The Mad Dog - by Zestronites

Mr V - Secret undercover alias

Race Unknown





Drake Ryunexo - Nemesis

Vzark Ryddias - Former Comrade/Nemesis


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Verruckt is the psychopathic leader of the crime group known as the Vektors. He shows no remorse and kills merely because he finds it amusing. He has show to take great amusement in tormenting the Freedom Fighters and will stop at nothing to cause chaos across the globe.


The VektorsEdit

Not much is known about Verruckt. All that has been recorded is that he was the leader of a group of killers called the Vektors. Though he was not a Klaveran, he was first seen on Klavera where he started his criminal career. He organised terrorist attacks resulting in the deaths of thousands and soon became the most wanted person on Klavera. He informed Evirak Romans of Klavera's military might, prompting him to destroy it. He fled the planet witht he rest of the Vektors. Losing Vzark (his forced subordinate) in the process.



Verruckt's pod landed in Ohio where he met Drake. After having a brief fight with Drake, Verruckt sent out a transmission summoning the other Vektors. Verruckt then showed the Freedom Fighters what he was capable of doing in a short period of time by destroying various sky scrapers and burning various parts of the city down. He then boosted the signle on Armadaus' laptop thus attracting the attention of the Zestronites. Verruckt then left and allowed the Zestronites to attack The Freedom Fighters.

Second EncounterEdit

Upon discovering that the Freedom Fighters survived their encounter with the Zestronites, Verruckt went to cause more mischeif and cause chaos within the new Freedom HQ. He first released Drake, causing a distraction so he could appear more easily. He then fought his old forced subordinate Vzark, and he revealed he was responsible for telling Evirak that Klavera needed to be destroyed. Vzark then went into a rage and cracked Verruckt's mask. It released a unique energy which sent him reeling back. Verruckt then left after Cephei helped him escape.

Capturing Warren and BzineEdit

Verruckt saw that Warren and Bzine were weak from the nefronium cure side effects and had them kidnapped. He left various clues behind him. He had Warren and Bzine tied to chairs with their mouths taped in a room packed with high explosives. He explained that they had 10 hours until the explosives went off. Verruckt was just about to leave 1 hour early until some of the Freedom Fighters arrived. He confronted Vzark who turned into a werewolf and battered Verruckt. Verruckt lay weakened on the floor. When Bzine and Warren were free, everyone evacuated the building. Verruckt began to laugh, then the explosives went off. Verruckt was seemingly killed in the explosion.

Detroit and New YorkEdit

Verruckt however had faked his death and had left hints telling the Freedom Fighters that he was still alive. He then went to Michigan, Detroit where he destroyed buildings in such a way that it left an imprint of his mask in the city. He soon went to New York attracting the attention of the Freedom Fighters. He lured some of them to Manhattan where he had rigged the city with bombs. He threatened to blow them up if they left. He then told the Freedom Fighters who were still at base that if they didn't drive him some supplies to the New York border. Despite this, he destroyed many Manhattan buildings. He soon entered combat with Vzark at which he allowed himself to be defeated and captured.

Stealing Vzark's ShipEdit

Verruckt allowed himself to be captured purely for the purpose of taking Vzark's ship. Verruckt was taken to Vzark's ship and locked in the cell. He touched the cell door's control pad on the way in. He waited until Arcturus changed into Orion atteacting the attention of the Freedom Fighters. When Everyone left, Verruckt detonated the control pad he touched, freeing himself. He proceeded to take control of the ship's AI and flew the ship away. A few Freedom Fighters managed to get onboard. Vzark, Armadaus, Phazaron, Helioptican, and Bzine were attacked by the mechanical arms and restrained with paralasis cuffs. Verruckt then locked them in a separate chamber containing a fail-safe bomb. Warren, Drake and a few others confronted Verruckt as he polited the ship into the atmosphere. Verruckt then decided to throw Vzark into the jet engine, only for Vzark to be saved by Drake. Vzark then damaged one of the engines and the ship went off course into Xanian Australia. Xanian troops boarded the ship including Ganken. Verruckt however turned into a cloud of smoke and escaped.


The Vektors soon encounter Cylus in Pennsylvania who recognises Verruckt as the one who killed his wife in one of many Vektor massacres. S.I.A.D.A and the Vektors confront each other. Verruckt tells the Vektors to attack only to witness Pollux and Arcturus get knocked out almost immediately. The Cylonian's open fire at the Vektors and Sirius and Verruckt get cover. Sirius questions what has happened to the other Vektors and Verruckt tests what happens by kicking Sirius into the firing line. Sirius is soon knocked out and Verruckt enters a brief scuffle with Cylus. One of Cylus' gadgets is then used to knock Verruckt out. Verruckt is then taken to S.I.A.D.A HQ and given his own unique high security prison cell. Cylus then intends to find out more about Verruckt and Verruckt informs him about the Freedom Fighters.

Ending the VektorsEdit

Verruckt saw the Freedom Fighters return from Freedom HQ after failing to retrieve the files from Russia. He then taunted Vzark about Armadaus' death. Verruckt then realised that Warren, Vzark and Vera are the last Klaverans that aren't in the vektors. During a prisoner checkup, Verruckt kills Sirius, Pollux and Arcturus just so Vzark would be more tortured by the fact he, Warren and Vera would be the last Klaverans alive. Soon after, Cylus moved S.I.A.D.A HQ into West Virginia. Verruckt was moved aswell and a new cell was made for him.


After escaping the nanite city prison, Verruckt detonated bombs throughout the city, and drew Vzark out to a nearby mountain. They fought on the ridge, and it ended with Verruckt and Vzark both rolling down the mountain face, taking off loose rocks as they went down. Vzark managed to get a grip and hold on, where as Verruckt was too weak to fly, and continued to fall. He was then crushed by the ensuing landslide.


Physical AbilitiesEdit

Body Manipulation - Verruckt is able to turn into a black gas which he can use to fly around. Because it isn't a solid state, he can use this to prevent harm from physical attacks. In gas form, Verruckt can travel at super speed.

Enhanced Strength - When not in gas form, Verruckt gains enhanced strength, despite still appearing to have a relitivly weak build.

Immunity to Pain - Verruckt is immune to pain, and has to use his observational skills to see what parts of his body are in need of medical aid.


Shapeshifting - Verruckt is able to shapeshift into any living organism.

Feros - Verruckt can control the unique energy, Feros. Feros gives him the ability to strike fear into people who stare into his eyes.

Illusions - Verruckt is able to make people hallucinate and even drive them insane over time. This ability however is limited to one person at a time.

Precognition - Verruckt is able to see everyone's future. However, if someone's future is entwined with Verruckt's, he will be unable to see what happens.

Somatosensory Imprint - This gives Verruckt the ability to track someone down after he has made physical contact with them.

Teleportation - Verruckt is able to dissapear into a puff of smoke, and re-appear elsewhere. He is unable to do this if someone is grabbing him. 

Other AbiltiiesEdit

High Functioning Intellectual - Verruckt is an observational genius and is able to calculate what every single attack will do to his victims over time. He can judge someone's mental and physical state just by looking at them. This includes seeing if they are traumatized or have any broken bones.


Verruckt is a complete psychopath. He has no care whatsoever for others or even his fellow vectors. He has no real motive for his actions other than that he enjoys the suffering of others. He seems very unfocused on certain goals and his plans are unpredictable. He has a disturbing craving towards killing and gets incredibly bored when not doing something that he would consider constructive.