Unique Energies are powers or energies in which each energy can only be controlled by one person. Each energy originally derived from a raw energy crystal or mystical force, and would have been absorbed or merged by the controller. Every energy allows the use of that energy in combat and may also give the user extra abilities.

List of Unique Energies

  1. Exon - A red energy that was absorbed from the Exon crystal by Evirak Romanus. Exon gives Evirak the ability to absorb other unique energies from people who are on the brink of death. One exon blast can cause a large amount of damage, even in minor quantities, making it one of the most powerful unique energies.
  2. Primordial Core - An energy source Phazorus steals from the Cosmic Rift's central core. This energy is very unstable, and can alter it's user's DNA and appearance, but also grants them insane regenerative power, being able to regenerate their head if it is lost. The malevolent energy can give it's user bizarre but powerful abilities, and it has the ability to devour any energy thrown at it. The energy can also create portals to and from the Cosmic Rift. This energy can be used to create energy weapons of various shapes and colours. This unique energy allows its user to distort and rend the fabric of space to create tremendously powerful attacks.
  3. Pulsus - A purple unique energy held by Sarkies. This unique energy allows the user to manipulate gravity to horrifying degrees, such as being able to apply sideways and upside down gravity. He can also amplify his gravity's weight to sheer strengths, and being able to apply two or more gravity warps at once, and can also apply gravity to those who are normally immune to the effects of gravity, such as Klaverans. This unique energy also allows the user to create powerful vibrations, and, much like the Primordial Core, can warp the fabric of space for attacks.
  4. Chaos Energy (Known as Zekanik Energy in the language of Demons) - A black energy that was absorbed by Haler Rivikai. The person feels that their body has been set on fire, and blades being drilled into them, feeling intense pain until The most interesting part of Chaos energy happens. There is a high chance of a Demonic Entity entering the person, (as seen with Typhoon) and either turns them into black sand, where the Demon arises, or literally rips the person apart. It can be used in many forms, as a pure stream of energy, electricity like, or fire like. When in contact with physical material, it will commonly cause an instant explosion, spreading Chaos Energy everywhere. It can be infused into various things, causing new properties to the original thing thats being infused. Often, when Chaos Energy makes contact with other energies of any kind, there is a high chance the Chaos energy will cause the other energy to fizz out. When used in Creation state, it can be used to instantaneously create anything, and or destroy anything. It can also manifest into physical like tendrils, protecting Haler and attacking those around him like it has a mind of its own.
  5. Oscuron - A black energy that was absorbed by Arbiter Zerøkras, it was absorbed from a black energy crystal. This unique energy allows the user to manipulate gravity, shadows and pure darkness. This unique energy grants its user a bizarre regenerative ability, in which the user must find a corresponding body part on a corpse, and use that to build a new replacement.
  6. Negación - A unique energy that is owned by Elzante of the Haze, though it is unknown how he obtained it. This unique energy possesses powerful negating powers that allows it to cancel out standard powers, and all unique energies that are lower in power. This unique energy can also negate pain, suffocation and drowing.
  7. Nefron - A purple energy absorbed from a Nefronium crystal by Hellrath Cyclone. This energy is capable of reanimating the dead and being able to send anything originally from Hell back. Hellrath however isn't powerful enough to control Nefron over large distances if he isn't concentrating.
  8. The Source - The Source is a spherical orb of blue energy held only by the current emperor or empress of Phazon.
  9. Counter-Source
  10. Sirok Energy - A powerful, blue, light energy which is claimed by Phazorus after having the Source forcefully removed from his body, Sirok causes Phazorus' muscle mass to engorge, and give him distinctive light blue veins and new energy abilities.
  11. Feros -  A yellow energy that has been absorbed by a mask that is worn by Verruckt. This energy can inflict terror into anyone who stares at it (To which it can be seen in Verruckt's eyes).
  12. Blut Anhaben - A crimson energy held by Zion. This energy allows the user to weaponise their own blood in different ways, without draining the user's blood or causing any harm.
  13. Horitsu - A very dangerous energy held by Sakazuka. Horitsu is a destructive energy that acts similarly to magma. Horitsu can burn through any material, regardless of whether it is another hot material, a Unique Energy (Which is burned up if touched) or if it is cold/made of water. Horitsu's only weakness is material that is considered absolutely indestructible. Sakazuka can fire Horitsu from his body, turn parts of his body into Horitsu or become a pool of Horitsu's magma himself. It is one of few Unique Energies that cannot be extracted from the body by another source. Horitsu can also burn up anything that attempts to enter Sakazuka's body, mind or soul.
  14. Warukage - A cryptic, dark purple energy that allows the user to steal shadows and instill them into others. As a result of shadow theft, those who are given shadows gain the abilities and personality extensions that originate from the shadow's original owner. If a victim of Warukage walks into sunlight, they are reduced to dust. Warukage is held by Arankara Morrah.
  15. Axon - A green energy that was absorbed from the Axon crystal by Gero Rausen. Its only abilty is to be able to counteract Exon.
  16. Xorite - A gold energy that entered Rhydiac's body at birth, giving him his psychic powers and enhanced hydrokinetic powers (Allowing control of ice, steam and liquid), giving him the status of a demi-god among his people, he was later exiled from his planet after he accidentally wiped out a portion of the population with these powers.
  17. Plasmat Omega - The strongest form of Plasmat. This version is held by Gamma Nohs.
  18. Cero Energy - A blue energy held by Dairuga. This energy can be very destructive as it can be used on a massive scale.
  19. Plasmat Gamma - A strong counterpart to both Plasmat Alpha and Plasmat Delta. This energy is held by Merloo. This counterpart can fire beams.
  20. Primordial Core Fragment - A fragment of the Primordial Core. It was absorbed by Sanshi. The fragment can fire simple energy blasts and can create portals to the Cosmic Rift.
  21. Taiyōnite - A powerful, orange fire-based energy that Cato absorbed into his body at some point in the past. This energy can be considered hotter than any sun.
  22. Rift Energy - A red electrical energy controlled by Zander after he absorbed most of the energy of the rift he was banished to.
  23. Pythlon Shell - A pink energy held by Ryloth. The Pythlon Shell takes the appearance of a pink, shell-like object on Ryloth's wrist. The Pythlon Shell has great telekinetic power.
  24. Grand Dreamcatcher Energy - A green energy that was found inside the Grand Dreamcatcher, which was absorbed into Dreamweaver's body. This energy allows the user to induce sleep, and can then manipulate the dreams of the victim.
  25. Plasmat Alpha - An offensive counterpart of Plasmat Delta that is held by Saturday.
  26. Plasmat Delta - A cyan energy held by Trish, and later Risu. This energy can create solid objects. Plasmat Delta acts as a defensive energy.