Trisha Maxis


Freedom Fighters

Race Erisian

Erise Maxis - Father

Bertha Maxis - Mother (Deceased)

Maxine Maxis - Aunt

Risu Cadius - Boyfriend




Freedom Fighters

House of Cards

Octavian Armstice

Saturday Cadius - Mentor


Legion of Phazon

Zestronite Empire

Jerald Sykes - Arch Nemesis

Trish Maxis is an Erisian Freedom Fighter, and the girlfriend of Risu. She is 17 years old and her star sign is Scorpio.


Early LifeEdit

Trish arrived on Earth just as a baby, having escaped the Phazon takeover of Eris. She later grew up around Risu, Carroon, Wallace and Armadaus.

Freedom FightersEdit

Trish was present when the Phazons arrived in Rhode Island. She accompanied her friends on various outings and was the first to agreed on the group's name, the Freedom Fighters.

Squirreldonia and ErisEdit

Trish accompanied some of the Freedom Fighters to Squirreldonia. When the Freedom Fighters were about to build a campsite, Trish took Risu off so they can watch the sunset, they returned to the group in the morning. Trish later gained a new ability in the form of Plasmat Energy after touvhing a strange relic in Merloo's tower. Trish was later reunited with her father, Erised Maxis, the leader of the House of Cards, while on Eris. Saturday Cadius trained her to use Plasmat Energy here.

Battle in the Magma Dome, Akane Clan, Manhatten Dome and the Aztec InvasionEdit

Trish later helped the Freedom Fighters in the battle in the Magma Dome, where she used her Plasmat Energy against her foes, such as attemping to imprison Hardware in a box of Plasmat Energy. She also helped fight the Akane Clan, only to be captured by the Legion of Phazon and imprisoned in the Manhatten Dome. When Hardware threatened to torture Trish, Risu broke out of his container, causing Hardware to rip Trish's container out and escaped, with Risu chasing behind. The chase reached a stop when they climbed to the top of the Empire State Building. Risu demanded Hardware to release Trish, but he istead tossed Trish's container off of the building. Risu managed to save Trish and they kissed, and then landed safely on the ground. Hardware returned to attack, but the three were attacked by the Aztec armies sent by Matrix to kill all life. After a brief team up, Trish helped the Freedom Fighters defeat Matrix.

Other ConflictsEdit

Trish later helped the others, mainly Risu, complete other tasks. She helped fight Rhydiac twice, and her Plasmat abilities proved useful multiple times. She helped out greatly during the fight on the Wing Fortress and the quest on Phazon.

Unlocked PowerEdit



Trish has fairly basic combat skills and has been trained to use polearms and daggers. Trish is highly skilled with her climbing abilities.

Plasmat EnergyEdit

Trish is capable of using Plasmat Energy, a strange, mystic force of energy. With Plasmat Energy, Trish can create solid objects, such as shields, walls and projectiles that can be moved around. Before having her Plasmat powers unlocked further, Trish seemed to get weaker when Plasmat objects become damaged, and is hurt whem they are destroyed.

Zen PowerEdit