Sir Risu Noradis Cadius


Freedom Fighters


Prince Risu

Skylord Risu

Sir Risu


The Gold Sword

Rucille - Jibaku Colleseum Alter Ego

Race Squirreldonian

Ketri Cadius - Father

Iora Cadius - Mother

Tiyin Cadius - Sister

Sincap Cadius - Brother

Merloo Cadius - Uncle

Sable Cadius - Aunt

Saturdicas Cadius - Cousin

Trish Maxis - Girlfriend

Jules Cadius - Grandfather

Grace Cadius - Grandmother

Noradis Cadius - Great Grandfather

Noland Cadius - Great Great Grandfather

Dark Risu - False Copy

Gold - Inner Core

Byzantine - Partner

Ty Cadius - Sister (Dark Future)




Carroon Homas - Friend/Ally

Wallace Bryce - Friend/Ally

Vzark Ryddias - Friend/Ally

Armadaus Xerox - Friend/Ally

Freedom Fighters

Forsaken Fighters


Phade - Mentor



Hardware Quadroceptus - Arch Rival

Evirak Romanus - Nemesis

Phazorus Rezfarda - Nemesis

Razorfang - Rival

Legion of Phazon

Zestron Empire



Akane Enclave

Black Knight of Arkanis

Dark Risu


Tauranian Syndicate

Dimitri Zavos



Trion Dominion

United Galactic Federation

Picaros Mandate


Sazūka - Arch Nemesis


Risu -

The Pure One -

Prince of Light -

The Crowning of a Prince -

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Ruins of Squirreldonia -

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Ride the Sands of Squirreldonia -

Tension -

The Lost Kingdom of Squirreldonia -

The Ruins -

The Time Box -

Encounter with Gandrayak -

Risu vs Bounty Hunters -

Assault on Wing Fortress -

Legacy of the Prince -

Hero of Squirreldonia -

The Warrior of Light and Dark -

The Courage of the Warrior -

The Ruined City -

Lost Kingdom -

Through Zeta Prime -

Risu vs Hardware (Wing Fortress) -

The Kingdom of Risu -

The Byzantine Knight -

Risu's Mercy -

The Warrior -

Risu's Spirit -

Everything but the Rain -

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Fight Against the Traitor -

Against the Black Knight -

Thirty -

Omnious Wind -

Heroes Emerge -

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Eye of the Warrior -

The Rain Won't Stop -

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Dark Self -

Standing Against Evirak -

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The Kings' Tournament -


Risu's appearance post-timeskip


Risu's appearance pre-timeskip

Risu Cadius is a leader of the Alpha Freedom Fighters, and the prince of Squirreldonia. Risu is 20 years old and his star sign is Taurus. Risu possesses three rounded lines in his left eye, this is a phenomena known as the "Eye of the Warrior".


Gamma's Vision: The SwordEdit

Birth and Arrival on EarthEdit

Risu was born to King Ketri and Queen Iora Cadius, the monarchs of planet Squirreldonia, found in the outskirts of the Solar System and, along with sister planet Eris, is heated by a small native star in their figure-eight orbit. When the planet was attacked by Hardware and his fleet of Phazons, the monarchs were forced to retreat to planet Earth while Risu was a baby. They soon settled down in Rhode Island, North America, where they met other alien refugees in the same neightbourhood, including Hidea Maxis, Cornelius Homas, Vzark Ryddias and Armadaus Xerox.

Freedom Fighters ArcEdit

Enter the PhazonsEdit

While being home-schooled himself, Risu's other friends had to attend a local school, tutored by Chris Nester, who was also an alien refugee. Some time later, mysterious beings known as "Phazons" had marched onto the streets, after a brief few skirmishes with the Phazons, which included destroying their outpost and gaining an ally in the form of Phazaron, the group later found that most of their homes destroyed and friend Wallace's parents were both dead, and they were captured by Phazar and taken to Oregon, but escaped the carrier in Nevada with the help of captive, Zaris.


While they were in Nevada, the currently small group had made a small base within a cave. Unaware to them, a Tetrocombian by the name of Hardware had arrived in Washington DC, and ordered their initiative, Operation Oregon, to be changed to his liking, and had the entire state destroyed with a superweapin, which reduced the entire state to sand. After detecting some activity within Oregon, Risu and some others, including new allies Calitis and Pyr'oth, travelled there, however, it was a mere trap, and Hardware had walled them in. Luckily, their friend Carroon and former rival Jack arrived to save them in a helicopter.

After returning to camp, the group learned that Phazons were fast approaching, and were forced to take all of their gear and moved to Ohio, where they found an alleyway with abandoned warehouses within it, and set up a base. The Phazons soon arrived at their old camp and destroyed it with a few tanks.


After learning the whereabouts of Risu's and Carroon's parents, the group, now callling themselves the "Freedom Fighters", travelled to Cuba, which had been turned into a giant industrial prison, they soon found their parents, sans Ketri, who was saved from being turned into a Wastelander, at the cost of his leg. Risu was soon trapped and told the others to go on without him, while he fought Hardware, who had arrived shortly afterwards. After a breif skirmish, Risu escaped the prison.

Operation Bermuda Edit

Risu led the Freedom Fighters as they seiged Bermuda Tower. During the seige, they freed Drake Ryunexo, Cade Quadroceptus and Warren Xerox, the latter being known to Freedom Fighter Armadaus. Risu confronted Hardware at the top of the tower, and witnessed him use the destructive Bermuda Cannon, which managed to lay waste to the populous of Morocco. The two fought as a bomb on a level below was set off, causing the tower to fall down. Risu managed to kick Hardware into the cannon and threw a grenade at him, before escaping through a window. The grenade exploded in Hardware's face, and caused the cannon to violently explode, presumably killing Hardware.

Squirreldonia ArcEdit


Risu was sent to Squirreldonia by Ketri to acquire sacred items, revealing Risu as a prince in the process. After arriving and meeting the Octavian Armstice and Merloo, the group managed to acquire the Sacred Scepter and the Sovereign's Orb, fighting Mecha Hardware and the menacing beast, Gandrayak, in order to get them. Merloo then sent them obtain the next item from the Wind Tower.


While begining their exploration of the Wind Tower, the Freedom Fighters were ambushed by the Scorpachne, the natives of the Megaelo Desert. The Scorpachne believed them to be trespassing Phazon officials attempting to burn them out of their home to kill them. The Scorpachne brought them all to a large, open portion of thekr den, where they were confrontedby King Ratchiir. The Scorpachne were intercepted by Merloo and the other Octavian Armstice members, but they were dismissed due to Merloo's apparent craziness, but Merloo managed King Ratchiir to free them after convincing him Risu was the prince of Squirreldonia, and Ratchiir reformed his clan's alliance with the Squirreldonians, he also sent his son Arrakis to help them locate the Wind Tower.

Skirmish at the Wind TowerEdit

After arriving at the Wind Tower and begining to climb it, Risu spotted a squadron of Phazons advance towards the tower. After a breif skirmish on the ground and on the tower, Corruption began attacking Warren and then turned to Risu, who was saved by the sudden appearance of Gandrayak, the beast he, Cade and Vzark encountered in the catacombs beneath the Squirreldonian palace. Despite his friends at the base of the tower being outnumbered, the Scorpachne and other Octavian Armstice members arrived to help, while Vzark took the Crown of Kings from the tower. Now outnumbered, the Phazons were forced to flee. The Freedom Fighters thanked the Scorpachne, who returned to their den, the Freedom Fighters then returned to the palace to hand the crown to Merloo, who told them of their final task.

Search for the Time BoxEdit

Merloo then sent the group to find the Time Box, which the Freedom Fighters thought was another treasure. After searching Merloo's tower, Risu figured out that the Time Box was hidden within the main chamber of the castle, he also found a powerful sword in the process. After figuring out the puzzle, the group entered a newly opened room, which was completely empty. The room then suddenly projected images of the Phazon-Squirreldonian War. Merloo then revealed that the room itself was the Time Box. The Freedom Fighters then left Squirreldonia with the treasures, two members of the Armstice, Arrakis and a stowaway.

Eris ArcEdit

Crash on ErisEdit

Unfortunately, Hardware was still enraged at his defeat on Squirreldonia, and ordered the Cyan Warphade to shoot down the Jackal. The war ship's Pulse Cannon forced the Jackal to crash land on Eris. Phazalis then ordered the planetary shield generator on Eris to be activated to prevent them from leaving.

House of CardsEdit

Luckily, Risu and the Freedom Fighters survived the crash and some of them, including Risu, was taken to safety by the House of Cards. The Jackal was in need of serious repairs, but the House of Cards offered to repair it in return of helping them loosen the Phazons' power on their planet. After fulfilling Erised's deal, they stormed the Shield Generator and stole it's power source to help the Jackal fly. They also learned that Erised was Trish's father.


After Purkhus' defeat and the destruction of the shield generator around Eris, Risu and the other Freedom Fighters returned home, and returned the Squirreldonian Crown Jewels to Ketri. The base was soon attacked by Verruckt, who was repelled by Gero, Drake and Vzark. Risu then accompanied the group to Greenland, and later arrived in Europe to help Gero secure the Exon crystal they stolel only for it to be stolen by Ruselt and taken aboard the X-Aren, they board it themselves and arrive at the Exon Corruptor, which Jake sacrifices himself to destroy, taking Ruselt and the X-Aren with it.

Aztec ArcEdit

Magma DomeEdit

Risu then led the Freedom Fighters to attack the Magma Dome, where they fought the Legion of Phazon once more. Unfortunately, Orion and Hardware were too strong to take down, until Ketri arrived with a new mechanical body, and managed to destroy Hardware.

Confront the AkaneEdit

The Freedom Fighters then travelled to the Arctic where they fought the Rogues, who escaped. The Freedom Fighters then returned here a second time after detecting suspicious activity, where they found the Akane Clan. During the skirmish, Vzark transformed into a werewolf-like monster and savagely killed some Akane troops, and nearly killed it's leader Carrion, who had been betrayed by Elbrius. The Legion of Phazon then arrived and captured everyone present.

Manhattan DomeEdit

Risu awoke to find himself and those he was with imprisoned in the Manhattan Dome, where they were confronted by Hardware once again, who had managed to preserve his conciousness and mind. Risu managed to escape after Hardware prepared to kill Trish, freeing the others in the process. He chased Hardware to the top of the Empire State Building and demanded him to release Trish. Hardware complied by throwing the container Trish was in off of the building. Risu flew after it and freed Trish, while the container smashed on the ground. The two shared a compassionate kiss as they landed safely, only to be confronted by Hardware yet again.

Age of AztecEdit

Before they could do battle, the three were attacked by statue monsters known as Aztecs, which were sent on a global attack on Earth by their master and creator, Matrix. After a large skirmish between the combined forces of the Freedom Fighters and Legion & the Aztecs, the two groups sent the attack directly to Matrix, who managed to defeat Hardware with ease due to his size. Matrix was soon defeated by the combined efforts of the Freedom Fighters.

Resistances ArcEdit

The Akane KidnapEdit

Freedom HQ was later attacked by the Akane Clan's Shadow Triad, who had abducted Risu's sister Tiyin. Risu immediately gave chase followed by Cade and Zaris, and found the Akane's lair. Unfortunately they were all captured. The three were later found by the other Freedom Fighters, including Helioptican, Vzark and Bzine. After a battle that ascended to the top of their tower base, the Akane were defeated and Elbrius was forced to had Tiyin over. He then retreated with the rest of his clan, leaving only his sister Fate behind, who had turned on Elbrius due to his evil ways.

New VexiaEdit

Risu later became concerned that some Freedom Fighters had not reported back from the mysterious new island near Australia, and took some of the Freedom Fighters to find them. Luckily, they managed to find them, but was attacked by Cato, his assisstant Vakron, and the new emperor of Xanex, Karvon. Both sides began a long battle, with Calitis and Karvon being on par with each other. The Freedom Fighters eventually won the brawl and returned to Freedom HQ, only to learn that they were tortured briefly by Haler and were attacked by Karvon.


After seeing a brawl between Phazon and Trion ships, Risu heafed off to see what the commotion was. He and the others found a group known as the Trion Resistance, who they thought were friendly to good causes. The Trion Resistance, however, attacked under Equilatrium's order. The Freedom Fighters defeated the Trions, while Equilatrium escaped.

Battle for the Infeugo BombEdit

Risu and some of the other Freedom Fighters later boarded the Vulcular Metrotrain, a train carrying an Infeugo Bomb to Ohio. A fight broke out and Risu confronted Hardware, who was also on the train. The Trion Resistance later arrived, attempting to steal the bomb. A fight broke out between Risu, Hardware and Equilatrium. Luckily, Grey arrived, piloting the Jackal, shooting down the Trions' ship. The Freedom Fighters disposed of the bomb and destroyed a bridge the train was going over, causing it to fall down. Later, Risu was among those who saw Nearan's message to the Freedom Fighters.

Waves of ChangeEdit

Risu later joined the Freedom Fighters that were heading to Fiji, wanting to learn about who Rhydiac was. Unfortunately, the broadcast they saw was faked and they were attacked by Operation Cretaceous. Luckily, the destruction of Seige caused the cybernetic dinosaurs to retreat, but they were attacked by twin Grandmasters, Oriax and Berith, although they were briefly mocked. The two later fled after stating they were needed, but had brought the Freedom Fighters into a trap as Lyra's squad had surrounded the Jackal. Rhydiac arrived, wanting to finish his job with the Freedom Fighters and wanting to destroy the Legion for making a fake broadcast about him. After a brief scuffle, Lyra, Oriax and Berith fled, and Rhydiac created a giant body for himself made of water, ice and rock. The group boarded the Jackal and flew off, but Rhydiac chased them. Rhydiac created a giant wall to prevent their escape, but Risu quickly directed Vzark into flying through the titan, knocking Rhydiac out of it and causing him to fall into the sea.

The AsteroidEdit

Risu later travelled to the crashed Xenovian asteroid and led one of the groups through the damp insides. He later encountered the Xenovians' queen, who was killed in the ensuing chaos by Cade, who proceeded to blow up the lower foundations of the asteroid, causing it to sink and flood. Luckily the group returned with some specimens, including an egg.

The FallEdit

Risu was among the group who embarked on the travel into Zestronite territory. After entering St. Basil's Cathedral, Risu, as well as everyone else, realised that it was a trap, but luckily everyone escaped. Unfortunately, the Zestronites surrounded them and Evirak killed Drake, causing Risu to go into a blind rage and attempted to attack the Evirak emperor. A battle broke out and Risu saw Evirak aim an attack at Warren, he attempted to stop it but was too late: Evirak fired the blast, but Armadaus took it. Risu punched Evirak in the face multiple times but was eventually captured along with the others and was tortured. Luckily, the group were freed by Elvira.

Almanacs ArcEdit

The Island in the SkyEdit

Risu later travelled to the newely created Island of Babylon to figure out what Matrix was planning. Matrix brought 6 temples to the island and completed the Sword of Aztec, which he allowed Cade to steal. Risu and the others were tossed off of the island but were saved by Kythor. Risu later led the party to the warehouse that Calitis was imprisoned in, where he fought Raxus. He later escaped with the others knowing they could not take down Red Zealot. Risu later found the Quartz Almanac, starting their collection of the Almanacs of Time, although a sudden event halted their progress...

Darkness of ZionEdit

In order to find the Almanacs, Calitis required an Almanac Tracker, and the parts required were deep within the ruins of CaliTech Industries. As the group searched for equipment, a meteoric impact occured nearby, with Helioptican and Phazaron checking it out. To Helioptican's horror, the crater housed Zion Quadroceptus, the eldest of the Quadroceptus siblings. Risu and a few of the others arrived, to find Helioptican and Zion fighting. Hardware showed up and attacked, with Hardware and Zion eventually fleeing. The Freedom Fighters then hastily returned to Freedom HQ, knowing Calitis has the parts he needs.

The First AlmanacEdit

Risu was among those who joined the conquest for the Almanacs, an operation spearheaded by Calitis. Their first destination was Maccu Picchu, where Equilatrium had already claimed the Almanac. Risu fought with Equilatrium to get it back, but Equilatrium began to get the upper hand when he began to use the Almanac's telekinetic powers. Risu managed to score a hit on Equilatrium, triggering an Almanac Vision, which stunned Equilatrium long enough for Risu to steal the Almanac from him.

Rising TidesEdit

The next destination was the Yonaguni Monument, an underwater temple. With Jack joining the conquest, they set off for it using Calitis' Sub-Tank, which was attacked by Aztec forces. They managed to repel the Aztecs long enough and managed to find an entrance to the temple, where they split into groups in order to find the Sapphire Almanac, unaware that Orion, Matrix and Rhydiac drew near, and oblivious to the fact that the temple was now flooding. A skirmish shortly ensued, with Orion gaining the Almanac first, but after a game of snatch, the Freedom Fighters claimed the Almanac for themselves, and escaped the now rapidly flooding temple and Rhydiac.

The GalleonEdit

While travelling to Bermuda, the location of the next Almanac, the Freedom Fighters were attacked by an unknown ship, and a group of pirate boarded the Sub-Tank, taking some of the Freedom Fighters on board, including Risu. The pirates also took the Almanac, which was handed to the pirates' captain, Razorfang, while the Freedom Fighters, sans Carroon, were locked up below deck. Jackson stealthily made his way on board, having evaded capture from the pirates, as he was in the bathroom. Jackson freed the Freedom Fighters, causing chaos onboard the pirate ship, where Warren planted a bomb. Risu had a sword duel with Razor, managing to claim the Almanac. The Freedom Fighters escaped and the bomb was detonated in front of Razor, giving him a burn on the side of his face.

More AlmanacsEdit

Continuing their quest, the Freedom Fighters found the next Almanac in Bermuda, where they encountered Hardware and his new assistant, Chadwell, who Calitis knew very well. Hardware and Vzark fought for the Almanac, which resulted in Vzark claiming the Almanac. The team returned to base, and headed into Zestronite territory using the SIADA teleporter. They stole Zestronite craft and headed to Egypt, where they found the next Almanac in the Luxor Temple, but were attacked by Three-Point. Before a fight could ensue, Matrix appeared and stole the Almanac, and began defacing Zestronite property. After having his fun, Matrix discarded the Almanac, allowing the Freedom Fighters to take it. Calitis contacted his old friend Kailash, who took them to India, where they headed to the Konark Sun Temple. When they arrived the group found that Zander, general of Haler's demon army, was waiting. He gave them the Ruby Almanac but ensured their capture. Later, Risu found himself and some of his allies in a prison in Tiananman Square, but were freed by their other friends, who had followed the carrier that took them away, and Elvira. The team headed to the Jihaoe Ruins, where they fought the Confederacy of Bounty Hunters for the next Almanac

The Base in the North and the Final AlmanacEdit

The Freedom Fighters decided it was time to return to Russia, where they found Camp 601, the location of the Garnet Almanac. The team infiltrated the base, and Warren found a computer. They used the computer to learn where the Almanac was kept, but also found out the truth about Vera. The group found the vault where the Almanac was, but were attacked by Evirak. After a brief scuffle, he was launched into a wall by Evirak, while Elvira helped them escape. Unfortunately, before they could flee, Nearan arrived and stole the Almanac, and began using it's powers. It was shortly stolen back by Warren, while the group ran and rested. The next day, they found Elvira being executed for treason, and after her death, Risu started a riot out of his own rage. Sylrana arrived to punish Risu and the Freedom Fighters, but before she could kill them, she was defeated by Zaris. Learning the final Almanac's location was finally pinpointed, the team headed to the Arctic, where they found that Fate, Jackson and Phazaron were absent. They found the Almanac, and found that Rhydiac was the one holding it, and he had frozen their allies. Rhydiac suddenly froze Cade and Risu, and trapped Warren beneath an ice plate, forcing Vzark to fight him. After a while, Vzark gained the upperhand and toom the Almanac, but Rhydiac forced the ceiling to collapse, forcing the group to escape quickly.

The GatheringEdit

Risu later accompanied his allies to Altun Ha, where they inserted the Almanacs into a pedestal. Unfortunately, Matrix intervened and brought Altun Ha to the Floating Island of Babylon, where he revealed that he had used the Freedom Fighters to gather the Almanacs for him, and allowed him to further complete the Sword of Aztec. He then banished them from the Island.

Phade ArcEdit

Machinist ForthcomingEdit

Sometime later, the Freedom Fighters decided to kill time for the Wing Fortress's launch, aware that it would launch soon. The team decided to visit their old homes in Rhode Island, despite the place being turned into a barracks. Suddenly, a mysterious robot by the name of Crabclaw arrived and kidnapped Calitis. The team gave chase, and found an oil platform out to sea. The team did battle with Crabclaw and it's allies, the mysyerious Machinists. Soon, Omega, the leader, arrived and attacked Risu. The fight was brought to an end after Risu sliced off Omega's arm, allowing the Freedom Fighters to retreat.

Wing FortressEdit

The Freedom Fighters were prepared for the Wing Fortress, and had used the Jackal and the Therisian to fly to it. Using new technology, the Legion could see through the Jackal's cloaking and attacked. Tired, Risu directed the team into direct attack, and bombarded the deck. Suddenly, multiple Grandmasters were dispatched, and Hardware arrived soon after. Risu and Hardware fought, with Hardware turning the battle into his favour with his new Turbo Gear. Ketri arrived and held Hardware off so Risu could confront Phazorus. Risu and Trish encountered Phazorus for the first time, but he attacked them and savagely brutalised them and the other Freedom Fighters, trashing the Jackal in the process. Phazorus prepared to use his Executioner Cannon on Vzark, but was stopped by the figure who had helped the group before, who teleported the group and the Jackal to safety, while the Therisian had used it's autopilot to return to base moments prior. When they returned to base, they had found that Evirak was waiting for them.

Korgan UnleashedEdit

Soon, the team had learned that Evirak had released Korgan, and were summoned by him along with the Legion to assist them, otherwise he would execute their captive allies. After Korgan was sealed away by the combined help of Calitis, Lyra, Zaris and Evirak, Evirak turned on the Freedom Fighters and they were taken captive and were about to be interrogated by Lurenos, but the unknown figure from before intervened, telling them he would reveal his identity to them soon.

Crime FightersEdit

Risu was later contacted by Cylus to investigate an issue with a man known as Voran. He, Warren and Vzark travelled to Voran's base and caused trouble. During their mission, Warren was shot in the shoulder while Voran fell to his apparent death.

Omega ReturnsEdit

Later, Omega had arrived in Ohio with some of his Machinists, revealing they have all had upgrades, including Omega himself, who now has a cannon on his shoulder. The Freedom Fighters and Machnists broke into a fight but the Machnists soon retreated.

Phazon ArcEdit


Later, Risu was present when a mysterious woman known as Phazteagle contacted the Freedom Fighters. She told them that she was sister to Phazorus himself, but isn't Evirak like him. Risu was amongst the team that travelled to Phazon, bypassing a Legiin defence in the Oort Cloud and meeting Nate and Fangrir on the way. Nate recognised Risu as the prince of Squirreldonia and told him about himself. They later arrived on Phazon, where they were instructed to head to the Nothern Tundra.

Quest for the SwordEdit

Upon arrival, Risu and the team were greeted by the figure who appeared to them before, revealing himself as Phade. He told them of his goal and sent them, along with Phazteagle, off to retrieve a set of keys to enable him to complete his goal, as he had to do other things at the same time. The first key belonged to an ice monster known as Frostorm, whom they defeated by exploiting the weakness in his legs. Later, the team headed to the Khazak Pits, a colony of Khazachnids that was found inside the Draycan Canyons. While down there, the group evaded Scaldera, the king of the Khazachnid colony. Later, the team travelled to the Phazamon Jungles, where they encountered Phazoldos, who stowed away on their ship. Risu later fought Mershadow with Calitis and Nate in the Dark Crater. Later, the team travelled to some ruins in the vast Desert of Phazactus. The group split into three teams, with Risu's team finding the key and it's guardian, Zykron, the skeletal Draycan that once belonged to Phaz Raa. Rather than wanting to fight them, Risu saw that Zykron wanted to escape, and told the team to help it out. After freeing Zykron, it allowed them to take the key in thanks, while it departed for the Draycan Canyons. The team travelled to the Great Archipelago, where they met Captain Phaztal and encountered one of the legendary Djinns of Phazon, Raliace, who attacked them. After a long, heated battle, Raliace made the lava in the volcano battleground to rise, preventing their escape. The group were whisked away by a team of Arms Fighters, who shot Raliace back into the volcano, which shortly erupted.

After meeting up at Phade's Sanctuary, the team made preparations to attack the Great Palace of Phazon, the location of the final key. Phazteagle organised an Arms invasion fleet, which they used to hide themselves as they broke into the Palace Courtyards unnoticed. The team made their way into the palace through the main entrance, where they found a group of statues which were statues of all emperors of Phazon up until Phazondas Rattep. The group found that some statues had been defaced, including that of Phazadus, the father of Phazteagle and Phazorus. Suddenly, the group were attacked by Espio Troopers led by Phazero. They were defeated, while Phaztal held Phazero off while the others advanced. They found themselves face to face with Hardware, who was guarding the vault. Kythor challenged him to a battle, and he accepted, allowing Risu and the others inside. Suddenly, Hardware revealed that he had set a trap, as the vault door shut. Hardware revealed that he had placed two units into the vaults that were to kill the others inside. Risu and the other had no choice but to evade the attacks of the two machines, but they were suddenly blasted by a Kythor-possessed unit. The team escaped with the final key, and headed back to their ship, but Hardware rendered it unflyable. Luckily, the group were saved by the timely appearance of the Jackal, piloted by Zaris, who who whisked them away. Soon, the group realised that Phazorus was chasing after them, but his shuttle was shut down by a cannon used by Cade, however Phazorus survived. Risu and the others returned to the Sanctuary, where Phade used the keys to open a sacred door, where the legendary Sword of the Source lay waiting. Phade instructed Risu and the team to return to their ships, with Risu boarding the Kandoran Hornet. Risu later watched the fight between Phade and Phazorus, and saw Phade remove the Source from Phazorus and place it inside Phazteagle.

The ChaseEdit

Phade and Phazteagle soon reyreated from the battle, with Phazteagle also boarding the Kandoran Hornet. The group took off and headed for Outpost Zeta, but were chased by Hardware and a group of drones. The drones were dispatched, but Hardware was very persistant. Jack ordered Grey to move the Therisian below the Hornet, and ordered everyone on board to evacuate onto it, including Risu, Phazteagle and Zaris, the ship's pilot and owner. After a brief argument, the ship was evacuated and Hardware boarded, finding Jack alone. Catching onto Jack's ploy, Hardware attempted to chase the Therisian, but found that Jack melted his foot to the deck. Jack revealed a bomb that detonated, consuming them both and systematically caused the engines to explode. Risj and the others watched in horror as the Hornet sank into the sea.


After arriving at Outpost Zeta, Risu was grief stricken at the loss of his friend until Hardware arrived, intent on destroying the base with a solar sphere. He was repelled by Zaris, who had achieved his Capricornus form. Phazteagle then revealed to the Freedom Fighters the Enderbane. They boarded the Enderbane and Risu and the others watched as it laid waste to several Legion-controlled buildings. Phazteagle and Risu then arrived in the Great Palace, where Phazteagle forcibly dethroned Phazorus and declared him banished. Risu was shortly knighted by Phazteagle. Later, Risu said goodbye to Phazteagle, Phaztal, Phade and Phazaron, who decided to stay on Phazon for some time.

Wolves of Thu'unEdit

One their way home, the Freedom Fighters were attacked by Thu'un ships, who shot down Bzine's and Fangrir's ships. The group found Fangrir's ship and regrouped with it, but set of a search party consisting of Risu himself, Warren, Fangrir, Grey, Vzark and Caee to search for Bzine, Helioptica, Fate and Trish. They found Bzine's ship, which was badly damaged. Grey assessed the damage and revealed the engines were stolen and a bomb was set off. The group found a base occupied by the Legion's Thu'un chapter, led by Wulfgang Von Stryker. Risu found that Granz Cantoski, Wulfgang's associate, was experimenting on Trish, causing Risu to snap into a violent rage and attacked Cantoski, who escaped. Risu was calmed down by Trish, and learned that Vzark was fighting Wulfgang. In the midst of the battle, Cantoski revealed he had them all duped into believing he was a member of the Legion and set off explosives found inside Warren, Vzark, Wulfgang and Thu'un soldiers. Cantoski escaped, while Wulfgang deemed the Thu'uns' relation with the Freedom Fighters as neutral, expressing his desire to face Vzark again. Afterwards, the Freedom Fighters returned home.

Earth ArcEdit

The Oil PlantEdit

When the Freedom Fighters arrived on Earth, Risu and Helioptican dived out of the Jackal towards an oil facility owned by the Legion, found in Oregon. Easily resisting the natures of the desert of the dead, Risu and Helioptican advanced onto the facility, but were attacked. The two breached both the offence and defence of the facility, and entered, but were attacked by Glire. They managed to resist the abilities of his destructive armour and destroyed it, deactivating the facility in the process.

Elbrian's RevengeEdit

Later, the Freedom Fighters fell under attack from Akane forces, led by Elbrian. After breif fighting between the two groups, the Akane Clan were joined by their captains, Cralicus, Supplex and the newcomer Mershadow. During the chaos, Calitis figured out Mershadow's shadow-based weakness. Mershadow was sliced in half, but took the form of Risu. Eventually, Elbrian joined the fight and began strangling Risu, and paralysed Warren. After Mershadow was defeated by Trish, Elbrian left the Freedom Fighters in the hands of his brother, Rush, and fled. Unfortunately, Rush was defeated and was imprisoned by SIADA.

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Risu is young and very gentle with friends, and can be very caring and selfless, often making self-sacrifices for the safety of friends. Risu has been known deep hatred to those who cause harm to his friends, and later his race as a whole. Risu has shown sworn hatred to Hardware, and later Phazorus, having a fierce battle in nearly every encounter. Risu has shown dislike and distrust in Drake, believing his careless and selfish actions may expose the location of Freedom HQ, or get them killed, although he respected Drake and his motives. Risu is also selfless towards his friends, putting them in safety while he faces foes alone. Risu is also protective of his family, friends, homeworld and heritage.

Opinions and RelationshipsEdit

  • Cade - Risu views Cade as a very close friend. Risu is quick to help Cade out when he needs assisstance.
  • Vzark - Risu and Vzark are good friends, although Risu can be annoyed at Vzark's rash actions and his arrogance.
  • Jackson - Risu sees Jackson as a good friend, Risu greatly respects Jackson's skills and precision.
  • Warren - Risu sees Warren as a close friend, and respects Warren's motives.
  • Calitis - Calitis is a good friend of Risu's. Risu shows a great deal of respect for Calitis, and respects Calitis as an innovator and as a mentor.
  • Drake - Risu had a like-hate relationship with Drake, with the two sometimes not seeing eye to eye.
  • Jack - Despite being former rivals, Risu saw Jack as a hero who sacrificed himself to save those he holds close to him.
  • Grey - Risu sees Grey as a good friend and enjoys his company, mainly due to Grey's good humor, sharp wit and explosive expertise.
  • Zaris - Risu considers Zaris as one of his closest allies and believes the two have similar goals.
  • Ketri - Risu has a large amount of respect for his father, for both his heritage and the fact that he was Risu's first mentor.
  • Trish - Risu loves Trish and vows to keep her safe.
  • Iora - Risu greatly respects his mother and wishes to keep her out of danger.
  • Carroon - Risu gets along well with Carroon, but believes he has much to learn.
  • Nate - Risu respects Nate's previous role as the Royal Guard and his assistance with missions.
  • Hector - Risu respects Hector's morale and his computer skills, which have proven to rival Calitis'.
  • Kailash - Risu does not know much about Kailash, but respects him as one of Calitis' allies.
  • Fangrir - Risu respects Fangrir for helping a man in need (Nate) and his medical expertise. He sees Fangrir as a good man.
  • Kythor - Risu used to be skeptical of Kythor, but the two later become close allies.
  • Armadaus - Risu viewed Armadaus as a good warrior. He feels bad about Armadaus' death.
  • Bzine - Risu respects Bzine but can find him annoying on some occasion.
  • Skylord Tarbolt - Risu respects Tarbolt for his skill and wit. He is displeased by some of Tarbolt's methods.
  • Skylord Fiorra - Risu views Fiorra as a bit of a ditz.
  • Skylord Grupert - Risu enjoys Grupert's good sense of humor, but his methods often displease him.
  • Head Skylord Moxx - Risu finds Moxx very mysterious and solitary.
  • Head Skypaladin Rand -
  • Phazaron - Risu sees Phazaron as a valuable asset to the team.
  • Hardware - Risu despises Hardware due to what Hardware has done to his bloodline and heritage.
  • Evirak - Risu greatly hates Evirak due to Evirak's sadistic personality, and is overall disgusted by Evirak's methods.
  • Phazorus - Risu appears to have some respect for Phazorus' strength, but despises his morale and methods.
  • Matrix - Risu sees Matrix as a trickster who uses people despite being a self-proclaimed god.
  • Rhydiac - Risu appears to have a form of neutral rivalry with Rhydiac, despite Rhydiac being a threat.
  • Ursula -
  • Bariska -
  • Vindai -
  • Cole -
  • Ray -
  • Dimitri -
  • Razorfang -
  • Oppression Fighter -
  • Equilatrium -
  • Elbrian -
  • Yami -
  • Karvon - Risu sees Karvon as a foolish person who will likely be killed through his own mistakes.
  • Pendleton -
  • Omega -
  • Voran -
  • Project One -
  • Nearan - Risu finds Nearan unnerving and finds his slyness disgusting and ominous at the same time.
  • Rattigan -
  • Urkhine -
  • Phazar - Risu hates Phazar in high regard for what he did to his home.
  • Verruckt - Risu sees Verruckt as a terrifying madman who has no sanity.
  • Haler - Risu sees Haler as a large threat but believes he is always kept on a leash by Evirak.
  • Zander -
  • Ryloth -
  • Phazon -
  • Hellrath - Risu sees Hellrath as a trickster and is unnerved by his power.
  • October -
  • Lyra -
  • Orakov -
  • Rykkon -
  • Beauregard -
  • Wulfgang - Risu respects Wulfgang as a neutral being, despite being part of the Legion.
  • Purkhus - Risu sees Purkhus as a man who cheated his way into gaining strength. He occassionally refers to him as "Colonel Porkchop".
  • Vanguard -
  • Grandum -
  • Oriax and Berith - Risu does not seem to like Oriax and Bereith. He views them both as kooky.
  • Ensis -
  • Willenskraft -
  • Vodt -
  • Ganken - Risu disliked Ganken and found him to be a large annoyance. He is glad Ganken is dead.
  • Cato (Legolias) -
  • Cato (Hostinyus) - Risu didn't really know Cato, but thought he was a brave man despite being a member of the Zestronite Empire.
  • Elvira - Risu respected Elvira for aiding the Freedom Fighters, but disliked that she stayed with the Zestronite Empire. He blames himself for her death and considers her an unofficial Freedom Fighter.
  • Crimsane -
  • Cylus - Risu respects Cylus as a friend and as an ally, although Risu believes Cylus may be holding something.
  • Phade - Risu looks up to Phade as a powerful swordsman and mage.
  • Merloo - Risu finds his uncle to be fun and crazy at the same time. He respects what Merloo has done in the Cadius name.
  • Phazteagle - Risu greatly respects Phazteagle and sees them both as equals.
  • Octavian - Risu respects Octavian for leading the only resistance force managed to stay active on his homeworld.
  • Erise - Risu respects Erise as the father of his girlfriend and as the leader of the House of Cards.
  • Lychir -
  • Shade -
  • Yveltus -
  • Black Knight -
  • Electina -
  • Ozaena -
  • Sothul -
  • Yucasa -
  • Dark Risu -
  • Phaz Raa -
  • Phazactus Raa -
  • Porphyria -
  • Lynthrosoph -
  • Brahirus -
  • Gamma Nohs -
  • Phazean -
  • Dactyl -
  • Tekka -

Risu's MentorsEdit

During Risu's adventures, Risu has been trained by several allies to learn new things, both physically and mentally, and have proved helpful in many conflicts.

  • Ketri Cadius
  • Zaris Windhelm
  • Octavian
  • Merloo Cadius
  • Mari-Anne Kalvore
  • Helioptican Quadroceptus
  • Phade
  • Phazteagle Rezfarda
  • Skylord Tarbolt
  • Skylord Grupert
  • Byzantine
  • Red Lotus
  • Angel-Ion


Eye of the WarriorEdit

The Eye of the Warrior gives Risu extra strength and a high spirit, this means psychological torture will be difficult, and gives him slight durability to some attacks. He also has advanced healing capabilities.

Soul Forge: FireEdit

After having his soul forged with the Skylord's Red Forge Crystal, Risu gained the ability to create and manipulate fire.

Kemono AbilitiesEdit

Aztec AbilitiesEdit

Techniques ListEdit

  • Aztec
    • Manuscript Fluency
    • Alas De Luz (Lit. "Light Wings")
    • Brazo Sombra (Lit. "Shadow Arm")
      • Brazo Sombra: Inflado (Lit. "Shadow Arm: Inflation")
      • Brazo Sombra: Rebote (Lit. "Shadow Arm: Rebound")
      • Brazo Sombra: Hierro Segador (Lit. "Shadow Arm: Iron Reaper")
      • Brazo Sombra: Borde Dentado (Lit. "Shadow Arm: Jagged Edge")
      • Hiken Brazo Sombra (Lit. "Fire Fist Shadow Arm")
      • Hiken Brazo Sombra: Fumar Fusil (Lit. Fire Fist Shadow Arm: Smoke Gun")
      • Hiken Brazo Sombra: Halcon Disparo (Lit. Fire Fist Shadow Arm: Hawk Shot")
      • Koka Brazo Sombra (Lit. "Hardening Shadow Arm")
      • Koka Brazo Sombra: Poderoso Arma (Lit. "Hardening Shadow Arm: Mighty Gun")
  • Byzantine
    • Kin Jūjishō (Lit. "Gold Cross Blast")
    • Kin Sureiyā (Lit. "Gold Slayer")
    • Kin no Surasshu (Lit. "Gold Hell Slash")
    • Kin Kyūkyoku (Lit. "Gold Arctic Ultimate")
  • Sword of Glades
  • Minerva
  • Plasmat Energy
    • Plasmat Wall
    • Plasmat Spiked Wall
    • Plasmat Sphere
    • Plasmat Ball and Chain
    • Firecharged Plasmat Sphere
  • Soul Forge
    • Kyōdaina Honō (Lit. "Mighty Blaze")
    • Teikoku Burēzu (Lit. "Empiric Blaze")
    • Mōretsuna Furea (Lit. "Furious Flare")
    • Hiken (Lit. "Fire Fist")
    • Hiken Afutābānā (Lit. "Fire Fist Afterburner")
    • Koka Hiken (Lit. "Hardened Fire Fist")
  • Kemono
    • Kemono Left Arm Augmentation
    • Segunda Arms Augmentation
    • Tercero Upper Body Augumentation
    • Soru
    • Great Soru
    • Iron Clave
  • Meta Powers
    • Mantra
      • Novale Mantra
      • Vigilate Mantra
      • Imitor Mantra
      • Solvite Mantra
        • Grand Stinger
        • Rend
    • Sparsa
      • Bulk Sparsa
        • Blut Bulk
      • Ferrum Sparsa
        • Koka
        • Sparsa Voltio Burst
        • Ferrum Koka Fist
        • Ferrum Iron Magnum
        • Ferrum Burning Magnum
    • Kana
      • Cercis Kana
        • Solita Vista
      • Fragor Kana
        • Fragor Ultima
    • Dehir
      • Cogitatio Dehir
      • Anti Dehir
      • Izvara Dehir
  • Verum Rego
    • Vindex Magna Gun
    • Bronsera Handstil (Lit."Bronze Fist")
    • Aere Latro (Lit. "Bronze Bell Cannon")
    • Stor Skälla (Lit. "Great Bell")
    • Ultor Wolfgang Buster
    • Macillo El Thor (Lit. "Hammer of Thor")
    • Gold Star Lariat
    • Gold Buster Shot
    • Gold God Astrella (Lit. "Gold God Star")
    • Baluarte Brazos (Lit. "Citadel Arms")
    • Tercero Taurus Rifle (Lit. "Third Bull Rifle")
    • Kamihiken (Lit. "God Fire Fist")
    • Bellua (Lit. "Beast")
    • Sich Brechen Kanone (Lit. "Rebound Beast Gun")
    • Mechero Obus (Lit. "Burner Howitzer")
    • Arbitro (Lit. "Umpire")
    • Fiebre del Tigre (Lit. "Rushing Tiger")
    • Tercero Iron Spear
    • Mach Gun


Golden Knight of ByzantineEdit

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Awakened (Byzantine + Glades)Edit

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Glades SwordionEdit

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Inner Kemono: Segunda StageEdit

Inner Kemono: Tercero StageEdit

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