Phazons are royal blue-skinned humanoid aliens that originate from planet Phazon, which is also royal blue in colour. Phazons are depicted as a warrior race, with elements similar to Earth's Romans, Nazi Germans, and sometimes Vikings. Phazons are skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and know how to weild many weapons, and have divine capabilities of weapon construct, ranging from simple melee weapons to devine battle armour and superweapons of mass destruction. The Phazon race is known for it's benevolent empire, which was overturned and realigned into a supremacist malevolent military by it's current ruler. Each Phazon has devine immunity to the cold, and are resistant to freezing to death.

Types of PhazonEdit

  • Standard - Basic Phazons, standard Phazons are very generic and have no general role with the empire
  • Soldier - The basic soldier Phazon, the soldiers do the ground work for the empire 
  • Elite - A stronger equivalent to basic soldiers, there is always 1 Elite for every 10 soldiers in a squad
  • Legate - A strong guard class of Phazon, Legates rarely leave their posts unless ordered by a superior. Legates are often used in homefront conflict
  • Royal Guard - A guard class always positioned to guard the emperor
  • Warrior - A mystical class of Phazon, Warriors are only afflicted with truly benevolent emperors, and only follow Sages
  • Espionage - A special class of Phazon, working solely for malevolent emperors as spies or theives
  • Captain - Commanders of a squad of up to 250 men
  • Commander - Commanders of up to 25 squads, having command over the captains of each
  • General - Commanders of entire fleets of massive numbers, generals work directly under the current emperor
  • Emperor - The emperor, or empress, on occasion, is the ruling monarch of Phazon, having a 50 year service unless this is excused by the current Sage, or if the emperor forces his way into obsolete power, a feat only achieved twice. Emperors are selected through heirs, if the current emperor has no son or daughter, he can be excused of the 50 year service or will be removed from power. If no heir is concieved until their removal from power or death, the role will be placed on the next of kin. Emperors have power to enact law, enforce execution and freely manage property
  • Sage - A mystic force and celestial figure, Warriors train to become Sages up until the age of 60, where they may or may not become a Sage.
  • Grand Sage - A deity on Phazon, the Grand Sage has the power to choose who becomes a Sage. When the Grand Sage dies, the current eldest Sage becomes the Grand Sage of a new era. Grand Sages are allowed to execute corrupt Sages.