October Roberto Vivaldi


Confederacy of Bounty Hunters

Race Acrodion

November Vivaldi - Brother

September Vivaldi - Sister

December Vivaldi - Father


Tambourine Okoros - Comrade

Fasiir Tsanion - Comrade

Zoo Melei - Comrade

Rhas Kheras - Comrade

Xiao Xenoreavus - Comrade

Merecoid Timpani - Comrade

Ecruteak LaAmour - Comrade

Ilum Svenak - Comrade

November Vivaldi - Comrade

Raxus Sicarius - Comrade

Avion Baracova - Comrade


Freedom Fighters

Lievre Scabrad


October -

The Yellow Assassin -


October Vivaldi is an Acrodion Bounty Hunter and a member of the Confederacy of Bounty Hunters. October is feared in some places, having struck terror on an entire galaxy. October is highly skilled with assassinations, and sometimes makes kills as quiet as possible, but he prefers directly killing targets in public, before disappearing into the crowd. October is one of the most wanted criminals of Zeta Prime, a large market planet that travels freely across the universe.


The Rise of OctoberEdit

October's history, like his younger brother November's, is enshrouded in mystery. October began working as a bounty hunter at the age of 16, and he was mostly positioned on Zeta Prime, where he became notorious and was placed on it's most wanted list within 5 years. Now aged 21, October spread out to do various other assassinations and tasks. At one point, October met Lievre Scabrad, a fellow assassin. They became close allies until Lievre was forced to accept a bounty on October's head. Believing Lievre had betrayed him, October vowed to destroy everything Lievre had, and killed his family, the one thing used against Lievre to force him into accepting the bounty.

The ConfederacyEdit

October soon became one of the greatest assassins in the universe, and, having various allies including Tambourine and Xiao, decided to create an organisation where it's members would be hired to carry out tasks for employers. October then started recruiting assassins such as Avion, Raxus and his own brother, November.

Hunting for BloodEdit

October was later met by Hardware of the Legion of Phazon, who tasked him with hunting down Ketri and Iora, who had recently escaped from Squirreldonia. October found and destroyed their ship, but did not find them. October met Vzark, who made a ruse that he did not know who the Squirreldonians are. October left after planting a tracking device on Vzark's ship, and reported the encounter and where the ship is headed to Hardware.

Odd Jobs of the Exon AllianceEdit

October and the Confederacy later arrived on Earth, the location of two of their main employers, the Legion of Phazon and Zestronite Empire. Here, October and the Confederacy carried out various odd jobs.