Raxus Sicarius


Confederacy of Bounty Hunters

Race Venovian

Orian Sicarius - Adoptive Father


Tambourine Okoros - Comrade

Fasiir Tsanion - Comrade

Xiao Xenoreavus - Comrade

Merecoid Timpani - Comrade

Ecruteak LaAmour - Comrade

Ilum Svenak - Comrade

November Vivaldi - Comrade

Avion Baracova - Comrade

Zoo Melei - Comrade

Rhas Kheras - Comrade

Evirak Romanus - Employer

Enemies Drake Ryunexo

Raxus -

A New Contract -

Raxus is an honourable and cunning bounty hunter who will do whatever be neccesary to fulfill his contract. He is precise, and he is quick to think. He is not afraid to take on, even the most protected of people, and will not hesitate to kill those close to him, if his contract depends on it.


Early YearsEdit

Raxus was born in the underground city of Lacivil on Venus. His past is clouded as he did not know his true heritage. He was brought up by another bounty hunter called Orian Sicarius. Orian wanted Raxus to adopt the occupation of bounty hunter and taught him everything he knew.

The Zestronites and the ConfederacyEdit

Orian was found dead by Raxus, having been stabbed multiple times. It is still currently unknown who killed him. Raxus vowed he would find who was responsible. He was discovered by the Confederacy of Bounty Hunters and was recruited into their ranks for his skills. When his planet became target of the Zestronite invasion, all he did was watch at how skilled the Zestronite soldiers were. Rather than feeling sorry for his race, he honoured the Zestronites and has been employed by Evirak on multiple assignments. Raxus managed to convince the Venovian leaders to surrender and serve the Zestronites, telling him it is a worthy cause.


Raxus took part in Evirak's tournament on New Year's Day, accompanied by fellow comrade Xiao. He was one of the victors and was invited to Evirak's dinner party. He witnessed Supplex Six being expelled from the party by Evirak, who blasted Supplex out of a window.


Raxus met Drake on Delta Station at which they fought. Raxus appeared to be wining until he accidently cracked the space station's window during the fight. Everything began to be pulled out the window including the ships power core. The station blew up with Raxus in it where as Drake escaped with his friends. Raxus however survived due to his immunity to shock and heat.


Raxus assisted the confederacy of bounty hunters in capturing Calitis. Raxus however was defeated by Vera and was forced to retreat. Raxus was defeated again during a failed attempt to prevent the Freedom Fighters getting the Almanac.

Zeta PrimeEdit

The confederacy were hired by the Tauranian Syndicate to kidnap Vzark and Warren. Raxus did this successfuly, but Vzark escaped, and Raxus' comrades had to search for him. Raxus negotiated payment with the syndicate but when Novermber destroyed a Taurania building, the payment was cancelled so the Syndicate could pay for the damages.


During the Exon meeting, Evirak had a sniper shoot Raxus in the forehead due to him apparently having the highest failure rate in the Confederacy of Bounty Hunters.