Kevlaks are beings who have reached a large immoral status. They are beings who have done so much evil in their lives that powerful demons are capable of freeing them from Hell if they are to die. There are very few Kevlaks as it requires an incredibly amount of immorality to even come near the Kevlak status. A True Demon can resurrect a Kevlak at will.


Haler is one of the few demons capable of bringing back a Kevlak. He watches over the Zestronite Empire, particularly Evirak.

Current KevlaksEdit

Zestronite EmpireEdit

  • Evirak Romanus
  • Virus Incurius

Legion of PhazonEdit

  • Phazorus Rezfarda
  • Cato Legolias

The VektorsEdit

  • Verruckt

Akane EnclaveEdit

  • Ryloth Onyx
  • Elbrian Xandora


  • Rhydiac