Lyris Ozarius


Legion of Phazon

Race Isician

Hardware Quadroceptus - Romantic Interest

Allies Legion of Phazon
Enemies Freedom Fighters
Lyris "Lyra" Ozarius is a female Isician and a commander of the Legion of Phazon, she is Hardware's love interest despite him becoming a machine.


Early LifeEdit

Lyra's past is mostly unknow, but she met Hardware during the Legion's invasion of her home planet, and they immediately fell in love. She was later given the rank of commander by Hardware and Phazorus.

Conquest of SylokEdit

Lyra was sent along with Weaponix to subdue the Sylokians' leader so the Legion of Phazon can swiftly claim their planet.


Lyra, being an Isician, is a powerful ice user, being able to create large blizzards and freeze people in place. Lyra is also very fast and has the ability of flight. When using her stronger powers, Lyra's hair and eyes glow light blue.