Legion of Phazon
Leader Phazorus Rezfarda

Number of soldiers/units

Phazon - 52290 billion

Tetrocombian - 12600 billion

Castrocombian - 9700 billion

Catocombian - 9000 billion

Cryocombian - 11200 billion

Electrocombian - 12000 billion

Trion - 12550 billion

Isician - 250 billion

Ceruleaci - 160 billion

Ganymedan - 2589 billion

Vexian  - 13200 billion

Ivakosaurian - 420 billion

Hexavon - 92 billion

Taocombian - 9620 billion

Crimson - 830 billion (384 billion slaves)

Oloktonian - 346 billion

Alcherite - 560 billion

Acrodion - 970 billion

Saturnian - 32 billion

Pocantus - 850 billion

Sylokian - 992 billion

Neptunian - 760 billion

Nix - 820 billion

Squirreldonian - 42 million

Human - 627 million

Xanian - 120 billion

Arcosian - 520 billion

Heterocombian - 620 billion

Genovian - 570 billion

Fangora - 790 billion

Erisian - 11 billion

Xodin - 670 billion

Sandunican - 120 billion

Xenovian - 15860 billion

Myraxian - 60 billion

Wyverian - 920 billion

Eragonian - 770 billion

Talovian - 870 billion

Czarocombian - 6920 billion

Taphyocombian - 1121 billion

Dastrocombian - 9988 billion

Ectocombian - 8840 billion

Technocombian - 9980 billion

Arkocombian - 5200 billion

Nytocombian - 8866 billion

Zephycombian - 2662 billion

Tsirocombian - 3320 billion

Velkrocombian - 4520 billion

Yvelrak - 1270 billion

Plythmanian - 10 billion

Xioc - 34 billion

Argaron - 73 billion

Exuron - 2 billion

Taurinak - 170 billion

Koenian - 

Ettenian - 

Awtenian - 

Machian - 440 billion

Flambeo - 350 billion

Ryokian - 580 billion

Miysach - 6200 billion

Plasmid - 1200 billion

Thu'un - 19800 billion

Vahaanian - 11883 billion

Laftian - 12 billion

Greeosian - 1780 billion

Baryonux - 67 billion

Pyorian - 390 billion

Elzethian - 992 billion

Qalan - 

Malkean - 96 billion

Crystonian - 442 billion

Volstari - 324 billion

Shaddonian - 663 billion

Wastelander - 3 million

Skunkor - 220 billion

Raccorate - 120 billion

Drone-Ex - 1880 billion

Lomian - 

Gannormine - 2250 billion

Ulceran - 

Aravian - 1180 billion

Bergan - 225 billion

Shadanthrax - 2120 billion

Microbe - 8890 billion

Idooris - 440 billion

Zenonian - 620 billion

Barbaari - 550 billion

Dunjao - 334 billion

Zetonian -

Aqutenzia - 

Adjuchas - 662 billion

Alengenean - 

Shevarian - 5 billion

Willing Races



Freedom Fighters

Octavian Armstice

House of Cards


The Rogues

Akane Clan

Trion Resistance

Arms of Phazon


The Legion of Phazon is a multi-racial supremacist force led by royalty, it has a large and expanding military, and has control of several planets, including Crimson and Eris. The legion is led by Emperor Phazorus Rezfarda, the current emperor of Phazon. The Phazons usually conduct scientific experiments on landscapes or people, and also test equipment on them, such as the deadly Sand-Nullifier and Earthsplitter weapons. They have been shown to be able to create islands using bio-materials and water.


New Emperor of Phazon

Shortly after the treaty with the rival Crimsons, Phazorus began planning meetings with his corrupt uncle, Phazeth. Phazeth claimed that he could make Phazorus the new powerful emperor of Phazon, and they plotted to execute Phazorus' benevolent father, Emperor Phazadus himself. The execution was enacted and the prince of the Crimsons, Crimsane Vakritas, was framed for the emperor's poisoning, causing a war between the two races. Phazorus was crowned Emperor of Phazon by Phade, as soon as the war broke out, and gained victory in the great war. After the war, Phazeth had demanded Phazorus hand over the throne, as he had helped in kill the emperor. Rather than giving over the throne, Phazorus killed Phazeth, and labelled him a traitor to his empire.


Some time later, Phazorus had corrupted over half of the Phazon race, and sent portions of them to take over the other planets in the system, starting with Vexia, when news reached Phazorus that they were also going to attack an already ravaged Crimson, he headed there personally to confront the king and Phazorus' own nemesis, the prince. Phazorus had pretended that he wanted to make amends with the Crimson Republic, but when his back was turned, the king was slain by Phazorus, who stabbed him in the back with a sword. Crimsane attacked Phazorus, only to be beaten by Phazorus' strength from his own training and usage of the recently gained Source inside him. Phazorus had Crimsane exiled from his newly formed Legion, while the fallen king was stored in a large stone sarcofagus along with the sword that killed him, which was hidden inside Phazorus' flagship.

Fourteenth Phazon-Vexian War and the Rebellion

Because the Vexians and Phazons were longtime rivals that have had various wars in the past, the Vexians didn't take the Phazons' attack too kindly, and another war was waged. The two races fought valiantly, and neither showed signs of losing, but this soon changed, and the Phazons began overthrowing the Vexians. After two years into the war, the Vexians eventually gave up and were brought into the Legion thanks to their Grand Warlord, Cato Legolias. Phazorus directed Cato to attack the remaining planets of the system and take over them, while he returned to Phazon, where he found that his sister Phazteagle had formed a rebellion with a quarter of the race. This rebellion soon started a civil war, and Phazorus learned that Phade, the very man who made him Emperor, was helping the new Arms of Phazon. Phazorus attacked the Sanctuary of the Sages in the North Tundra and wiped out all of the Sages save for Phade himself, who was strong enough to hold Phazorus back. Phazorus instead took a different approach and tried to steal the Sword of the Source, so Phade, or anyone else, could not use it to dethrone him, but Phade sealed the door leading to it shut, and used his magics to make all of the keys vanish. Phazorus soon departed, knowing Phade had won this battle, but he hadn't won the war. Knowing she may be a target, Phazorus targetted his mother, Phazorgana, but could not bring himself to kill her, so he instead exiled her from Phazon.


The Legion of Phazon quickly took all of the planets in it's relative system, and began expanding outwards, claiming more planets to control. The Legion eventually came across the Combinus system, a nexus of planets containing a superrace, the Combians. Phazorus, pleased with this find, ordered the attack on the largest planets, Tetrocombinus, Electrocombinus and Castrocombinus. The attack on Castrocombinus did not last long, but the other two planets persisted. Phazorus himself entered the fray and met Hardware Quadroceptus, a powerful warrior from Tetrocombinus. Phazorus promised Hardware that, with the Legion, the Combians could achieve much, much more. Hardware accepted after seeing Phazorus test his own power. The Legion took half of the system, and left to conquer more planets.

Squirreldonia and Earth

Hardware, now second in command of the Legion, found the Solar System, and attacked a pair of planets known as Eris and Squirreldonia. The Erisians quickly gave up due the surrender of Jerald Sykes, one of the members of the Erisian government. The Squirreldonians, however, resisted, and in order to take over the planet, Hardware needed King Ketri, dead or alive. The king escaped with the royal family and a royal advisor, but Hardware was not one to quit, and hired bounty hunter October Vivaldi to hunt them down. October returned empty handed, but informed him that they were headed for Earth. Hardware approached Phazorus to discuss the course of action against a "lesser planet" like Earth. Phazorus dispatched Phazald Rodimus to monitor it in case the humans are in fact deemed too strong. Phazald perished, and, not knowing who did it, Phazorus dispatched Phazar Rodimus to fill in for his lost brother, with the new orders to take over one of the major governing bodies on Earth. This proved successful, but the Legion learned of the existence of the Zestronite Empire, and Hardware was sent to Earth as a precaution. The Legion eventually took control of South Africa, South America, North America and some islands. A race known as the Xanians arrived on Earth and took Australia and New Zealand, however inteference by the Zestronites caused the Legion to attack this new race. Unfortunately for the Zestronites, the Legion promptly took over the Xanians. The Legion's chapters on Earth soon turned most of their attention to a group known as the Freedom Fighters, an infamous group of rebels that had also been involved with other rebel groups, such as the Octavian Armstice, House of Cards and the Gherikan Revolutionaries.

Legionisation Enactment

Wanting to fix the Freedom Fighter problem, Phazorus created the Legionisation Enactment. This was formed to crack down on any forms of resistance on Earth, including the Freedom Fighters and SIADA.

The Grandmaster Protocol

After constant failures at the hands of the Freedom Fighters, Hardware stepped up the game by creating the Grandmaster Protocol, where members of different races would be fitted with cybernetics to enhance their power, while the leaders of said races become Grandmasters, who gain cybernetics far stronger than average.

State Reorganisation Program



  • Crucification


  • Underdome - Captives tend to be sent to the Underdome, where they are forced to kill each other. The winner is omitted of their crimes and is freed.
  • Hanging
  • Guillotine
  • Actocyte Injection - Some guilty felons are often injected with L-Type Actocyte, poisoning their bodies and giving their blood a royal blue colouring.
  • Quick Silver - People are sometimes tossed in liquid silver, where they drown, they are then pulled out and dried, becoming statues.
  • Relocation to Oregon - Some people are often banished to Oregon, where they would either die of starvation, dehydration or become a Wanderer. Everyone here is not removed, meaning bodies sometimes litter the expanse. They are often drowned in the oil plants.
  • Mass Electrocution - People are sometimes strapped to metal chairs and have red electricity sent throughout their bodies until they completely fry.
  • Firing Squad
  • Volcanic Dipping
  • Nanobomb Explosion
  • Anchoring - People sometimes have their feet dipped into buckets of liquid metal, when the metal dries, they are tossed into the ocean.
  • Riplocking - Some people have their feet nailed to floors and have their hands chained to Speeders, the Speeder would then use it's speed and force to rip victims apart. Survivors and taken to the Underdome to be used as targets and decoys in the main arena.
  • Pressure Seal - People are often relocated to an underwater room and have their feet nailed to floors and have their arms chained above their heads, the room then becomes pressurised and soon the victims' bodies rupture and subsequently explode.
  • Death Squad - People may end up the targets of a dispatched Death Squad, the person in question will seem to vanish without a trace.

Major Operations

  • Operation Bermuda
  • Operation Clean Sweep
  • Operation Smoke Out
  • Operation Dark Rose
  • Operation Tempest
  • Operation Noble
  • Operation First Torrent
  • Operation Cosmic Rift
  • Operation Pravion
  • Grandmaster Protocol
  • Legionisation Enactment
  • State Reorganisation Program

Known Resources

Superweapons and Cannons

  • Vapor Cannon
  • Vapor Cannon Prototype
  • Arkron
  • Super Arkron
  • Sand-Nullifier
  • Earthsplitter
  • T-X Cannon
  • Bio-Island Beacon
  • Iron Shell
  • Bermuda Cannon MkI
  • Bermuda Cannon MkII
  • North and South Tower Beacons
  • Phaze Cannon
  • Alpha Buster
  • Omega Buster
  • Genesis Gravity Waves
  • Earth Hammer
  • Omega Cannon
  • Azure Dragon Ultra Mouth Energy Cannon
  • Azure Dragon Dual Palm Blasters
  • Azure Dragon Special Arsenal
  • Planet Shield
  • Caldera Eruptor
  • Mach Rift Cannon
  • Soundwave Devastator
  • Standard Pulse Cannon
  • Lightning Cannon
  • Superior Pulse Cannon
  • Destruction Squad Arm Cannon
  • Phazar's Power Armour Pulse Cannon
  • Expulsion Wavelink
  • Ion Cannon
  • Pulse Cannon
  • Plasmat Arm Cannon
  • Ion Decimator
  • Thunder Cannon
  • Maelstrom Device
  • Cato's Arm Cannon


  • Nano Explosive
  • Nanobyte
  • Legionizational Cybernetics
  • Grandmaster Wrist Bangle
  • Spy Probe
  • Curler
  • Fission Bomb
  • Infeugo Bomb
  • Zero Force
  • Zero Force Plating
  • Solarmagnetic Pulse (SMP)
  • Ultrascopular Radar

Battle Armour and Machines

  • Gallant Hands
  • Iron Gear
  • Destroyer Armour
  • Cato's Destroyer
  • Lyra's Destroyer
  • Destruction Squad Armour
  • Phazar's Power Armour
  • Azure Dragon
  • Cato's Battle Armour
  • Mecha Koolasuchus
  • Mecha Styracosaurus
  • Heavy Reefer
    • Metal Oyster
    • Metal Lobster
    • Metal Conch
    • Metal Sea Slug
    • Metal Nautilus
  • Glire's Battle Armour


  • Actocyte (G-Type)
  • Actocyte (L-Type)
  • Actocyte (X-Type)
  • Fadric Formula


  • Phazianite
  • Azurite
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Zaetonite
  • Silver Palladium

Melee Weapons and Guns

  • Combius Undertow
  • Sandpistol
  • Silverback DX Flintlock
  • Purkhus' Weaponised Cane
  • Black Harbinger
  • Rambicorn
  • Photon Blaster
  • Phaze Rifle
  • Phaze Blaster
  • Blood Spiller
  • Xenoblaster
  • Pain Split Sword
  • Deathbane
  • Ion Katana
  • Flamer
  • Sand Rifle

Land Vehicles

  • Phazon Truck
  • Phazon Armoured Truck
  • Phazon Armoured Tank
  • Phazon Armoured Drill
  • Phazon Armoured Carrier
  • Phazon Armoured Jeep
  • Phazon Armoured Scarab
  • Phazon Sandspeeder
  • Phazon Landspeeder
  • Phazon Snowspeeder
  • Phazon Beetle
  • Phazon Scarab
  • Xenoleech
  • Xenowalker
  • Metrotrain
  • Phazon Blitzer
  • Phazon Armoured Blitzer

Air Vehicles and Ships

  • Phazon Assault Shuttle
  • Phazon Armoured Jet
  • Phazon Skyspeeder
  • Phazon Airship
  • Phazon Cropduster
  • Phazon Dunecrawler
  • Phazon Submarine
  • Phazon Armoured Submarine
  • Phazon Seaspeeder
  • Phazon Subspeeder
  • Phazorus's Private Shuttle
  • Phazon Cruiser
  • Phazon Warship
  • Phazon Flagship
  • Phazon Naval Battleship
  • Phazon Naval Carrier
  • Phazon Naval Destroyer
  • Phazon Armoured Destroyer
  • Phazon Naval Flagship
  • Magma Reaper
  • Phazon Magmaspeeder
  • Phazon Solarspeeder
  • Xenowraith
  • Phazon Supply Ship

Motherships and Supervehicles

  • Malevolent Shadow
  • Blue Asphalt
  • Pyrosphere
  • Onslaught
  • Wing Fortress
  • Impact Mason
  • Cyan Warphade
  • Veehos Airship
  • Makyostorm
  • Sand Scarab
  • Hangedman
  • Lady Silver
  • Omicron
  • Silver Mare
  • Vexic Delta
  • Xenoship XII
  • Xenoship XIII
  • Hand of Arkrome
  • Dread Onyx
  • Death Ball
  • Triton Star
  • Vulcular Metrotrain
  • Vulcular Metrotrain MkII
  • Falcolar Metrotrain
  • Sparrowing Metrotrain
  • Shield Generator of Neptune

Known Headquarters and Bases

  • Grand Palace of Phazon
  • Phazamon Jungle Base (Abandoned)
  • Greater White House
  • Bio-Island
  • Tricorn Tower
  • North Tower
  • North Tower Casern (Rebuilt)
  • South Tower
  • South Tower Casern
  • New Sidney Opera House
  • Xanian Australian HQ
  • Venezuelian Complex
  • Ayers Rock Grounds and Facility (Remodelled)
  • Phazon Weapons Facility
  • Endarion Citadel
  • Fusion Dome
  • Obelisk of Fear (Currently unmade)
  • Sinclair Manor
  • The Octagon
  • Noble Tower
  • Thunder Tower
  • Delta Strip
  • Bermuda Tower (Destroyed)
  • Pearl Harbour
  • Bermuda Complex
  • Mariana Trench City
  • Alpine Cave Base
  • North-West Oil Mine
  • Mount Edziza
  • Mauna Kea
  • Mauna Loa
  • Mount Logan
  • Mount Garibaldi
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Antofallo
  • Volcane Generator
  • Central Complex of Eris
  • Cuba
  • Chichen Itza
  • Legative Moonbase
  • Aegis Complex (Currently unmade)
  • Manhattan Dome
  • Magma Dome
  • Sigma Station
  • Gamma Station
  • Eta Station
  • Zeta Station
  • Reginald's Mansion (Partially destroyed, abandoned)
  • Shield Generator Tower of Eris (Destroyed)
  • Shield Generator Tower of Xanex
  • Shield Generator Tower of Plythmania
  • Shield Generator Tower of Erago
  • Empire Sky Tower (Formerly Empire State Building)
  • Tower of Oregon (Currently unmade)
  • Oregon Oil Works
  • Underdome
  • Eye of Rio
  • Cloister
  • CN Tower
  • South African Camp (Abolished)
  • South African Barracks
  • Czar Capitol
  • South Rim Shipyard
  • Zimbabwe HQ
  • Fiji Base
  • Forsaken Fortress
  • Resort Island
  • Sanctuary of Dethros

Earth Territories

  • Southern Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Marianna Trench
  • Australia
  • New Vexia
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • Bio-Island
  • Morocco
  • Bermuda
  • Madagascar
  • San Juan Isle
  • Xeno-Island
  • Minor islands outskirting Phazon territories, including Tropic of Capricorn and Christmas Island

Known Members


  • Phazorus Rezfarda - Imperator
  • Cato Legolias - Master General of the Legion of Phazon and commander of the Iron Hand
  • Celesta - Queen of Five Houses and Head of Special Affairs
  • Conquering Storm - Head of Punishment Force and Imperator's Personal Guard
  • Hardware Quadroceptus - Head of Intelligence
  • October Vivaldi - High Inquisitor
  • Jerald Sykes - President of America and Head of Earth Affairs
  • Phazalis Recetus - Head of Science
  • Zion Quadroceptus - Head of Strategy
  • Phazebus Rezfarda - Head of Legion Militia
  • Lyra Ozerius - Head of Interrogation and Captain-Command of the Grandmaster Protocol
  • Phazar Rodimus - Head of Defence
  • Dreamweaver Ecrumantum - Head of Intellect
  • Sakēme - Silver King of the Moonlight Dominion and Vice-Command of the Grandmaster Protocol and Punishment Force
  • Warden Zolus - Head of Security and Warden of Oscuro Impel


  • Rodney Sinclair
  • Pendleton Hayseed
  • Rykkon Dracora
  • Oriax Orieus
  • Berith Orieus
  • Karvon Hakar
  • Colonel Purkhus
  • Balrog Quathe
  • Arglax the Destroyer
  • General Orakov
  • Carrion Xandora
  • Phazero Rarkas
  • Oppressor Devakate
  • Warren Kodac
  • Rikkard Kodac
  • Red Zealot
  • Misery Rodimus (Formerly)
  • King Tyrok XIII
  • Ignis Raebus
  • Lady Ebony Shadda
  • Beauregard Monroe
  • Percival Lance
  • Saldon Valos
  • Auro Azurus
  • Phazadin Rezfarda
  • Aquade Barayu
  • Borokai
  • Wulfgang von Stryker (Formerly)
  • Captain Oho
  • Moloctos R'pthus
  • Omega Wastelander
  • Grandum Haltalon
  • Lord Gandao
  • Kiathi Ranadus
  • Ivory St. John
  • Galewig the Greater
  • Nerb Gretz
  • Rzeth Rydax
  • Glire
  • Dethros the Wise
  • Iorclan Leclipce
  • Daedric Rezfarda
  • Daedalus Rezfarda
  • Enphak Quadroceptus
  • Baraki Dujin
  • Arton
  • Anselmo
  • Bride of Limitless Gain
  • Bride of Endless Nights
Iron Hand
  • Valkron Phyrac
  • Hannelore Beresolt
  • Seamus Abaran
  • Drone Ex-Omega
  • Shamisen Ryunexo

Punishment Force

  • Weaponix (Kinzoku Clan)
  • Brisk (Denatsu Clan)
  • Scarach (Scorpius Clan)
  • Culhorne (Moyasu Clan)
  • Mijorin (Kiba Clan)
  • Kavosaurax (Orochi Clan)
  • Zebbi (Yoru Clan)
  • Jyk (Toge Clan)
  • Tachyon (Sokudo Clan)
  • Myrecleth (Mizu Clan)
  • Cymbal (Crotale Clan)
  • Xenozakin (Nashi Clan)
  • Kasai (Hirai Clan)
  • Senbi (Hirai Clan)
  • Zanclus (Leer Clan)

Destruction Squadron

Oscuro Impel Staff

  • Xenoxicus Xerenez - Oscuro Impel Vice Warden
  • Zathern Novac - Head Jailer
  • Osiris Vandoom - Jailer
  • Ersa Inazmia - Jailer
  • Vandos Hangdemahl - Jailer
  • Zanbol Praedus - Guard Captain
  • Cranberro Yabon - D-Man Captain


  • Xakis Mokraba
  • Ganken Hakar (Deceased)
  • Veeran Lazorous (Deceased)
  • Arteolan
  • Phazjadis Rezfarda


  • Phazald Rodimus (Deceased)
  • Xenofolth Renevian
  • Xenosixas Rovonok
  • Coidono (Lost)
  • Saxon Mojavus


  • Phazdecan Allapus
  • Phaztorbus Rezeptus (Formerly)
  • Phazeth Rezfarda Jr
  • Phazaron Damius (Formerly)
  • Phazathe Rodimus

Confederacy of Bounty Hunters

  • Tambourine Okoros
  • Fasiir Tsanion
  • Zoo Mealei
  • Xiao Xenoreavus
  • Merecoid Termani
  • Ecruteak LaAmour
  • Ilum Svenak
  • November Vivaldi
  • Raxus Sicarius (Deceased)
  • Megetzit Dracone
  • Crosswise
  • Avion Barracova
  • Silas Mercias

Artificial Intelligence

  • Azure Dragon
  • Kythor (Formerly)
  • Mach Warrior 01
  • Oppression Fighter (Formerly)
  • Teck

Project Catalyst

  • Catalyst
  • Corrosion
  • Carboxyl

Operation Cretaceous

  • Cretaceous (Spinosaur)
  • Permiad (Dimetrodon)
  • Saurian (Styracosaur)
  • Utah (Utahraptor)
  • Seige (Carcharodontosaur) (Deceased)
  • Riptide (Plesiosaur)
  • Haze (Eoraptor)
  • Ironshell (Pawpawsaurus)
  • Tsunami (Koolasuchus)


  • Lawrence Chadwell
  • Granzel Cantoski (Formerly)

Chadwell's Mutants


  • Barack Obama (Deceased)
  • Jarrod Glanluca
  • Reginald Sinclair (Deceased)
  • Darkhause Haste
  • Ethus Quathe (Deceased)
  • Phazeth Rezfarda (Deceased)
  • Occult
  • Razor
  • Axon
  • Queen Xenotirex (Indirectly)
  • Raliace
  • Tex the Unbroken
  • Blaize Rezfarda
  • Shiro
  • Kuro
  • Xybelze