fighters dropped ladders down to help. Raliace climbed out of the volcano so the fighters fired upon him until he fell back in. Phazal then discovered the volcano was about to erupt and the fighters were forced to fly away. The group then flew to the Northern Tundra. They returned to Phade's Sanctuary, where Phade revealed that the final key is in the Great Palace of Phazon, the location of the Throne of Phazon. The group then joined up with an armada of Arms ships, which were set to start a conflict in the Legion controlled Phazacropolis, location of the Palace. The team managed to cut through Phazon defences and entered Palace grounds, with the help of some Arms Fighters. The ship landed in a hidden sector and the group began to plan how they infiltrate the Great Palace.

They broke into the palace and encountered Phazero and a team of Espio Troopers. The troopers were dispatched while the Freedom Fighters were forced to leave Phazal behind to fight Phazero. They later found Hardware outside of the vault. he engaged Kythor in combat while the others went straight to the vault. They obtained the key from the vault, but were attacked by Hardware Units. Kythor took control of Hardware's body after he ejected his conciousness from it and estroyed the other robots. The team then made a swift escape to their ship, but Hardware attacked a second time, putting their ship out of commision. They were saved by the timely ppearance of the Jackal, piloted by Zaris. They were chased by an enraged Phazorus, who gained on them, but the key had already been given to Phade in the Northern Tundra, allowing access to the Sword of the Source. Phazorus and Phade became locked in a battle of titans, until Phade removed an energy from Phazorus and transfered it into Phazteagle. The group were then forced to flee in their ships and therefore persued by Hardware and Legion drones. After constant fire and destruction, Hardware attacked the Kandoran Hornet, so Jack told everyone to evacuate, giving Phazteagle a high chance of escape. Jack distracted Hardware and pinned him to the floor by melting his foot to the deck. Jack revealed that he had planted a bomb, and it's explosion sent the Hornet, along with Jack and Hardware's body plummeting to the sea, the Freedom Fighters watched in horror as it sank. The group then made their way to Outpost Zeta, their destinaton. Shortly, they were attacked by Hardware, who attempted to destroy the whole island with a gigantic solar sphere. Zaris returned and held back the sphere, turning into Capricornus Zaris in the process. Zaris used his new power to destroy the sphere and laid waste to Hardware. Phazteagle then commanded Phaztal to initiate "Operation Enderbane", and soon a large monolithic weapon rose from the sea, Enderbane. Enderbane travelled to Phazacropolis with thousands of Arms Fighters. The Enderbane soon laid waste to the Underdome, Wall Gate, Prison, Obelisk of Fear and the Palace Barrier. Phazteagle and Risu were then teleported to the Great Palace. Phazteagle then overthrew Phazorus with her newfound power, banishing him from Phazon along with his Legion. Sometime later, the Freedom Fighters made their goodbyes with their new allies and left Phazon.

Thu'un Edit

While on their journey home, the Freedom Fighters were attacked by a fleet of unfamiliar Legion of Phazon ships. After trying to evade them, the mysterious ships caused to Genovian Drone and the Fangoran Spirit to plummet to the nearby ice planet: Thu'un. The Freedom Fighters went out to try and find their lost comrades, and discovered the planet was dominated by wolf-like creatures that had captured Faye, Trish, Bzine and Helioptican, and trashed their ship. Vzark turned into his werewolf form and tracked th others down using his sense of smell, and discovered a barracks filled with the hostile Thu'uns.

While Vzark was fighting, Warren was fighting Cantoski and had injected him with a drg that made him sluggish. Fangrir said he had beeen injected with two different drugs that he could cure, but it would be painful. He injected the cure into Warren's arm and revealed it was Fangrir's ownblood. The Fangoran blood gave Warren immunity to all drugs, Warren thanked Fangrir for his help. Risu, Vzark and Warren headed to the cell block to free their friends, where they found that Trish was missing. Suddenly, a scream filled the air. Warren, Risu and Vzark head in the direction of the scream and find Trish being experimented on by Cantoski. Risu ran in and slammed the door behind him, purposely locking Warren and Vzark out. Vzark eventually broke down the door and chased after Risu, trying to help.

Warren and Cade released the captives from their cells when Wulfgang appeared. Warren immediately attacked Wulfgang, who merely caught his fist and threw him away. Cade attacked Wulfgang from behind, but was hit away. Wulfgang then picked Warren up by both of his hands and prepared to finish him, but Vzark punched him in the stomach, forcing Wulfgang to drop him. As Wulfgang challenged Vzark to a one on one duel, Warren stabbed him in the side, only to be slugged in the stomach, where he fell unconcious. Vzark had locked himself into a wolf on wolf fight, eventually winning due to Cantoski blowing up Wulfgang's cyber claws. Warren had woken up and fired at Cantoski but he was unphased by the bullet wounds. Cantoski revealed himself to have been masquerading as a Thu'un. As Cantoski is about to kill Wulfgang with a pistol, Trish saves Wulfgang by blocking the bullet with a Plasmat barrier. Thu'un soldiers then arrive to attack the Freedom Fighters but Wulfgang stops them and tells them to shoot Cantoski, deeming him a traitor. Cantoski presses his remote again and part of Warren's arm blows off, while other soldiers blew up. Fangrir healed Warren using a device which pulsed red energy into the wound. Cantoski vanished and Wulfgang declared the Freedom Fighters were neutral with the Thu'uns. They return to their ships and quickly leave.

Training Edit

Vzark had went to Antarctica to do what the book he found on Cryokinesis told him to. He had eventually gained a much stronger and powerful form that enhanced his ice extremely in his base state, and made his ice un rivavaled by others in the new form he was given.


Vzark is very strong and athletic, being able to endure almost any hit and dodge even the fastest of attacks, he is skilled in a large amount of fighting styles, and can win almost any fight, even with a disadvantage. His main ability is the manipulation of ice. His ice is stronger than normal ice, with the ability to withstand all of the elements, including fire and lava. His ice adapts to the damage it takes, so the more the ice is attacked by something, the more it resists that strength, becoming stronger with every hit, giving Vzark the advantage. He can create a small group of living animals made of ice, including horses, dogs, and other minor animals. He can create ice armor around his entire body with no openings, and still have the ability to see, making his attacks and defense extremely affective, as well as the weapons he can create. Vzark's is very skilled at creating tools and items, as well as reverse engineering things he finds during battle. Since Vzark was bitten by a Demon Spawn canine, he was given the ability to transform into a werewolf. His werewolf form is extremely powerful, as his skin becomes as strong as his ice and able to freeze anything with his bite and claws. Vzark has recently gained a form called "Ice Imp" state, which makes it look lie ice is slowly creeping over his skin from his back, and gives hime xtreme control of his ice and makes it stronger than ever before. He can create large ice structures with just a small single motion, and his ice almost seems alive. In this state, only he can control his ice, and it is nearly indestructible.


  • Klaveran Pistol
  • Klaveran Assault Rifle
  • Klaveran Sniper Rifle
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Shrapnel Grenades
  • Cluster Bombs
  • C4
  • Machete
  • Revolver
  • Mini Rail Gun
  • Tear Gas
  • Jet Boots
  • Paralysis Whip
  • Lightning Absorber and Redicrector
  • Cloaking and Disguising Device

Personality Edit

Vzark is very protective of his friends and family and hates it when they get hurt, whether it was his fault or not. Deep down, Vzark is truely a brutal and hot headed person, and very wild, but can get serious very easily. He tends to try to find the good in people and never gives second chances, he rarely does. Vzark tends to be stubborn, but very smart and realistic. He will never back down from a fight,and will never stop fighting until one of them drops, or he is forced to. He is good under pressure and is good at fast decisions, making him a good ally and friend to have.