Vera Stone


Freedom Fighters

Zestronite Empire

Aliases None
Race Android

Virus Incurius - Creator

Evirak Romanus - Co-Creator

Sera Stone - False Mother

Terran Stone - False Father

Allies Warren - Friend

Vera -

The Ugly Truth -

Zestronite Infleuence -

Vera Stone is a Zestronite Android with a mission to spy on and sabotage the Freedom Fighters's operations. The Zestronites made sure Vera did not know she was an android, therefore making the act more convincing. She herself, is an android of a Klaveran female. Her central processor is full of false memories of Klavera and her false parents.



A Zestronium Skeleton was created and riveted with Khyrunite. the Circuitry for the android was then placed in and coated with a special paint that blocked EMP waves and X-rays. Next came layers of synthetic flesh. The flesh was made to look like Klaveran flesh, automatically making sure she will be accepted into the Freedom Fighters. The flesh was made from the very skin that is cut off of the people in the Zestronite Camps. This is human skin, and is therefore very similar to Klaveran skin on a cellular level. She had cameras in her eyes which the zestronite monitors could see through and her ears were hooked up to the Zestronite speakers. Her processor was filled with false memories and she had been given a past life which resembles that of Warren. She is not actually aware she is an android.

Fake LifeEdit

Vera remembers being born in a nice house and being brought up by good people. She studied medicine and Technology in school aswell as various other subjects. Soon later, the Zestronites opened fire on Klavera and primed the Nefronium Fusion bomb. Vera's parents and Vera managed to escape Klavera by their ship. The ship was boarded by Zestronites and Vera's parents forced Vera into an escape pod and fired her off. Her parents however were presumably captured and shot. Vera's pod was sent to a nearby planet and landed there. She soon was discovered by someone called Dracorex. Dracorex took her on board his ship and set off. The ship was attacked by Zestronites and crash landed on Earth.

Freedom FightersEdit

Vera was placed inside the Kinaran ship and she was dropped down to Earth. She was then activated but fell unconcious in the fall. She woke up in a Freedom Fighter medical bay. She had a large cut on her forehead that Warren had covered up with a bandage. She met Warren and they appeared to have similar life stories. Their conversation is cut short by Dracorex suddenly dying after Vzark grabbed him. Vera accused Vzark of killing him but she suddenly changed mood when she was distracted by a few phazon shuttles. They were chasing another ship which soon crashed into a tower. Vera went with the others and investigated the crash. Here they encountered the Trion Resistance. Their leader revealed himself as Equilatrium. Equilatrium soon turned hostile and order his men to attack the Freedom Fighters. Vera's eyes and fore-arms began to glow blue and she suddenly realised she could shoot powerful energy blasts from her eyes or hands. She used these powers to kill some of the Trions. She suddenly hears a robotic voice in her head that notes down the Trion Resistance.


After seeing a flood, and a mysterious figure on the news, the Freedom Fighters investigate and drive to South Dakota. They encounter Rhydiac who appears to have control over water. Vera attempts to use her energy blasts on him but he swats them away with his trident. Phazons soon attack the group and they are forced to retreat. Vera drives the group back to Freedom HQ.


The Freedom Fighters see news reports of more flooding on the island of Fiji. Some of the Freedom Fighters including Vera Warren and Armadaus go on the Jackal and head to the scene. It is revealed to be a Phazon trap as cybernetic dinosaurs, known as Cretaceous, Saurian, Siege, Utah, Pyre and Permaid, arrive. After the are defeated, two twins called, Oriax and Berith Orieus, attack. At first the group mock the twins for being so laughable at how cheesy they are. After a brief fight, Oriax and Berith are called off by Lyra, a high ranking member of the Legion of Phazon. The group is then attacked by Rhydiac again but they manage to get on there ship and escape back to HQ.

Matrix and the Bounty HuntersEdit

Vera accompanied the Freedom Fighters in getting the Sword of Aztec from Matrix. Later, she then helped rescue Calitis from the confederacy of bounty hunters after he had been caught trying to complete the sword of Aztec's current message. Vera took on Raxus and managed to defeat him, causing him to retreat. The Freedom Fighters then see a red figure in the distance. The figure then fires cannons at the Freedom Fighters promting Vera to shoot back. A fight ensues with the red figure, and Helioptican hits the figure in the face with her hammer. Everyone then escapes and go back to Freedom HQ. The Freedom Fighters discovered an almanac in Machu Picchu. They went to investigate and they found the almanac but they encountered Hardware and Zion in the process. A fight ensued and the Freedom Fighters retreated back to HQ.

Raising SuspicionsEdit

Over time, Vera noticed everyone was becoming more distant from her. She saw the group gathering in the morgue, and she was about to enter until Vzark refused to let her pass. She walked away but returned and saw through door, which was left ajar. She saw the group with a metal ball floating above the operating table. She went in and unknowingly scanned the ball. Because of this, the conclusion that the ball was made of nanites. The group, however, insisted that it was just junk and she left the room, only to become more and more paranoid of everyone.

Leaving the Freedom FightersEdit

Later, Vera saw Calitis turn off his computer after he saw her peeking through the door, which resulted in him ushering her out of the room and expressing frustration. Vera finally decided to find out what everyone was hiding from her. She created a diversion by falsifying Phazon activity in a small outpost on the radar. The group then went to the outpost and Vera forced Hector to lock them inside. Vera then overclocked Kythor and hacked Calitis' computer, and found a file titled "TOPSECRET-VERA02", after some reading, she discovered that she is an android. She made Hector lock down the base and she locked him in a cell. She went upstairs and knocked out Pyr'oth, only to lock him in the same cell as Hector. Vera then encountered Ketri, during the ensuing fight, she discovered that she was no different from her opponent. Soon, Vera was taken over by the Zestronite control chip inside her. The field team then arrived after escaping the Phazon outpost, with Vzark shooting Vera in the chest after she prepared an attack. The bullet shot out the control chip and she went back to normal. She blasted the group away before escaping through a hole in the wall, heading south.