Metrotrains are a form of train created by and used by the Legion of Phazon, and travel across Phazon territroy via the Legion's own metro. All Metrotrains have five docking stations: Alpha Station in Alaska, Gamma Station in Australia, Eta Station in South America, Zeta Station in South Africa and the Legion's Science Facility. They serve as freight trains as well as standard passenger express trains. There have been a total of five special Metrotrains. Normal Metrotrains have 6 to 14 carriages.

Vulcular MetrotrainEdit

The Vulcular Metrotrain is a gigantic 20-carriage super-train that is used to carry an Infeugo Bomb to Ohio in an attempt to blow up the Freedom Fighters in Operation Clean Sweep. The train is connected to a nexus of tracks that go around Phazon territory, the train itself is positioned within the giant weapons facility beneath Australia, and will travel to South America and make it's way up to America, and stop at it's destination in Ohio. To disallude the Freedom Fighters, the Phazons make sure the train's route goes astray, so they will not know which series of tracks it will take or where it will stop. The train was destroyed during a conflict between the Legion of Phazon, Trion Resistance and Freedom Fighters.

Mark IIEdit

Mark II is newer version of the Vulcular Metrotrain, being heavily armoured and highly weaponised.

Falcolar MetrotrainEdit

Sparrowing MetrotrainEdit