Phazon Speeders are multiple different types of hoverbike. They are typically fast and can traverse over their specific typing with ease.

Speeder VariantsEdit

  • Phazon Landspeeder - The basic form of Speeder, Landspeeders typically can travel over basic ground.
  • Phazon Sandspeeder - A slight upgrade to the Landspeeder, the Sandspeeder can travel across sand without being damaged from rust or corrosion.
  • Phazon Snowspeeder - Landspeeders which can travel in ice cold or snowy regions without the engines or electronics freezing over.
  • Phazon Seaspeeder - A "boat" variant of the Landspeeder, the Seaspeeder can typically drift across beds of water.
  • Phazon Subspeeder - The Subspeeder is a variant of the Seaspeeder that can travel underwater, it cannot be damaged by water pressure.
  • Phazon Skyspeeder - An air variant of the Landspeeder, Skyspeeders can fly into the air.
  • Phazon Magmaspeeder - A variant of the Seaspeeder capable of travelling across lava or magma without melting.
  • Phazon Solarspeeder - A variant of the Magmaspeeder which can travel on the surface of stars.