Typhoon Huyabusa


Lost Heroes




Drake Ryunexo - Comrade

Warren Xerox - Comrade


Evirak Romanus - Nemesis


Typhoon -

Typhoon is a mercenary with deadly skill and lightning manipulation, he also has a joyful spirit and is close friends with Drake.


Early LifeEdit

Typhoon was grown up in a rough environment, he grew up as a very skilled thief, being able to steal valuable jewels and riches. He also loved to fight, usually going to fight clubs for money and to get stronger. After a year, Typhoon would get himself in massive trouble with gangs around the area he lives in. After finishing (And winning) a fight tournament, Typhoon was ambushed by one of the gangs and taken to a museum. He was told to go in and steal an Elemental Shard. But the gang betrayed Typhoon and attacked him. Once they when into the room where the Shard was, a gang member grabbed the Shard and stabbed it into Typhoon's back, making him collapse. The gang members left Typhoon to get captured by the authorities, but to their surprise, Typhoon stood up being charged by energy and killed the gang members and authorities in the museum with the lightning he gained. 3 months after that event, Typhoon went to do mercenary jobs for Kinaro's military, he was sent with a group of mercenaries to go to other planets and seek out very skilled mercenaries like himself, leading to him visiting and recruiting Warren Xerox.

Recruiting DrakeEdit

Typhoon's mercenary group was tasked with the mission of going to Cyanic to help in the war against them and Kinaro. They arrived nearby a Cyanic military base and easily overran it. Soon after, a small group raided the base in hopes to kill the mercenary group, but to no avail. The mercenaries easily wiped out the small group, Drake (The only one who survived) was taken by Typhoon's group and sent back to Kinaro's Citadel and was forced to work with Typhoon, to both of their dismay.


The Lost Heroes were taken back down to Earth to be executed, but before they were killed the Gherikan Resistance had stopped the execution and the Lost Heroes. Haler had flew after them and began to attack, later on, Haler had fired a Chaos Strike at Typhoon, he was unable to counter it and took it head on. Typhoon was reduced to ashes upon impact, creating a Hell Hound from them for Haler to have as a pet.