Sylrana Romanus


Zestronite Empire

Aliases Black Widow
Race Zestronite

Evirak Romanus - Brother

Roarak Romanus - Father

Tylian Romanus - Mother

Nearan Romanus - Brother

Ruselt Romanus - Brother

Kyrax Romanus - Nephew

Toranican Romanus - Grandfather


Evirak Romanus - Superior

Nearan Romanus - Comrade

Ruselt Romanus - Subordinate

Enemies Currently None
Themes Sylrana -

Sylrana Romanus is Evirak's dark sister and the third in command of the Zestronite Empire. She uses her image to spread the word of the Empire and despite her sweet appearence, she can be almost as harsh as Evirak.


Life and departure of ZestronEdit

As tentions grew between Jarak and Evirak, Sylrana took Evirak's side and plotted Jarak's assassination. She then helped Evirak claim the throne of Zestronite and helped him build the empire. When Evirak discovered Earth, Sylrana remained on Alpha Station with Evirak and watched over various events

Attack on CyanicEdit

When Evirak discovered growing tensions on Cyanic, Sylrana went with him to sort out the problem. Evirak was soon attacked by Drake at the citadel and brutally maimed. Sylrana came to Evirak's aid and took him to a medical bay. She then carried out Evirak's orders and told the soldiers to kill 1 million cyanicans. She returned to Zestron with Evirak when Evirak fell into a coma.

The Freedom FightersEdit

During the Red Square riot, Sylrana used her stimulus powers to debilitate everyone. Zaris however swiftly defeated her with his wind abilities.


Sylran is incredibly seductive and her good looks help her to use people in specific ways. She is protective of her brothers and will ensure they are safe at all costs.