"Children like you amuse me. You can't possibly be serious. The one that transforms into a canine was the most challenging out of all your pathetic friends, and I wasn't even trying. I must admit, he is powerful, possibly the strongest out of everyone in your little group, but he made a fatal error... Underestimating me. He thought his little fit would be enough to finish me off. The only thing he accomplished through his foolishness was awaken the unstoppable force within me. And since he and the rest of his weakling group are not here, I need you to send them a message. Tell your friends that they won't need to worry about fighting the Phazons or the Zestronites... Because soon, I will personally hand deliver to them their termination. And if you wish to see the light for at least another day, I suggest you leave now, while you still have legs to walk with" - Karvon to Bzine on Vzark and the Freedom Fighters

Karvon Hakar


Xanian Empire

Race Xanian

Bzine Hakar - Brother

Ganken Hakar - Brother


Legion of Phazon

Zestronite Empire


Freedom Fighters

Vzark Ryddias - Nemesis

Calitis Monroe - Arch Nemesis

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Karvon Hakar is the brother of Bzine Hakar and Ganken Hakar as well as the current ruler of the Xanian Empire.


Early Life Edit

Karvon was born to the Hakar family on Xanex. Like his brother, Bzine, his parents paid little attention to him when he was growing up, opting to focus more on Ganken. In his spare time, Karvon enjoyed fighting and won multiple boxing championships, managing feats such as taking the title from his brother Ganken. Karvon later got drafted into the Xanian military and thus grew a large resentment towards his parents for making him go. During battle, his left arm was slashed off by an enemy. Karvon went into a berserk rage and proceeded to beat the enemy down, take his sword, and began slashing his body into multiple pieces, he later decided to keep the sword for himself. After being released, Karvon then lived anonymously. Watching his brother Ganken and waiting until the day he died to take the throne.

Rise To Power Edit

Years after going into hiding, Karvon was able to get himself fitted with a cybernetic arm with the help of a few Xanian servants he captured from Ganken's palace. After being informed of his brother's death, Karvon ordered his servants to go out to the palace as Karvon would immediately storm the palace and take the throne. He did successfully, and began giving a speech to the Xanian people on how they were to wreak when Cato interrupted. He said that Karvon would have to come with him, Karvon refused, stating that he wouldn't let Cato just turn the Xanian Empire into slaves. Cato though once again insisted on Karvon joining the Legion of Phazon, and Karvon accepted his request, but also warned Cato that he could break the Xanian Empire free from them if he appeased.

On Earth Edit

Karvon landed in Australia when arriving on Earth and met his commander, Veeran, who told him that Ganken had died. Karvon then asked if there were any other relatives of his on the planet, and learned that Bzine was also on Earth. Determined to find him, he accompanied Cato and his assistant Vakron to New Vexia, where the Freedom Fighters had attacked, he engaged in a battle with Calitis, who managed to gain the upper hand after firing his fist at Karvon's face. Before the battle could end, Karvon quickly flew off to locate Bzine. Karvon travelled to Ohio, where he found Drake, Warren, Vzark, and Bzine fighting. Karvon intervened and knocked aside Drake and Warren and then began focusing on Bzine and Vzark. Vzark stopped Karvon from doing anything to Bzine and began engaging Karvon in a fight. Karvon had the upper hand until Vzark went into a rage and transformed into a werewolf and began tearing at Karvon's flesh. Karvon fought back though and fired a paralysis bolt at Vzark while Vzark fired some ice that remained on Karvon. Vzark warned Karvon that if he didn't leave, the ice would end up killing him. Karvon then warned that if Vzark didn't make the ice go away, in 5 minutes Vzark's paralysis would become permanent. Beaten, Karvon was forced to run away and fled from the scene.

The War with the ZestronitesEdit

Evirak had ordered Nearan to have the relationship between the Xanians and the Phazons tarnished. Nearan contacted Karvon, trying to brainwash Karvon into believing he was being used by the Phazons, he was unsuccessful as he was merely ignored. Angered by this, Evirak ordered Haler and Zander to attack Korea. Korea was successfully taken as Karvon contacted Evirak and Nearan and said if they refused to call off the attack, there would be consequences. He was however ignored as Evirak persisted with the attack. The cold war was short lived however when Karvon was forced to team up with the Zestronites to plan a trap for the Freedom Fighters. Despite this though, there was still bad blood between Karvon and Evirak. And as a result, Karvon decided to enter Evirak's New Year's Tournament to get under his skin. Karvon came out of the tournament as one of the five winners. Following this, Karvon committed himself to assimilating empires into the Legion, partially to prove his worth. Although he at first killed the leaders of the empires, Cato ordered Karvon to not do this and to keep the leaders alive so that they could be used as Grandmasters. However, Karvon still killed some of the leaders whenever they refused to work with the Legion, later sending out Veeran to find the leader's Second In Command so that they could be brought back and used as Grandmasters for the Legion.


Karvon is extremely brutal as shown by his obsession for decapitating his enemies. Despite his strength, Karvon's main weakness is that he is unintelligent and rash. He doesn't tend to think things through very carefully and is likely to make very serious strategic errors. This shows he is an inexperienced and incompetant leader. Despite this, he is ambitious and will often try everything to get what he wants.

Opinions and RelationshipsEdit

Phazorus - Karvon has respect for Phazorus for having built such a large empire. However, he also believes Phazorus should sometimes take matters into his own hands.

Hardware - Karvon has respect for Hardware as a Grandmaster. However, he is also slightly annoyed by Hardware's actions such as when Hardware decided to work with Evirak despite Hardware being aware of how Evirak and Karvon both despise each other.

Bzine - Karvon sees Bzine as a weakling, much like the rest of the Freedom Fighters, and that the only reason he is still alive is because he believes Bzine is hiding behind everybody else and that he is too weak to even be considered a viable threat.

Evirak - Karvon believes Evirak is a fool who is blinded by his own arrogance, and that his overconfidence in his empire and himself and his constant underestimation of his enemies will eventually lead to his fall. Going as far as to say the Zestronites are like "Lions Led By Donkeys."

Nearan - Karvon finds Nearan quite annoying, due to past experiences such as insulting him during his meeting with Evirak and trying to get him to betray the Legion of Phazon over the phone.

Freedom Fighters - Karvon sees the Freedom Fighters as an insignificant annoyance that shouldn't be paid any attention to.

Cato - Karvon pays next to no attention to Cato. However, he does see him as a decent leader, nothing more.