Queen Xenotirex of the Twenty Fifth Armada


Xenovian Empire

Legion of Phazon (Indirectly)


Sister Slug - Queen Xenoyiaz


Xenovian Queen
Family Queen Xenoyiaz - Sister

Queen Xenoyiaz

Xenofolth Renevian

Xenosixas Rovonok

Enemies Freedom Fighters

Queen Xenotirex is a Xenovian Queen and one of the eight leaders of the Twenty Fifth Armada of Xenovia. She is a Slug-Type Xenovian Queen, meaning she will produce zanious offspring to be bred as warriors.


Travel to EarthEdit

Queen Xenotirex's history is unknown, but she travelled to Earth with her own squadron of Xenovians in order to conquer planet Earth, seeing it as a perfect breeding ground for other Xenovian Queens. Her colossal asteroid ship crash lands in Mauritania, Africa, where her soldiers terraform the asteroid's outer stone to make it look like a gigantic plateau. She then began breeding her warrior armies and extending her "colony" all across Africa.


Like other Xenovians, including her sister and the bounty hunter Xiao, she is an expert with extrasensory, being able to sense anything outside her physical radius, as she is capable of sensing many other races already occupying Earth, including Phazons, Zestronites and even Squirreldonians (Cadius family) and Kandorans (Zaris). Also like her bretheren, Xenotirex is totally immune to all forms of toxicity, and can reverse engineer any poisons she touches, consumes or inhales. Xenotirex is also capable of producing Xenowyrms, a form of parasite that can attach itself to other lifeforms and take control of and mutate their bodies. She also has her species' immunity to other parasites.