Voran Julius Siriak


The Tauranian Syndicate (Chairman)

Aliases None
Race Tauranian (Cyborg)

Clara Siriak - Wife

Allies The Zestronite Empire
Enemies Unknown

Voran -

Puppeteer -

Voran Siriak is a minor antagonist and chairman of the Tauranian Syndicate.


Early YearsEdit

Little is know about Voran's backstory. He was born on Taurania and later in life became a prominant buisness man. He then married his romantic interest Clara. Voran's buisness soon went bankrupt and he was forced to live a life of crime. He started dealing weapons and other illegal objects to buyers. He eventually got enough money to set up a criminal organisation he called the Tauranian Syndicate. When the Zestronites colonised Taurania, he soon did buisness with the Zestronites by dealing them weapon plans. Voran soon expanded his organisation to other planes. Voran encountered a Cylonian man who wanted a loan. When he could not pay the loan back, Voran went after him. The Cylonian however died, and the loan was therefore inherited by his son, Cylus Grendall. Cylus had no choice but to flee from Voran but Voran followed him and ended up on Earth.

Freedom FightersEdit

Voran was conducting a deal in the Bank of Philadelphia when the Freedom Fighters infiltrated the bank. The Freedom Fighters were caught and a gun fight ensued. The group were stunned and Voran approached them. He questioned their motives only to invade their minds to see if they were lying. He finds out that Cylus sent them and explains more about Cylus. Suddenly, Voran's thugs begin moving all Syndicate owned objects out of the bank and a flammable substance is poured over the area without the black market dealers knowing. The group go to the roof with Voran and he explains how the deal is done, and the dealers are not needed anymore. He explains that the substance will burn all evidence and can even burn through things that are heat resistant. He drops his cigar through a broken glass dome and ignites the substance. It burns the whole black market. Voran had intended to keep Warren and Vzark alive as they were both Klaveran, but he was prepared to kill Risu. He forced Risu to stand by the edge and aimed a gun at the back of his head. Risu however sliced the gun in half with his sword. Voran gets his men to take the Klaverans away. Warren and Vzark were taken aboard a helicopter to which Voran soon escaped onto after. The helicopter began rising only for Risu to bring it down. The helicopter fell through the shattered dome and became entangled in the wires of the building. It barely held the helicopter up. Warren and Vzark managed to climb out but Risu and Voran were still inside. Risu managed to get out and began cutting the wires, causing the helicopter with Voran inside to fall into the fiery ruins.


Evirak ordered Voran to use Clara, who had become president of the Nanite City, to round up hundreds of Gherikan soldiers, and have them boarded onto a Zestronite prison ship. He was also ordered to kidnap Sanshi and Rebecello, of which he tasked his own personal hit squad with. They were taken to Zuthora tower, where Voran was waiting in the main lounge. Sanshi and Rebecello were then handed over to the Zestronites, but the Alpha Freedom Fighters arrived. A fight broke out which involved Warren shooting a large fish tank behind Voran. He then manipulated the water to force Voran out of the building whilst everyone else grabbed on. Voran was thrown from the window, and he landed on a spiked fence which pierced his neck and nearly pulled his head clean off, with only a chunk of sinew keeping it attached.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He is quite weak and frail but he has a highly weaponised cane. It has a hidden blade and a hidden gun inside. The top can fold out to form a grabber which makes any object it grabs lighter. Electricity can be sent through the stick to shock people who are grabbed.


Contract Bestowal - Voran has the power to grant wishes, in exchange for something else. Every deal he makes will be written on paper, which when signed by the recipient, will initiate the agreement. Should the recipient refuse to honour their side of the contract, they will simply fall dead.

Telepathy - Voran is able to flawlessly read people's minds This can help him conduct business deals as he can tell whether the recipient is lying about something or if they are threatening the deal in some way.


Weaponised Dress Cane - Voran has a highly weaponised cane. It has a hidden blade and a hidden gun inside. The top can fold out to form a grabber which makes any object it grabs lighter. Electricity can be sent through the stick to shock people who are grabbed.


Voran has an extremely good memory and is extremely unforgiving. He will remember debts that people have to pay and will do anything to make them pay up. He seems very kind when handing loans to more unfortunate people but he is remorseless and brutal when the debt is due. He can be very paranoid and will attempt to remove every possible loose end in order to make sure things run smoothly.


After the incident at the bank, Voran adopted a full cybernetic body. The head seems almost skeletal where as the body is well built. He has purple cybernetic eyes which emit a dim light that is barely visible inside the eye sockets. It is likely that his respiratory system survived the fire, as he is still able to compulsivly smoke cigars. He seems to have taken a liking to human fashion, and is always seen in a formal suit with a purple flower on his lapel.


"All those people down there, they are nothing but a cover. Unfortunately for them, they are loose ends, and loose ends need to be terminated."  - Voran before igniting a flamable substance in the main hall of the black market.

Voran's GrudgesEdit

  • Cylus - Cylus' father had done dealings with Voran and had been given many loans, all of which were unpaid. Cylus' father then died and therefore Cylus inherited the debt.
  • Risu - Risu let Voran fall into a fiery ruin.