Urkhine Baphomet



Schlechtritter V

Shadow Man

The Voodoo

Race Nihiron-Voodoo Hybrid




Briostris Alfredi

Zittern Azol


Freedom Fighters

Legion of Phazon

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Urkhine Baphomet is a Schlechtritter of the Schattenreich. As a Half-Nihiron and a Half-Voodoo Spirit, Urkhine is deeply connected to both Limbo and Voodoo Hell.


Act of Piracy It is known that Urkhine met Razorfang at one point, where he was enlisted with the help of bringing back Port Royal. Urkhine kept his identity unrevealed, only revealing his alias of "Shadow Man" to the pirate captain. In order to help Razorfang, Urkhine used his voodoo powers to raise zombified pirates that formely lived in Port Royale, and zombified Razor's previous crew in the process, after helping Razorfang with his goal, Urkhine returned to Voodoo Hell.

The WatchmenEdit

Urkhine, along with comrades Briostris and Zittern, watched the battle between Hellrath, Nearan and the Freedom Fighters in Antarctica, where he identified three Special War Potentials, Risu, Hellrath and an unconfirmed individual. The three then retreated, intent on testing the power of Risu.

The VoodooEdit

Schattenreich RisingEdit


As a powerful user of Voodoo magics and his status as a Half-Voodoo Spirit, Urkhine can use various voodoo magics, such as basic spells and black magics, the creation of voodoo dolls and such.

Urkhine can also use his voodoo powers or use his own blood to raise the dead, he can also summon a corpse to his exact location, as long as it is found on Earth and is not in bad condition. Urkhine can create solid objects out of a green light energy he can produce, whcih can also be fired into blasts.

Urkhine also possesses the ability to heal himself, and can also turn into a specific animal depending on his location, such as a deer in a forest, a shark in the sea or a scorpion in a desert. Urkhine can create a gateway to Voodoo Hell at will, and can summon spirits from it. Urkhine also possesses the ability to create dreamcatchers and manipulate dreams, an ability shared with the half Voodoo Dreamweaver.

As a Half-Nihiron, Urkhine can produce abilities that utilise darkness, and can disappear into shadows. Urkhine can use this ability to teleport between shadows as well. Urkhine can travel between the mortal world and Limbo at will. Urkhine can create and manipulate green fire.


Secundo: Mantra GemetzelEdit

Mantra Gemetzel is the name of Urkhine's Secundo. Mantra Gemetzel transforms Urkhine into a black demon-like entity with large bat-like wings and a long, whip-like tail. Urkhine's horns become thinner and sharper, and curve to the left and right. There are multiple faint green markings on Urkhine's body.

Tertium: Infierno KeuleEdit

Infierno Keule is the name of Urkhine's Tertium. Infierno Keule transforms Urkhine into an even more demonic entity, which now has a bone mask, bone shoulderguards and a total of four wings. Urkhine's hands and feet become clawed and he loses a finger on each hand. His hair becomes longer and comes down to his waist, and hair grows around his hips. His green markings become more clearer and change colour to red. His eyes also become a blood red, with only thin black pupils beng visible in them. He also gains spikes protruding from his elbows and knees, the latter of which can be pulled out and used as a sword. His green fire becomes red.