Mari-Anne Tessie Kaitlin


House of Cards

Freedom Fighters

Aliases Queen of Clubs - House of Cards Title
Race Erisian

Cade Quadroceptus - Boyfriend


Freedom Fighters

House of Cards


Legion of Phazon

Colonel Purkhus - Arch Nemesis

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Mari-Anne Kaitlin is an Erisian who works as the Quuen of Clubs and a member of the Freedom Fighters.


House of CardsEdit

Mari-Anne joined the House of Cards at an unknown date. After some time, she was elected to be the group's Queen of Clubs.

Freedom FightersEdit

After some time, a ship crashed onto Eris and was found by her comrades, they ship's crew survived, and revealed themselves as the Freedom Fighters, a resistance from Earth. The Freedom Fighters became quick allies and Erised made a deal that if they help the House, their ship will be repaired. Mari-Anne led the Freedom Fighters and a troupe of soldiers to the Sinclair Mansion and managed to kill one of the Sinclair brothers. After meeting the Erisian archer Jackson, and infiltrating White Castle, they managed to kill the other brother. Mari-Anne also helped the Freedom Fighters assault the planet generator so they could escape the planet. She soon decided to go with them to be with Cade.

Other EndeavorsEdit

Mari-Anne was forced to fight Cade when he was being controlled by Rhydiac's Mind Gem, although Helioptican was the one who freed him from it's control. She also helped battle the menacing Azure Dragon and the Aztec forces. Mari-Anne also helped Risu fight Cato, Vakron and Karvon on New Vexia