Virus Incurius


Zestronite Empire (Head of the Science Program)


The Twisted Professor

The Albino

Race Zestronite

Dracorex - Creation

Vera Stone - Creation

Allies Evirak Romanus - Superior
Enemies Freedom Fighters
Themes Virus -
Virus is the psychopathic scientist incharge of completing all of Evirak's science related operations. He is insane and shows no remorse. His experimental nature almost rivals that of Verruckt and he will not hesitate to violently murder others as means of using their body as a test subject.
Virus Incurius

Virus Incurius


Under RoarakEdit

Virus was a brilliant scientist working on a cure for an airborn disease. He himself had accumulated this disease so he tested the cure on himself. He was cured. However, he began to hear a ticking noise inside his head. This noise drove him to madness and his behaviour changed. He began violent experiments on live subjects. Eventually, he was fired by the Science department he worked in.

Under EvirakEdit

When Roarak was overthrown, Evirak came upon Virus' records and had him re-instated. He made him head of the Zestronite Science Department. Virus then became responsible for the completion of some of Evirak's operations. Virus created a substance which would mutate human slaves into better workers. Virus was ordered by Evirak to create 2 beings which would be able to attack the Freedom Fighters. Virus created Vera Stone and Dracorex. Virus designed Project One and upon activating him, was thrown into a wall after Project One malfunctioned.


An unidentified ship landed on Alpha Station and someone called Granz Cantoski emerged. Cantoski was given an audience with Evirak, and joined the empire. Cantoski was assigned to work under Virus and Virus made sure that he was kept under constant surveillence. Virus was told to report on Cantoski's behavior every week and the first report was very negative due to Cantoski's passive aggressive comments.

Omega WavesEdit

After being tasked by Evirak to making an improved barrier which could kill selected individuals inside it at a whim, Virus started on a small scale. He created a small barrier pillar and added a device of his own creation into the circuitry. The mini-barrier managed to fire omega rays into an insect, instantly killing it. Virus moved onto a larger scale and got Cantoski to bring in a few of his subjects. The barrier worked perfectly and the results were sent off to Evirak. Virus later informed Evirak that the death-rays would not work until they had been properly tested and implemented, but the barrier would be able to close portals within its radius due to the absolute control of what enters and leaves.

Opinions and RelationshipEdit

Evirak - Virus respects Evirak as was reinstated in the science department after Roarak's overthrow.

Cantoski - Virus thinks Cantoski is an insobordinate due to his passive aggressive comments and has considered having him either killed, imprisoned or demoted.

Elvira - Virus never trusted Elvira due to her more lenient nature

Nearan - Virus respects Nearan's organisational skills and how he handles situations.