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Tex the Undaunted

Tex the Indestructible

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Vinnie Tesco - Comrade

Jessica Whitfield - Comrade

Silas Mericano - Comrade

Phazuved Redejus - Comrade

Phazajor Redejus - Comrade

Helix Rambecus - Comrade

Phazoon Rodais - Comrade

Legion of Phazon

Devil's Aces


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Underdome Champion -

Tex the Unbroken, born Tex Clayton, is a Texas redneck and a criminal hired by Phazorus to kill the Freedom Fighters.



who was imprisoned for murdering a Phazon some time after the Legionisation Enactment was established by Phazorus. Rather than being sent to Cuba or the recently upgraded American prisons, Tex was sent to the Underdome, which was located in his home state. Here, Tex developed a lust for killing, as the Underdome's ruling system was that you "Kill or be killed", and he became the last man standing and won within an hour of the deathmatch, and became a free man.

Free Man and Return to the UnderdomeEdit

During his time as a free man, Tex founded the Devil's Aces, a biker gang consisting of him, three Phazons and four others. Tex would often commit small crimes in Texas just to ensure his return to the Underdome, becoming it's champion three times in a row. After a while, Tex grew tired of commiting crimes and merely entered the Underdome himself, winning it another five times.


After winning his ninth match, Tex was met by Phazorus, who made him and his gang a deal: They will be rich if they did a favour. Tex was sent out to kill the Freedom Fighters, but despite failing, Phazorus kept him and his gang alive, wanting to keep his own bounty hunters rather than keep having to pay the Confederacy large amounts of money just to hire Avion, Tambourine and Xiao continuously (Only for the Confederacy to decide to help both the Legion and Zestronite Empire for free).

Fadric FormulaEdit

Phazorus soon enlisted the help of Tex and his gang again, but this time he had injected them with the newly produced Fadric Formula, which increased their physical strength.