Torik Statson


The Zestronite Empire

Race Zestronite



Evirak Romanus - Superior

Kyrax Romanus - Comrade


Drake Ryunexo - Nemesis

Warren Xerox - Arch Nemesis


Torik Statson was Evirak Romanus' Second-In-Command and his field marshal. He showed a great amount of loyalty to Evirak and would not dare defy him.


Zestron to EarthEdit

Torik's birth parents and early years are unknown. All that is known is that he joined the Zestronite military at the age of 26. Torik swiftly rose through the ranks of the military until he became an Elite Guard. He fought with Evirak in the battle of Gherik where he was partly responsible for their victory. Torik was then granted the rank of field marshal followed by Second-In-Command of the Zestrontie Empire. Torik arrived on Earth with Evirak and was ordered to beat up Cato due to his betrayal. Torik handed Evirak a gun so Evirak could then finish Cato off.


When Evirak was informed of the Gherikan Resistance and left to help the Zestronites. Torik was left in command of Earth. He had witnessed Haler's transformation into a True Demon and ruled over the Zestronites as Evirak would have done.


When Evirak returned, Pharon plotted against him and manipulated Torik into supporting him. Torik began to follow Pharon's command and when Evirak was "assassinated" Torik was now in full support of Pharon. During Pharon's negotiation with Phazorus, Pharon was brutally killed by Evirak who had survived the assassination attempt. Evirak then took pleasure in brutalising and eventually killing Torik for his treachery