The Island of Babylon is a large floating island with a huge stone fortress on top, it was built by Matrix by fusing the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Which was ripped out of the surface of Papua New Ginuea, Oceania) and Easter Island, and making the island levitate in the air, he recontructed the fortress and island with several pieces of debris of temples (Including the entire wreckage of Petra) and some his own soldiers (Both alive and dead), making them larger. Several portions of the fortress were built to ressemble other temples and older structures in the world, including El Callisto and the Pyramid of Giza, even having certain portions having different features such as a sand pit, pool and jungle, as well as a rebuilt version of the labyrinth beneath Chichen Itza as a level in his fortress. Atop the complexing fortress is Matrix's own throne, located in a cone-shaped pit filled with mist. Matrix later bought forth six temples as well as El Callisto to the island.