Phazaron Damius


Freedom Fighters

Legion of Phazon (Formerly)

Race Phazon

Phazani Damius - Sister

Phazteagle Rezfada - Love Interest



Allies Freedom Fighters

Legion of Phazon

Zestronite Empire

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Phazaron is a Phazon and a member of the Freedom Fighters. He is known for betraying the Legion of Phazon.


To Betray an EmpireEdit

Phazaron was a hard working Legion official, but wad ordered around by his superior, Phazald. When the currently unnamed Freedom Fighters arrived, he ignored Phazald's orders and fired their prototype weapon at a generator, severely wounding Phazald. Phazald was then finished off by Vzark. Phazaron aided the Freedom Fighters by giving them information about the Legion.

Other ConflictsEdit

Phazaron helped out in the battles in Cuba and Bermuda Tower, and later accompanied Risu to Squirreldonia. He was vital towards the Freedom Fighters and House of Cards gaining access to the Sinclair Mansion on Eris, as he had a passcode given to him when he was on Eris working for Phazald. Phazaron also helped Grey find his ship and helped fight the Aztecs. Phazaron also aided Risu's team to New Vexia, the battles against the Trions, the attack on St. Basil's Cathedral, the attempted attack on the Island of Babylon, the quest for the Almanacs, the brawl on the Wing Fortress and the quest on Phazon, where he mostly assisted Phazteagle. He decided to remain on Phazon when the Freedom Fighters left.