" "Freedom Tower" shows oppression to us, that is why we have seized control and built it as the Tricorn Tower. All government property in America will be legionized into our standards. Prisons will be reinforced to maximum security, much like the prison island, Cuba, east of us. Phazon Overwatchers will patrol the streets 24/7. All town sheriffs will be replaced by our own. Schools will remain the same, but if children and youth are to disobey the policy, they will be taken to a detention centre located on each school's grounds. All day-to-day criminals that commits acts of theft or murder to the Phazons will be shipped to Cuba. Any civilian to trespass on Phazon property will be taken away. All militaristic sites will be imperialised. This will start with the Pentagon and Area 51. " - Phazorus enciting the Phazon Legionisation Enactment

Phazorus Aythmus Rezfarda


Legion of Phazon

Race Phazon

Phazadus Rezfarda - Father (Deceased)

Phazorgana Rezfarda - Mother

Phazadin Rezfarda - Brother

Phazébus Rezfarda - Brother

Phazteagle Rezfarda - Sister

Phazeth Rezfarda - Uncle (Deceased)

Phazajadis Rezfarda - Cousin

Phaziron Rezfarda - Grandfather

Phazicaron Rezfarda - Great Grandfather

Blaize Rezfarda - Wife

Daedric Rezfarda - Son

Daedalus Rezfarda - Son

Phazacticus Rezferus - Ancestor (Deceased)

Phazon Rezuvis - Ancestor

Phaz Raa - Ancestor

Celesta - ???

Rourke Rezfarda - ???




Legion of Phazon

Zestronite Empire

Exon Alliance


Risu Cadius - Arch Nemesis

Crimsane Vakritas - Arch Rival

Freedom Fighters

Arms of Phazon


Phazorus -

Phazorus (Battle) -

Phazorus (Intense Battle) -

Phazorus (Serious) -

Magma Dome -

Phazorus (Magma Arachnid) -

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Emperor of Phazon -

Royal Blue -

Cold King -

The Evirak Within -

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The Dark Emperor -

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Primordial Core -

Dark Champion -

Primordial Mantra -

Sanctus Murdé -

Malus Pravion -

Imprisonment -

Emperor Phazorus Aythmus Rezfarda, also known simply as Phazorus, is the reigning emperor of Phazon, and leader of the Legion of Phazon, a multiracial legion of soldiers, being on the throne longer than a normal Phazon Emperor would (50 years), also taking the throne at the age of 17 by assassinating his own parents and pitting the blame on rival Crimsane, causing a war between the two races


Early LifeEdit

Phazorus was born to Phazadus and Phazorgana Rezfarda, the former being the then Emperor of Phazon. At the age of 14, Phazorus proved to be a very strong prince, and being that he is the eldest child of the Emperor, he was heir to the throne.

Taking the ThroneEdit

After the Phazons made peace with their rival race, the Crimsons, Phazorus, now aged 17, began seeing his uncle, who had secretly plotted to take the throne, he instructed Phazorus to poison his father, which he had done so and took the throne thereafter.

Phazon-Crimson WarEdit

Phazorus then grew power-hungry and sought to take over Crimson, on his uncle's instruction. He blamed the Crimsons for his father's assassination and drove the Crimsons into declaring war. The war lasted weeks with the Phazons gaining the edge during the course of the war, Phazorus them executed the Crimson King, Crimgeour Vakritas, took over the Crimson kingdom and republic, and banished the would-be prince, Crimsane, from the planet, marking him as an outlaw and a rogue. Phazorus then consulted Phazeth for his next choice of action, however, his uncle had instead meagerly demanded Phazorus hand the empire to him, however, due to him being the one who motivated Phazorus into becoming the emperor, Phazorus got infuriated and killed him, labelling him as a traitor. Phazorus also made an attempt at his mother, but could not bring himself to kill her, instead exiling her from the planet.

Civil War of PhazonEdit

Phazteagle, Phazorus' younger sister, saw through his corruption, and rallied several rebels and rebellious forces on Phazon. This new rebel force attacked the empire, destroying one of it's capital buildings, causing a civil war to break out. Phazorus himself intervened and later crippled the rebellion, and captured several of it's leaders, including his sister, he began publicly executing them one by one, but Phade had arrived to save Phazteagle and two others, one of which sacrificed themselves in order for the others to escape the gigantic tower they were held in. The other leader sent his separate way while Phazteagle remained with Phade and the Phazon Sages, and Crimsane, in secret. Meanwhile, Phazorus had the rebellion forcibly disbanded or absorbed into his empire, despite Phazteagle keeping large remnants active.

Legion RisingEdit

Phazon-Squirreldonian WarEdit

Phazons of EarthEdit

Phazorus, learning of the existence of Earth through Hardware, sent Phazald to set up a base there. He later sent Phazar after Phazald's death, and sent Hardware after he learned Phazar was failing. Fortunately for Phazorus, Hardware had successfully taken over North and South America, and made Brack Obama submit to his rule.

Arrival on EarthEdit

Phazorus arrived on Earth to oversee various Operations Hardware had planned, and immediately killed President Obama. Phazorus then began planning out the construction of the Wing Fortress.

Wing FortressEdit

After the Wing Fortress was complete, it was launched and was sent to attack the locals down below. The Freedom Fighters arrived to combat the mighty fortress, but Phazorus had anticipated their arrival, and began toying with them, firing their deadly Arkron at them and sensing the Jackal's presence with an Ultrascopular Radar. The Freedom Fighters decided to attack on the ground, where they fought against the Legion's Grandmasters and Hardware. Soon, Risu and Trish finally confronted Phazorus, who blew apart the tower they was in, and viciously attacked them, before moving onto the other Freedom Fighters, going as far as to forcibly rip Warren from the Jackal's cockpit and managed to overpower Vzark's feral state in his Werewolf form. Before he could kill anyone, a mysterious figure arrived and stopped Phazorus' Execution Cannon from hitting Vzark, before transporting the Freedom Fighters away from the Wing Fortress. Phazorus, annoyed, knew who it was: Phade.


After his encounter with Phade, Phazorus headed to Phazon, knowing he may involve the Freedom Fighters. Phazorus' thoughts were confirmed when Phazero and Hardware reported their presence to him. Later, Phazorus noticed that his sister Phazteagle had started a third civil war, and spotted a ship land in the courtyards, so he sent Phazero and his Espio Troopers to the main entrance, knowing the Freedom Fighyers would enter it, as they in turn knew the secret entrances were guarded. After learning Hardware's plan had failed, Phazorus chased after the Freedom Fighters, but his ship was shot down by the Jackal. Surviving the blast with no injuries, Phazorus reached Phade's Sanctuary, where he was challenged by Phade. The two had a titanic battle, but Phazorus, annoyed by how Phade constantly countered his attacks, resorted to rushing Phade, but Phazteagle tried to defend. Using quick thinking and instinct, Phade removed the Source from Phazorus and placed it inside Phazteagle. Angered, Phazorus sent Hardware to chase after the escaping Freedom Fighters , and was enraged when he watched Hardware fail. Later, Phazteagle and Risu arrived to confront Phazorus in the Great Palace, where Phazteagle forcibly removed Phazorus from the throne and labelled him banished from Phazon. Before he left, he ordered Phazero collect dozens of Draycans and Khazachnids, including Zykron, as well as retrieving Raliace. Sometime later, Phazorus was found searching for a replacement power for the Source.

A New PowerEdit

The Cosmic RiftEdit

Moonlight DominionEdit


The Once and Future KingsEdit

The SchattenreichEdit


After absorbing the Primordial Core, Phazorus gains new transformations which make him much more powerful. Due to his past connection with the Source and his connection with Sirok Energy, Phazorus' powers with the Primordial Core become much more dangerous as he transforms. After regressing back to his regular form and shape, Phazorus can gain a boost in power.

Primordial MantraEdit

Phazorus gains bone-like structures over his lower arms and legs, shoulders, lower jaw, shoulder blades and forehead, with the latter giving him a pair of small horns.

Sanctus MurdéEdit

Malus PravionEdit


A form Phazorus assumes after the body of Malus Pravion shatters. This form gives Phazorus the appearance of a demon. The form gives Phazorus black skin that almost fully replaces his original skin colouring. His hair becomes long and black, and he gains a pair of large wings. He grows a long, whip-like tail and hair at his waist. He gains teal markings on his face, arms and legs, and gains two simple upright horns on his head. Bizarrely, he retains the bone-like claws and elbow spikes of his Pravion form, which turn slightly dark in colour. After attaining this form, it becomes permanent, meaning Phazorus cannot change back to his original form once it is used.

Murcielago MantraEdit

Murcielago Malus PravionEdit

Archdemon PragiusEdit



  • Source Column
  • Source Blade
  • Source Dragon
  • Executioner Cannon

Sirok EnergyEdit

  • Sirok Column
  • Sirok Blade
  • Sirok Dragon
    • Sirok Ark Dragon
  • Sirok Cannon
    • Sirok Break Cannon
    • Sirok Ark Cannon
  • Pulse
    • Pulse Maxim
  • Off Waves
  • Executioner Cannon
  • Photon Buster

Primordial CoreEdit


Meta PowersEdit

Opinions on OthersEdit

  • Hardware - Phazorus finds Hardware's constant scheming annoying, and is very disappointed with his constant failures. Phazorus has considered demoting Hardware to third in command.
  • Cato - Phazorus praises Cato's success, and considers promoting him to second in command.
  • Celesta - Unconfirmed
  • Risu - Although he hates Risu, Phazorus admires Risu's warrior spirit.
  • Evirak - Phazorus formerly saw Evirak as a powerful man with a strong empire. Following a specific Exon Alliance meeting, Phazorus decided that Evirak was not worth the stomach and began to see him as a callous but weak imp who hides behind his empire. Phazorus has also gained the assumption that Evirak will soon turn on him.
  • Blaize - Phazorus does not love Blaize, despite being her husband. He has only married her for control of her homeworld.
  • Karvon - Phazorus sees Karvon as a mistake. He believes Karvon may cause the downfall of the Xanians, and is prepared to kill him and enlist a new Grandmaster of Xanex if he does something he'll regret.
  • Matrix - Phazorus sees Matrix as a powerful force who can be a powerful ally or a strong enemy of the Legion.
  • Haler - Although Phazorus knows little of Haler, he views Haler's methods as unclean, and compares them to Orion.
  • Drake - Phazorus finds Drake a big annoyance, believing his arrogant and cocky attitude can interfere with his schemes.
  • Vzark - Phazorus considers Vzark, like the rest of the Freedom Fighters, a pest
  • Phade - Phazorus despises Phade, and is annoyed by the fact that he is the only person capable of removing him from the Phazon throne.
  • Phazteagle - 
  • Robertonte
  • Muerto