Kyrax Romanus


The Zestronite Empire

Race Zestronite

Tylian Romanus - Grandmother

Roarak Romanus - Grandfather

Evirak Romanus - Father

Elvira Romanus - Mother


Cato Hostinyus - Comrade

Haler Rivikai - Comrade


Drake Ryunexo - Nemesis

Themes Kyrax -
Kyrax Romanus is son of Evirak Romanus. Unlike most Zestronites, Kyrax is free spirited and has often displayed dismay at his father's actions.
Kyrax Romanus

Kyrax Romanus


Early YearsEdit

Kyrax was born around the time Evirak started the Empire. Kyrax spent alot of time with the soldiers, rather then doing science related activities like his father. Kyrax was smaller than most Zestronites. He is influened a lot by his father and relies on him more than anyone. He would do anything his father told him.

Arrival On EarthEdit

Kyrax arrived on Earth upon order of his father. He has so far impressed his father in the take over situation. He has started Project Parasite (under Evirak's command.) He operated the shield system and is responsible for allowing the Xanians take North and South Korea. Drake started causing trouble in North Europe so Kyrax was sent to take him down. In doing so, Kyrax was forced to power up. Drake was then pummelled into the ground and Kyrax prepared to stab him. Warren however arrived and they defeated Kyrax together. Kyrax had no choice but to retreat.

Elvira's ExecutionEdit

Kyrax tried to stop the execution from taking place but Evirak ordered that guards prevent him from getting on the stage. When Elvira is dead, Kyrax manages to get up on stage and cries over the corpse of his dead mother.


Kyrax is incredibly strong. He is not agile but he is fast with his punches. He uses melee attacks rather than ranged ones and has a very large axe that he carries on his back. He has hologram abilities and like all zestronites, energy absorbtion abilities.