Nearan Romanus


Zestronite Empire

Race Zestronite

Evirak Romanus - Brother

Sylrana Romanus - Sister

Ruselt Romanus - Brother

Jarak Romanus - Brother

Roarak Romanus - Father

Tylian Romanus - NMother

Toranican Romanus - Grandfather

Kyrax Romanus - Nephew


Evirak Romanus - Superior

Sylrana - Comrade

Ruselt Subordinate

Enemies The Freedom Fighters

Nearan -

Following Evirak's Shadow -

Unnerving -

Nearan Romanus is Evirak's brother and the second in command of the Zestronite Empire. He is a very shady person who tends to play on people's emotions rather then immediatly fighting them. He is dark hearted and intelligent making him one of the deadliest zestronites.


Zestron and EarthEdit

Nearan played a large role in helping Evirak overthrow Roarak and killing Jarak. He served Evirak loyally from that point on. When Evirak discovered Earth, Like alot of the higher ranks, Neran remained on alpha station and observed. When Evirak survived an assassination attempt, Nearan was there to aid him and watched Evirak get revenge on Cato and Torik.


Evirak once again had buisness on Zestron and left Nearan in command of the Zestronite Empire. He continued Evirak's project and made it flow more efficiently. He authorised the begining of Operation Hell leach and Operation Element 442. In the process, he managed to gain all of Africa for the empire. After Operation Element 442, Phase mid-Africa, Ganken demanded to see Nearan. Nearan however played innocent and claimed that the Jarkan Radiation spillage was an accident. Ganken then threated to blow up mid-Africa but Nearan manipulated Ganken by merely stating facts that it was a bad idea. Using Vera, Nearan discovered Calitis' laptop in which he ordered Equinox to hack it. He then gained a file on every single Freedom Fighter aswell as their weaknesses.

Project Rodent TrapEdit

Nearan appeared on the Freedom Fighter's TV and told them how he has a file on each and every single one of them and it contains their weaknesses. He says that if they attack Zestronite territory, he will give a copy of the file to every single enemy of the Freedom Fighters, causing their obliteration. He also says he knows about S.I.A.D.A. (which is information he got through Vera.) He then lied and said that the memory stick he has is the only copy, and he puts this in the box next to his chair. He then reveals that he is currently in Saint Basil's Cathederal in Russia.

War with the XaniansEdit

Nearan was informed that Evirak had woken up from his coma. Nearan briefed Evirak on what had happened in Evirak's absence. Evirak then told Nearan to talk to the new leader of Xanex and attempt to convince him to become independant of the Phazons. Karvon however didn't listen to Nearan. Nearan told Evirak and Evirak told Nearan to attack Korea. Evirak then returned to Earth after sorting things out on Zestron. He spoke to Karvon and Karvon told him to stop the attack on Korea or else he would regret it. Evirak and Nearan ignored Karvon and continued the attack.

The AlmanacEdit

When the Freedom Fighters ran off with the Almanac, Nearan persued them. He stole the Almanac and used its powers to fight the group. He was however defeated when the powers of the Almanac worked against him and Warren pinned him to the ground.


Nearan has a very dark personality. He is intelligent and is extremely patient. He is loyal to Evirak and his siblings but shows no real regard for anyone else. He can be cold and calculating but he has also shown an interest in Earth's history, suggesting he hungers for knowledge. He is extremely calm and he often helps to prevent Evirak from losing his temper. He is an extremely good organiser and is good at keeping track of soldier movements aswell as economic affairs in the empire.

Opinions and RelationshipsEdit

Karvon - Nearan sees Karvon as a leader with great ambition. He however mostly sees him as an incompetant moron trying to play emperor

Sylrana - Nearan heavily distrusts Sylrana but still sees her as a useful asset.


Nearan, being a zestronite has energy manipulation abilities, Holographic abilities and frost abilties. He has super strenght and is extremely agile. His most prominent power is telekenesis, closely followed by his ability to absorb someone's life force from a distance. Nearan has the ability to make someone nausea and fatigue. He is extremely accurate with pistols and is a confident sword fighter. He is suprisingly fast and strong and wields a sword with precision and lethality. Nearan has the ability to turn himself into an energy mass. Using this, he is able to travel through conductive materials such as wires and then reform elsewhere. Any energy absorbed by Nearan will become hostile to the original host, (with the exception of unique energies)


Nearan has short neatly cut black hair and a dark complexion in comparison to Evirak. He, like Evirak is constantly in uniform and imaculately so. Nearan is almost always seen with a sharp grin on his face.