Orion Dimitrius Quadroceptus


Legion of Phazon

Race Redline Tetrocombian-Aztec

Deciduous Quadroceptus - Father

Ginevra Quadroceptus - Mother

Helioptican Quadroceptus - Sister

Cade Quadroceptus - Brother

Decerus Quadroceptus - Grandfather

Hardware Quadroceptus - Brother

Seamus Quadroceptus - Son

Zion Quadroceptus - Brother


Phazorus Rezfarda - Superior

Cato Legolias - Comrade

Phazalis Recetus - Comrade

Phazar Rodimus - Subordinate

Phazald Rodimus - Subordinate

Jarrod Glanluca - Assisstant

Barack Obama - Forced Subordinate

Novac Talybieus - Comrade

Hardware Quadroceptus - Comrade

Seamus Quadroceptus - Subordinate

Phazenus Quadroceptus - Subordinate

Blaize Rezfarda - Comrade

Daedric Rezfarda - Subordinate

Daedalus Rezfarda - Subordinate


Cade Quadroceptus - Nemesis

Risu Cadius -Nemesis

Helioptican Quadroceptus - Nemesis

Vzark Ryddias - Nemesis

Zaris Windhelm - Arch Rival

Drake Ryunexo - Arch Nemesis


Orion -

Orion (Battle) -

Asphalt Orion -

Chaos Orion -

Anarchy Orion -

Chaotic Minds -

Aztec Orion -

Greater Orion -

Omicron Orion -

Omega Orion -

Dark Orion -

Anger of Orion -

Orion's Metamorphosis -

Darker Metamorphosis -

Orion Approaches -

Orion Waits -

Zaris vs Orion -

Zaris Confronts Orion -

Zodiac Zaris vs Dark Orion (Part I) -

Orion's Hatred -

Ballad of Orion -

Chaos Walking -

The Evil of Men -

"Next stop, ROCK BOTTOM!!!"
- Orion, after pummelling Zaris and Drake into the ground.

Orion Quadroceptus is a Legion of Phazon general and brother to it's second-in-command, Hardware. Like his brother, Cade, and mother, Cayledia, Orion is a Redline Tetrocombian, who have red lines on their skin. Orion also has Aztec features on his body, including a stone lower jaw, due to absorbing the life energy from an Aztec during the first Aztec invasion.


Skirmish in Chichen ItzaEdit

Orion met the Freedom Fighters for the first time in Chichen Itza, where he ordered their capture. He then imprisoned them within a labyrinth beneath El Callisto, where Phazon soldiers would attempt to kill them in a literal game of cat and mouse. Luckily, Cade and a few other Freedom Fighters had managed to arrive and saved their comrades, forcing Orion to go in and fight. The Freedom Fighters managed to blow up the labyrinth, while Ganken was mortally wounded by Bzine. Orion quickly escaped with Ganken.

Clash in the Magma DomeEdit

Orion later returned to attack the Freedom Fighters, who had attacked the Magma Dome. Despite the Freedom Fighters' best efforts, even managing to launch Orion into the magma, Orion, in his Chaos form, managed to defeat them along with his brother, Hardware. Orion's hopes of crushing Cade were in vain, however, when Ketri arrived, now with a cybernetic body, and managed to destroy Hardware's mechanical body, unaware that Hardware had downloaded his mind and memories to keep him alive. Orion then ordered the evacuation of the Dome.

Aztec InvasionEdit

Orion returned once again during the Aztec Invasion, where he saw Drake chasing an Aztec who had a mysterious book in it's hand. Orion sought the book for himself, and seized the Aztec, absorbing it's life energy, becoming Aztec Orion. Drake attacked Orion in an attempt to retrive the book, but Orion was too strong to keep up with, and Orion showed off some of his more brutal techniques, including using Drake as a skyboard 1500ft in the air, and slamming him to the ground. Orion then teleported the two to the arctic, where he froze Drake in place, and read every single page in his book, gaining all of the powers it can give. Drake managed to get free, but Orion teleported them both to Oregon and buried his face in the sand, before deserting him there.

The BrawlEdit

Orion later attacked Freedom HQ at random and without warning. He was attacked by Drake, but managed to grab hold of him. Zaris joined in and Orion promptly teleported the three of them to an unspecified location in Utah. They fought, but Orion seemed to have the upper hand. After knocking Zaris away, Orion fought one on one with Drake, however the young warrior's overconfidence got the better of him, and Orion kicked Drake in the side of the head, launching him into a wall and knocking him into a coma. Zaris, initially believing Drake to be dead, transformed into his Byradiir form and managed to turn the tide of battle, but failed to prevent Orion's escape.

Sapphire AlmanacEdit

Orion later appeared in the Yonaguni Monument, appearing just as Matrix and Calitis found the Sapphire Almanac. Orion quickly snatched it, and a skirmish broke out between all parties, with Cade and Rhydiac eventually joining in. Orion soon triggered an Almanac Vision, and Rhydiac managed to gain the Almanac, but it was quickly taken by the Freedom Fighters. Rhydiac decided to flood the temple, submerging Orion in water, but the Freedom Fighters escaped.

The Sword of AztecEdit

Orion showed up on the Island of Babylon, with how he survived the flood being a mystery. Orion witnessed Matrix using the Almanacs to power up the Sword of Aztec and unite more Aztec Ruins, speciically those that were found on the moon. After watching the Freedom Fighters be banished from the island, Orion flew in to snatch the Sword of Aztec, although this was all part of Matrix's master plan.



Unlike Hardware and Zion, Orion is very malicious and much more brutal in his plans, going as far as stealing the life force of an Aztec just to make himself stronger. Orion is less tactical than his brothers, turning to brutal methods just to make people tell them valuable information. Like Hardware, Zion and other Phazon generals, Orion is extremely loyal to Phazorus.


Orion is a capable fighter, having trained in multiple universal martial arts methods while a teenager on Tetrocombinus. Due to having Redline, some of Orion's electrical abilities appear red in colouration. Orion appears to have an interest in impurity.

Orion's transformations appear to affect his sanity, but he truly hides this as a ruse to make others belive he is predictable and easier to tackle, implying he is a good strategist in his schemes. Orion will attempt to strike vital areas while fighting enemies, and keeps a collection of weapons used by his worthiest foes, who have fallen in trying to defeat him.


Asphalt OrionEdit

Orion's first transformation, in this form, Orion gains bat-like wings and a slightly demonic body structure. The red-lined portions on his skin glow slightly. Gained after eating the heart of Ethus Quathe, as he viewed her as unclean, and knew of her people's heart-power absorption method (Eating their hearts). This form is replaced by his Greater form, which he assumes after absorbing an Aztec.

Chaos OrionEdit

Orion's second transformation, in this form, he gains even more demonic features, such as horns, spiked elbows and a now spiked tail. His electronic and psychokinetic powers increase drastically, this form becomes stronger after absorbing an Aztec.

Anarchy OrionEdit

Orion's third form and the final form pre-Aztec absorption. Orion increases in size and his demonic features and abilities intensify, how having sharper claws, spikes knees and heels, horns eitherside of his face and spiked knuckles. After absorbing an Aztec, this becomes his second most powerful form, with the form's abilities increasing due to Aztec absorption.

Aztec OrionEdit

A form Orion permanently takes after absorbing an Aztec's life energy, he gains an Aztec-like lower jaw, shoulders, hips, elbows and knees, as well as a spherical stone plate forming on his chest which has an ancient Aztec engraving on it.

Greater OrionEdit

An alternate verion of Orion's Asphalt form, which he can no longer assume due to absorbing an Aztec. He gains the traits found in the Asphalt form, but are more Aztec-like.

Omicron OrionEdit

A form with power between his Greater and Chaos forms, this form resembles both forms with much more Aztec features, his Redline becomes a light blue colour like his Aztec marking.

Omega OrionEdit

A form with power between Chaos and Anarchy forms, and closely follows his Omicron form, which often allows him to skip the Chaos transformation, this form resembles all three forms, and his Aztec marking becomes red. His Redline returns to it's natural colour in this form. Unlike the Anarchy form, he does not grow larger in this form.

Dark OrionEdit

Orion's final transformation, this form resembles his Anarchy and Omega forms, but his body is now entierly black and he is slightly larger than his Anarchy form. His Aztec marking and some of his Redline turn red while he is charged up.

Opinions on OthersEdit

  • Hardware - Orion respects Hardware as his older brother and superior.
  • Phazorus - Orion respects Phazorus as his emperor.
  • Zaris - Orion hates Zaris very much, although they both have a long history of hatred, they are sworn enemies.
  • Drake - Orion dislikes Drake due to his association with Zaris, and the fact that Drake is often saved by Zaris. Due to this, Orion strives to target Drake in order to get Zaris.
  • Risu - Although Orion does not know much about Orion, he will recognise Risu as an enemy.