Lurenos Veltan


Zestronite Empire ( Commander of the ZSS

Aliases The Heartless One
Race Zestronite



Evirak Romanus - Superior

Harkov Parell - Comrade

Three-Point - Comrade

Enemies Freedom Fighters
Lurenos Veltan is the brutal commander of the Zestronite Security Service (ZSS). He has no mercy for his subjects and often shows his darker side while interrogating his unfortunate victims.
Lurenos Veltan

Lurenos Veltan in his ZSS Uniform.


Under RoarakEdit

Lurenos was Roarak's personal body guard. He was often told off by Roarak for being too violent to his subjects. Evirak Romanus noticed this and managed to convince Lurenos that Roarak would be the death of him. Lurenos then betrayed Roarak and played a large role in his overthrow.

Under EvirakEdit

When Roarak was overthrown, Lurenos was made commander of the Zestronite security force. This included control over the concentration camps and prisons. He had once been given priority over torturing the Freedom Fighters but they escaped before Lurenos could get started. Lurenos was also given permission to torture an Akane Clan soldier. He successfully made the Akane member cough up any information about his organisation and Lurenos documented this on a recorder, despite the fact that this soldier knew nothing of recent events, such as Elbrian's takeover.


Lurenos is incredibly brutal and ruthless. He shows no remorse to the people he interrogates and will continue torturing them until they crack. Despite his brutality, he is sophisticated and suave. He is extremely loyal to anyone who he deems worthy, specifically Evirak.