The Mark - Former Alias

Forerunner of Babylon

Race Mayan Diety-Aztec

Aztec Race - Creations

Rubius - Creation

Sapphiric - Creation

Amtheyron - Creation

Toparon - Creation

Emerion - Creation

Allies Original Seven - Former Servers

Rubius - Comrade

Sapphiric - Comrade

Amtheyron - Comrade

Toparon - Comrade

Emerion - Comrade

Mark Bearers - Forced Slaves


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Legion of Phazon

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Matrix, formerly under the name of "The Mark", is a sentient diety to the Mayan and Aztec civilisations in the part, and has slight grip on a group of seven people, each having a mark based on a letter of the alphabet. Matrix later loses this grip due to the Freedom Fighters disabling it's weapon. Matrix's goals are to repopulate the universe with his army, the Aztec.


Birth and the First CivilisationEdit

Matrix was born while the Earth formed, and after seeing the beings that appeared over time, he sought to control the dominant race. Soon, humans appeared and created the first civilisation on the planet. Matrix appeared to them as a deity of sorts. He took control of the seven strongest, leaving marks on their bodies. The others rose up against Matrix and sealed him into Earth's core. The seven under Matrix's control were partially freed, and at their deaths, their reincarnations carried the markings over.

Return of the MarkEdit

Matrix returned when the Legion of Phazon dug into Earth's core. The presence of mark bearers (Phazar, Zaris and Drake) was enough for Matrix to break free. He quickly took control of the remaining Mark Bearers, and forced them to build a weapon to wipe out all life on Earth, fortunately, he was foiled by Cade.

War Against EarthEdit

Matrix then appeared on Easter Island, where he built a body for himself and created an entire army of forces, known as Aztecs, from anywhere in the world, he sent them to attack everyone of the planet. He was defeated by the combined efforts of the Freedom Fighters and Legion of Phazon.

Babylon RisingEdit

Matrix later ripped the Gardens of Babylon from beneath New Guinea, and united it with Easter Island. He then allowed the Freedom Fighters to search for him, allowing him to take the staff Cade used to stop his previous weapon. The staff, containing all of the weapon's power, was transformed into the Sword of Aztec and was used to bring the temples containing the Sons of Aztec to the island, as well as Petra and El Callisto. He then allowed Cade to steal the Sword, knowing it will soon return to his possession. He then discarded the other Freedom Fighters.

The Almanacs of TimeEdit

Matrix then learned that Calitis had fulfilled the Sword of Aztec's current purpose, and made plans to collect the newly awakened Almanacs, but instead decided to allow the Freedom Fighters to get them for him. He appeared in the Yonaguni Monument to create a masquerade that he too was after them, but this was out of boredom, but Matrix was dragged into a result, and he managed to get his hands on the Almanac, but his body was destroyed by Jackson, who used an explosive arrow. Satisfied with the events, Matrix continued his plans, seeing potential in the half-Aztec Orion. He later appeared in Egypt in order to distract them, and used the Topac Almanac to deface the Zestronised Pyramid of Giza as well as melt the snow that had covered the expanse. He later teleported Atun Ha to the Island of Babylon after the Freedom Fighters had gained the Almanacs, and used them to further his goals, including powering up the Sword of Aztec, which he allowed Orion to steal, as part of his master plan.

The Secret of the AlmanacsEdit

Rise of the KemonoEdit

Rebirth of the MarkEdit

Mark BearersEdit

The Mark Bearers are reincarnations/possessors of The Mark's original 7 Mayan servers, each having a name begining with the same letter their ancestor holds. Mark Bearers have their marks on specific locations on their bodies.

  • C Mark (Stomach) - Coidono, Ray Nikau
  • R Mark (Right upper arm) - Drake Ryunexo, Bzine Hakar
  • T Mark (Lower left arm) - Veeran
  • V Mark (Left shoulder) - Grey Togruta
  • X Mark (Chest) - Zaris Windhelm
  • Y Mark (Right wrist) - Phazar Rodimus, Helioptican Quadroceptus
  • Z Mark (Back) - Armadaus Xerox, Iora Cadius

Events Caused by MatrixEdit

  • Creation of the Mayan Civilisation
  • Construction of Rome
  • Spanish colonisation of Mexico
  • Attila the Hun's death
  • Roman conquest of Britain
  • Eruption of Mount Vesuvius
  • Seige of Athens
  • Elimination of the Huo Clan
  • Battle of the Nile
  • Assassination of Julius Caesar
  • Foundation of the Second Triumvirate
  • Battle of Actium
  • Death of Cleopatra VII
  • Construction of Hadrian's Wall
  • Construction of Stonehenge
  • The Han Dynasty
  • Saxon invasion of Britain
  • Extreme weather events of 535–536 AD
  • Formation of the Byzantine Empire
  • Collapse of the Mayan Civilisation
  • Viking attacks on Europe
  • Destruction of the Library of Alexandria