King Ketrius Jules Cadius


Freedom Fighters

House of Cadius

Aliases Jules - By Merloo
Race Squirreldonian

Risu Cadius - Son

Iora Cadius - Wife

Tiyin Cadius - Daughter

Merloo Cadius - Brother

Sincap Cadius - Brother

Saturday Cadius - Neice




Freedom Fighters


Hardware Quadroceptus - Arch-Rival

Artisan Sevix - Arch-Nemesis

Legion of Phazon

Zestron Empire

Xanian Empire


Ketri -

King of Freedom -

The Pacemaker -

Mecha Ketri -

Broken Spirit -

Final Stand -

Ketri Cadius, known as Jules by Merloo, is the father of Risu and a member of the Freedom Fighters


Prince of SquirreldoniaEdit

Ketri was born as a prince to the Squirreldonian throne, with his brother Merloo being born sometime later. Ketri was trained how to lead his people by his father, while Merloo was more interested in wizardry.

King of SquirreldoniaEdit

Ketri was made king when his father passed and he himself married childhood sweetheart, Iora. He ruled his people fairly.

The DealerEdit

At some point, after the Legion of Phazon had occupied Eris, the Squirreldonians, led by Ketri, went to the aid of the Erisians. Unfortunately, a group known as the House of Cards attacked Ketri's military forces as well as the Legion itself. Soon, Ketri's son-in-training, Sincap, was abducted by Artisan Sevix, leader of the group. Artisan soon left, and Ketri had lost his first son. Ketri's forces were soon forced to retreat, while one of Ketri's special forces, Daction, reported that Artisan was working for a third party that came from the deeper reaches of space. Iora soon gave birth to her second child, Risu.

Exile of SquirreldoniaEdit

Unfortunately, the Legion of Phazon arrived on the peaceful planet in order to take control of it, creating a war between them both, which lasted for weeks. Before Hardware could seize Ketri, Merloo got in his way, allowing Ketri and Iora to flee the planet. A day later, the war had subsided and Hardware sent October Vivaldi to track Ketri down. October came back to Hardware with no results.

New Life on EarthEdit

Ketri and Iora later found planet Earth, and moved into a settlement of houses where space travellers were welcome.

The Phazon ReturnEdit

Over a decade had passed since Ketri and Iora arrived, and Risu was now 17 and Tiyin was born, now at the age of three. Unfortunately, an old nightmare had returned to Ketri in the form of Phazon soldiers. They captured Ketri and Iora, as well as some neighbours, and imprisoned them in Cuba. Ketri had his leg amputated and was to be turned into a Wastelander, but was saved by his son.

Return of the KingEdit

Ketri was forced to have a metal leg fitted to his body after the events at Cuba. Later, Ketri sent his son and some of the Freedom Fighters to retrieve his treasures, with the intent of having his title of king restored, and showing Risu the place he was born in. Risu returned successful. Later, while the Freedom Fighters did battle with the Legion at the Magma Dome, Ketri felt excruciating pain coming from his amputated leg, and it turned out his body was intoxicated and he had to have his brain transplanted into a mechanical body by Calitis in order to survive. Ketri, now with a mechanical body, set off for the Magma Dome, and saved his son from being killed. He managed to destroy Hardware, unaware that Hardware had preserved his conciousness from his brain in order to survive.

Other EndeavorsEdit

Ketri later helped his son, the Freedom Fighters and Legion of Phazon fight the Aztecs. Ketri was also among those captured by Haler and thrown into the Forest of Torment.