Project One


Axis (Leader of Axis)

Aliases The Perfect Machine - by Virus
Race Automaton

Virus Incurius - Creator

Allies None
Enemies Virus Incurius - Nemesis

The Age of Machines -

Rise -

Mass Production -

Project One is a malfunctioned Automaton created by the Zestronite Empire. He turned against them after something went wrong in the lab and soon created a robotic group called Axis with a goal to destroy all kinds of organic life.
Project One

Project One



Virus spent months trying to create the perfect robot. Upon activation, Project One grabbed Virus and through him into the wall. Project One then managed to download all the data on a zestronite console into his hard drive and One managed to fly though the barrier before Equinox was informed of his malfunction.


Project One flew to Australia in a search for other automatons to corrupt. He then discovers he can use bio-material as fuel. He then kills a whole base of Xanians to restore his fuel levels. He then moves from base to base in search of automatons. Eventually, he found a broadcast station where he contacted Emperor Karvon. He then managed to threaten Karvon, saying he will destroy Cambera if Karvon doesn't hand over 1000 automatons. After Karvon brought the Automatons to Project One, Project One hacked all of the automatons and told them to fly east. Project One lead them to the Andes mountain in Chile where they used abandoned mine shafts as a temporary base.

The Invasion of ChileEdit

Project One ordered his autons to attack all Phazon Occupied areas in Chile. The Phazons were swiftly over run and Project One ordered more security to be stationed at the northern border. He set up his first auton creation facility which he could directly control from his base in Santiago. He had fuel refining facilities set up so that biological life could be converted into fuel. After this, he made an uneasy alliance with the Trion Resistance, begining trade of machinery and metals between the two sides and gaining security at the same time.


Project One began using Chilean reasources to build thousands of high tech tanks and artillery guns which he stationed around the borders.

Anatomy and AbilitiesEdit

Project One's endoskeleton is made of Zaetonite. It is joined together by Khyrunite struts and extremely durable elastic ligaments. His outer Exoskeleton and armour is made purely from Zestronium. Due to this Zestronium, He himself can absorb and use energy. He is painted over with a shiny metallic paint which prevents people from controlling the metal beneath. His eyes contain sonar and light receptors which help him calculate the world around him. The large objects on his shoulders act as a 3D proximaty detector meaning he can detect things that are behind him without the need of his sonar. This makes it impossible for people to sneak up on him. Throughout his body is a series of pipes which take in air to cool down his drives in the event that he might overheat. The main pipe is on his chest and enters his neck. On his right hand, Project One has a small device which displays his vitals, such as energy levels and damage caused to his body. His cloak is metallic and can protect from explosions. On his left arm, Project One has a small cannon which can concentrate absorbed energy into a fatal energy bolt. The cannon is also sharp so he can slash as well as shoot. He is extremely strong due to internal hydraulics which increase punching power significantly. He has the same hydraulics in his ankles and knee so he can kick and jump with extreme power. His whole body is riddled with various hidden gadgets which he can extract and retract at will. There are jets in his feet that allow him to fly. He stabilises himself with jets in his back. Due to Project One's need for energy, he learns quickly he can also use certain types of bio-material as a form of fuel. Humans are a prime example of this and he is capable of absorbing their life force in order to survive.