Rhydiac Gailax




Demigod of Anarchy

The Misunderstood Warrior


Race Radiant Heliosian


Allies None

Dimitri Zavos

Legion of Phazon

Zestronite Empire

Akane Clan



Rhydiac -

Darkfiend -

"We don't care if you've got the means to kill us. We don't even care if you want to or not. None of us care for the fact that you took over Rainford, or that you made a pact with the Burning Empire! All we care about is that we are going to stop you, Equilatrium! All of us here; the Freedom Fighters, the Liberators, the Royal Guard AND the Colosseum's combatants! Do you hear me, Equilatrium?! WE WILL NOT DIE HERE!- Rhydiac rallies the allies against Equilatrium.

Rhydiac Gailax is a Radiant Heliosian demigod and a powerful warrior. Rhydiac is always seen with his gold and red armour, sword and shield.



Rhydiac ArrivesEdit

Rhydiac first appeared on Earth's Moon, where his strange power had drew the attention of Cade. Rhydiac attacked Cade and hit him with a Mind Gem.

Rhydiac later arrived on Earth and flooded South Dakota, where he fought some of the Freedom Fighters.


After the Legion of Phazon faked a flooding in Fiji, Rhydiac arrived himself to see who was trying to copy his earlier attack. He met the Freedom Fighters once again here, and the Legion of Phazon's Grandmasters Lyra, Berith and Oriax, and attacked both parties, with the latter fleeing and the former retreating to the Jackal. Rhydiac utilised his powers and created a titan made of rock, water and ice, which charged after them as they escaped. To get rid of Rhydiac, Risu told Vzark to ram straight into his titan's chest, which proved successful when Rhydiac was torn out, but the problem now was that Rhydiac was on the window, but Vzark made a hard turn that launched Rhydiac away.


Rhydiac later ambushed Cade in the Yonaguni Monument, where the Sapphire Almanac awaited. Their brawl soon led to the other Freedom Fighters, Matrix and Orion joining in, with Orion being the first to claim the powerful Almanac. After a series of turnabouts, Matrix gained the Almanac, but his body was destroyed by Jackson and the Freedom Fighters began to flee the temple. Rhydiac forcibly flooded it in an attempt to prevent their escape, but he failed to stop them.

Contra StormEdit


The SchattenreichEdit