Aliases Ancient of Knowledge
Race Royal Ancient

Angel-Ion - Brother

Arkan - Brother

Tyran - Brother

Korgan - Brother

Allies None
Enemies None

Neuron is the ancient of Knowledge. Because of this, he has knowledge of absolutely everything that occurs in the universe. He however has forbidden himself from revealing certain sections of this information.


Early LifeEdit

Neuron's creation is unknown. He however created himself 4 brothers from his own life force. He and his brothers created the known universe but conflict arouse when they created life. The brothers fell out, Neuron remaining neutral. The brothers left Neuron's realm and he remained in solitude. Neuron realised that they could cause chaos if they ever fought each other. He allowed each one to create their own realm, and then he trapped them inside to prevent them from fighting each other.


Armadaus soon found Neuron's realm entrance in the Arctic Circle and encountered Neuron. Neuron allowed Armadaus to discover his future in the library based realm. Armadaus then left discovering he was going to die.