Pharon Durok


The Zestronite Empire


Weasel - By other Zestronties

Race Zestronite


Allies None
Enemies Evirak Romanus

Pharon Durok was the trecherous 3rd in Command of the Zestronite Empire. He had a strong hatred for Evirak, and had failed in many plots against him. He was suprisingly intelligent and a good hand to hand combatant though he appeared much weaker.


Arrival on EarthEdit

Pharon went to Earth with Evirak and remained on Alpha Station for a while. When Drake and his friends escaped Delta Station, Pharon had them cornered. As he was about to kill them, but unknown figure revealed to be Cade kicked Pharon into the portable gallows, after a breif scuffle, Cade severed Pharon's arm. Pharon retreated and was then brutalised by Evirak for running away. He plotted against Evirak for months, and managed to sneak an assassin into Evirak's royal guard. The assassin wounded Evirak and Evirak was said to have died, but unknown to Pharon, Evirak was still alive. Pharon had Torik arrested and locked away, Pharon then made sure that Torik would support him. Pharon then assumed control of the Empire with Torik's support.

War on the PhazonsEdit

Pharon soon began to compromise everything Evirak had worked towards. Pharon openly declared war on the Phazons rather then getting the Xanians and the Phazons to destroy each other.


Pharon set up a meeting where he and Phazorus could meet and fight. They decided on Greenland. Pharon arrived late having been held up. Evirak however was already there along with his siblings watching from the distance. Before the fight began, Evirak's pet, Hanton attacked Pharon. Evirak froze Pharon's limbs to the side of an icy mountain. He then force fed Pharon one of Hanton's treats. Hanton spent 5 minutes ripping through Pharon to find the treat, killing Pharon in the process.