Aliases The Ancient of Chaos
Race Royal Ancient

Neuron - Brother

Tyran - Brother

Arkan - Brother

Angel-Ion - Brother

Allies Tyran - Comrade
Enemies Arkan - Arch Nemesis

Korgan is the royal ancient of chaos. He governs the amount of destruction present in the universe and influences people to do bad things that cause large amounts of damage to civilisation. He is one of the Ancients who turned away from Neuron's original ideals.


Korgan was created from Neuron's life force. He was created along with Tyran, Angel-Ion and Arkan. Together they created the Armen Singularity which expanded and ultimately created the big bang, leaving a black hole at its source. Arkan and Angel-Ion decided it would be fitting to create some sort of life. Korgan and Tyran however disagreed where as Neuron remained neutral. Korgan and Tyran separated from the others. Korgan and Tyran managed to gain enough power to leave Neuron's realm. Angel-Ion and Arkan later followed in their footsteps. Each brother created their own realm in which they could rule however they pleased. Korgan created his realm gate on Venus.


Haler entered Korgan's realm. When questioned as to his purpose, Haler said that he could help Korgan escape in exchange for a few favours. Korgan accepted the deal and escaped. He saw Evirak had placed a fail-safe system and had planned to send him back into his realm if anything went wrong. He stopped the fail-safe from working and began wreaking havoc on Venus. Korgan went to Earth, only to encounter Evirak, some members of the Freedom Fighters, Cylus, Rhydiac, Phazorus and a few Grandmasters. Eventually, he was lured to Venus by Byzantine Zaris, where the failsafe was repaired and re-activated. Korgan was pulled towards the portal and was struggling to stand up. Evirak then approached him and kicked him backwards, where he was sucked in.