Jackson Nathaniel Pierce


Freedom Fighters

House of Cards

Aliases Robin Hood
Race Erisian

Ursula Pierce - Sister




Freedom Fighters

House of Cards


Pendleton Hayseed - Arch Nemesis

Legion of Phazon

Zestronite Empire

Weaponix - Arch Rival


Jackson -

Stealth Master -

Great Archer -

Arrow Hawk -

Castle Runner -

Jackson Pierce is an Erisian and an extremely skilled archer, being able to get 100% accurate shots. Jackson is recognised as one of the more tactical members of the Freedom Fighters, and is known as the one with the best long-range sight.


Earlier LifeEdit

House of Cards and Freedom FightersEdit

Jackson first met the House and the Freedom Fighters when he attempted to launch a one-man assault on a Phazon-influenced castle. Seeing that they can be of great help, Jackson helped them out, managing to kill the operative of the castle, Reginald Sinclair, with his sharp accuracy. Jackson later helped the Freedom Fighters assault the Phazons' shield generator over Eris, he later evacuated it after it's core was stolen and their explosives were set off.

Earth and PhazonEdit

Jackson later accompanied the Freedom Fighters and Mari-Anne back to Earth, where his sharp accuracy put to great success against Ruselt and Matrix, being able to partially blind both. Jackson also helped out at the Magma Dome. Jackson later helped rescue Risu, Cade, Tiyin, Zaris and Cade from the Akane Clan, and ventured to New Vexia to help stop Cato, Karvon and Vakron. He later helped with various assaults, including on the Vulcular Metrotrain, against the Trion Resistance, and the botched attack on St. Basil's Cathedral. Jackson also proved useful during the quest for the Almanacs, where he freed his comrades from the Kadrias Pirates, the battle against the Machinists, the conflict on the Wing Fortress and the quest on Phazon.

Weaponix AttacksEdit