Merloo Arthor Cadius


Freedom Fighters

Forsaken Fighters

Race Squirreldonian

Risu Cadius - Nephew

Iora Cadius - Sister-in-Law

Tiyin Cadius - Neice

Sincap Cadius

Ketri Cadius - Brother

Saturday Cadius - Neice


Freedom Fighters

Octavian Armstice


Legion of Phazon

Zestron Empire

Xanian Empire


Merloo Cadius is a powerful mage and the brother of Ketri Cadius, king of the Squirreldonian throne. Despite being visually seen as an "old coot", he is very serious and has his own fsir share of battle wounds, namely an X shaped scar found on his chest.


Early LifeEdit

Merloo was born after Ketri was, meaning he was not the heir to the throne, Merloo was instead fascinated by wizardry, alchemy and potions. When he and his brother became adults, and Ketri took the throne with Iora as his queen, Merloo began working close to the family. After Risu was born and the Legion of Phazon attacked, Merloo helped fight Hardware and his men, briefly fighting Hardware himself in combat, which allowed Ketri to escape. Merloo went into hiding during the rest of the war. He also befriended the Octavian Armstice.

Chronicle of MerlooEdit


Years later, Ketri's son Risu, along with some of his Freedom Fighter allies, arrived on Squirreldonia. Merloo acted as a guide to them, showing them the palace, giving hints to the treasures they were searching for, and helped them find the Time Box. He also saved them from the Scorpachne clan.

Visit to EarthEdit

The Forsaken FightersEdit


Merloo is a powerful mage, being able to create lightning bolts, fire, ice and water, as well as cause whirlpools, tornadoes, tidal waves, fissures, earthquakes, torrents and hurricanes.

He has some skill with a sword, as he has used Byzantine in the past. He can use his staff as a weapon.