Zestronite Empire (Head of  theZSO)


The Metallic Assassin

Real Name - Orlen Revok

Race Zestronite / Cyborg



Evirak Romanus - Superior

Lurenos Veltan - Comrade

Harkov Parell - Comrade

Enemies Freedom Fighters
Three-Point is a Zestronite Cyborg with various weapons attached. He is the head of the Zestronite Special Ops and serves under Evirak very closely. He is skilled in stealth and weapon handling as well as various other espionage related activities such as theft.



Under RoarakEdit

Orlen Revok was Roarak's personal body-guard for 5 years. He was soon fired and arrested for assassinating possible threats to Roarak despite him doing his job. During his first escape attampt, he came into contact with a containment barrier. It destroyed various portions of his body and he was sent to an intensive care unit to which Evirak took priority over him. Evirak had a Cyborg body made for Orlen and due to the 3 dots on the left eye peice, named him Three Point.

Under EvirakEdit

Three-Point supported Evirak in the uprising against Roarak and took out some of Roarak's men at the Zirak Capital Building. He was made head of espionage by Evirak and soon took on the role of an assassin. Three-Point signed up for the 2015 New Year's tournament and became one of the 5 victors who get to eat dinner with Evirak. Three-Point was later ordered to ambush the Freedom Fighters in an Egyptian temple where the almanac was. Three-Point was however defeated when the structure began to crumble on top of him, temporarily putting him out of action. He escaped the temple and discovered Matrix was attacking Egypt. Three-Point ordered artillery guns to fire at Matrix before escaping to safer grround.