Phazalis Recetus


Legion of Phazon


Doctor Recetus - Nickname

Good Doctor - Nickname

Race Phazon

Corruption - Creation

Corrosion - Creation

Carboxyl - Creation

Allies Legion of Phazon

Freedom Fighters

House of Cards


Phazalis -

The Tyrannical Doctor -

Phazalis Recetus is a Phazon scientist and a general of the Legion, he is notorious for conducting cruel experiments or creating deadly weapons, he is responsible for the creation of the Earthsplitter, Sand-Nullifier, Vapor Cannon, the symbiote Corruption and the prototype weapon, Rambicorn, which is his primary weapon of choice. Phazalis is also responsible for converting Hardware into a machine and turning Ganken into a cyborg. He is also responsible for making the Freedom Fighters crash land on Eris, and trapped them on it by ordering the activation of their Planet Shield.


Early LifeEdit

Most of Phazalis' history is unknown. He has studied science since a young age.

Legion of PhazonEdit

Phazalis was later met by Phazorus, who saw Phazalis' scientific genius. Phazalis later created and helped create various Legion technology, including super weapons, and the AI, Kythor.

Encounter with the Freedom FightersEdit

When headed to Squirreldonia, the Freedom Fighters encountered the Cyan Warphade, a warship owned by the Legion, with Phazalis on board. Phazalis ordered the Freedom Fighters' ship be destroyed, but after learning Hardware was going to arrive, he ordered a cease fire. While Hardware was taking care of the Freedom Fighters, Phazalis had given Ganken cybernetics and while he were focused on working on Ganken, a few chemicals created by him mixed together and soon formed into the being known as Corruption. Phazalis then tended to repair Hardware's mechanical body and replace his arm, Hardware then left for Earth. When the Freedom Fighters left Squirreldonia to return to Earth, Phazalis downed their ship with the Cyan Warphade's Phase Cannon, where they crashed on Eris. Phazalis quickly ordered Colonel Purkhus, a supersoldier he had injected with the Fadric Formula some time earlier, to activate their Planet Shield, preventing the Freedom Fighters from leaving. He later created Corrosion and Carboxyl.