House of Cards

Artisan Sevix

Erise Maxis (Fake Leader)


United Galactic Federation


Legion of Phazon


The House of Cards is a resistance movement formed by Artisan Sevix. The resistance is the largest resistance on Eris and is infamous for taking out a major Phazon base on the planet. Despite the intentions made by Erise, as well as against his knowledge, the House of Cards is a secret service that is owned by the United Galactic Federation.


Card DealerEdit

The Card Dealer is the true leader of the group. The Card Leader's existence is unknown to the Ace of Spades, but is well known to the rest of the group. Artisan Sevix is the group's Card Dealer.

Ace of SpadesEdit

The Ace of Spades is the apparent leader of the group. The Ace of Spades is allowed to rule out plans made by the Kings and Queens, and may form votes to decide in favour, against, or by numbers. Erise Maxis is currently the group's Ace of Spades. Artisan formerly used the fake title to "pass down" to Erise, making it seem as if Erise was given the title of leader.

King and QueenEdit

The Kings and Queens, also known by the Kings and Queens of the House or by their individual ranks (I.e King of Hearts, Queen of Clubs). The Kings and Queens serve as councillors and planners, and decide all actions of the resistance.


The Jacks serve as informants to the group, and are often sent to relay messages to both allies and enemies. All Jacks are loyal to the House and will accept death if they are captured.

Deck of CardsEdit

The soldiers of the House.


The Jokers are loyal spies working for the House, they are sent in to spy on the enemy. If captured, they will commit suicide to prevent interrogation.