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Phazaricadus, better known as Phade, is the current Grand Sage of Phazon, and is a powerful ice users. Phade stands as the most powerful and daunting figure feared by Phazorus, as Phade has the capability to potentially destroy the Legion of Phazon, hence why Phazorus fled Phazon.



Phade was first seen by Risu during the battle at Cuba, where his presence caused Hardware to briefly gain an upper hand. He was next seen by Bzine in the Time Box, who saw Phade look directly at him, despite the fact that the Freedom Fighters and Merloo were the only ones actually in the room. He is next seen by Cade during the brawl at Reginal Sinclair's Manor on Eris. Phazaron briefly saw Phade during the skirmish at the Nothern Akane Base. Helioptican saw Phade during the battle in Red Square. Vzark saw a faint figure of Phade in his Almanac Vision. Phade soon appeared on the Wing Fortress, where he stopped Phazorus' deadly Executioner Cannon from killing Vzark, while he was there, he transported the Freedom Fighters to a remote island. Phade later appeared in Lurenos' lab to free Risu, Warren, Vzark, Helioptican, Trish and Cade, telling them his identity will be revealed very soon.


After the Freedom Fighters arrived on Phazon per Phazteagle's instruction, Phade introduced himself, and told them his goal. He sent the group to collect the keys to a sacred door while he did research on the Tower of Phaz Raa and about the Crimson Republic, which he learned had become an underground enclave from his friend, Crimsane Vakritas. Occassionally, Phade kept tabs on the Freedom Fighters' progress and answered the questions of those who remained behind. After Hardware attacked, Phade watched the battle between him and Vzark carefully, and informed Vzark he has much to learn and has to clear the darkness from his heart. After the group returned from the ruins of the Tower of Phaz Raa, he gave them a Galaxian Atlas in exchange for the keys they had and the old books they found. Later, he used the keys to open the sacred ice door, revealing the Sword of the Source, he learned that Phazorus had arrived and instructed the group to board their ships in the case that they get caught in the crossfire between him and Phazorus. Outside, the two confronted each other and got locked in a tiranic battle, where Phade constantly outdid Phazorus' own attacks. Phazorus attempted to rush Phade in an unavoidable attack, but Phazteagle tried to defend him, however, using quick thinking and instinct, Phade used the sword to forciblt remove the Source from Phazorus and insert it into Phazteagle. Phade later witnessed the death of Jack during their escape from the Northern Tundra, and watched Zaris defeat Hardware. He later watched the Enderbane lay waste to Legion-controlled buildings, and saw the Freedom Fighters off when they left for Earth.

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Phade is a very powerful mage, meaning he knows multiple spells, and can even break even the strongest of trances. He is also a very powerful ice user, being far more powerful in using the element than Vzark. Phade is also a master swordsman, and can weild any melee weapon with advanced skill. Phade is also very agile and limber, being able to curl into a ball for others to use as a weapon and being able to climb anything, as well as being able to dodge many otherwise unavoidable attacks. With the Sword of the Source, he is able to siphon the Source out of it's current bearer.


  • Sōō Hebitaka (Lit. Two Kings Snake Hawk) - Sōō Hebitaka is a technique that gives it's user a snake skull as a gauntlet, with white fur attached to the back of it., which has what appears to be a snake skeleton of ice attached to the back of it, and a closed left wing. The user also gains tallons covering their left thumb, index finger and ring finger. The snake skull hides a segmented sword of ice that resembles steel.
    • Kobura no Migiude (Lit. Right Arm of the Cobra) - Hobura no Migiude creates a sphere of ice from the snake gauntlet and fires it as a cannon.
    • Taka no Hidariude (Lit. Left Arm of the Falcon) - Taka no Hidariude opens out the closed wing and allows the user to glide at high speeds. The wing can slash through anything.
    • Reitō Kitokuchi (Lit. Frozen Bite) - Sōō Hebitaka's snake jaws open wide and bite down on the victim. The bite has enough force to break bones or tear body parts away.
    • Sunēkukoiru (Lit. Snake Coil) - An attack that coils the snake skeleton around the enemy like an arm. It can then be used to pull the enemy to the ground, throw them around or just be used as a simple whip.
    • Hebi no Kiba-Hō (Lit. Snake Fang Cannon) - A powerful ice cannon that is cold enough to reduce those hit by it to ash. Hebi no Kiba-Hō is fired from the jaws of Sōō Hebitaka's gauntlet.
  • Sankei no Shi (Lit. Three Lords of Death) - A successor to Sōō Hebitaka. Sankei no Shi "upgrades the body to give the user four scorpion legs as well as a scorpion tail.
    • Furosuto Shi (Lit. Frost Death) - A mist-type attack that freezes the victim to death. Once the victim has been frozen, their body seems to fall apart as if it has been sliced up.
    • Furīzusutingā (Lit. Freeze Stinger) - An attack that causes one's blood to freeze if stung by the scorpion tail.
    • Sukōpion no Maitiāmu (Lit. Mighty Arm of the Scorpion)
  • Tsurara (Lit. Ice Pillar) - An attack that raises a large block of ice from the ground. Used to launch opponents into the air. Requires an ice setting.
  • Shimo Meisu (Lit. Frost Mace) - The user creates a large, spiked, frozen gauntlet. It can be used as a bludgeon weapon, while it's true use is to be launched out and used as a ball and chain-type of weapon.
    • Shimo Meisu: Kōen (Lit. Frost Mace: Light Circle) - The mace of Shimo Meisu is spun around and draws a cyan light circle. This circular light can then be used to blast down, consuming everything within it's circumference with light and freezing them.
    • Shimo Meisu: Saikōhō Kēji (Lit. Frost Mace: Pinnacle Cage) - The mace is launched high into the air and is then pulled down onto the ground. After smashing down on the ground, the floor surrounding it freezes, freezing anything that touches the frozen floor.
    • Shimo Meisu: Keimusho Saikuron (Lit. Frost Mace: Prison Cyclone) - The mace is spun around in circles, creating a powerful, freezing wind torrent that fires thousands of ice shards. It can freeze anything in it's path.
  • Kōri no Yari (Lit. Ice Spear) - A simple ice blast that can pierce through things.