Octavian Armstice

Octavian Markonite


Freedom Fighters

Merloo Cadius

Saturday Cadius


Legion of Phazon


The Octavian Armstice is a Squirreldonian paramilitary formed by Octavian Markonite, the force was formed after the Phazon attack on Squirreldonia, which led to Phazons enslaving hundreds and forcing the king to leave the planet. The resistance picked apart the remaining Phazon bases on the planet, and nearly attacked the Freedom Fighters' camp after they arrived, believing Phazaron to be evil, despite his benevolence and betrayal from the Legion. They have approached Merloo, uncle of prince Risu, in attempts of getting him to join, being refused each time.


  • Octavian Markonite - Leader
  • Daction Renfield (Missing)
  • Ategus Argon
  • Pendleton Hayseed (Formely)
  • Marina Septem
  • Pharec Foelda
  • Cynthia Tessia (Unoffical Freedom Fighter)
  • Jake Rasture (Deceased)
  • Several unnamed Squirreldonians